Yasak Elma started out being the story of Yıldız and Zeynep, two sisters, who are very close but have very different characters and life goals. Zeynep is a girl who strictly adheres to her ethical values, aims to have a successful career and strives for it; while Yıldız believes that she deserves more and considers happiness to be a marriage with a rich man, who would save her from her low-income life. Now in season 4 the focus is on the female leads. Yıldız and Ender has gone from enemies, to best friends, to enemies, friends and now enemies again. This is for a very large part the result of her mother Asuman who with her meddling and ambitions has ruined Yıldız life. Yıldız is now facing Ender who has now joined forces with her arch nemesis Sahika. This despite the fact that Sahika cost Ender the love of her life. But vengeance and ambitions are more important.

Yasak Elma Serial Part 376

Yildiz enters the house and is surprised that no one is there.

Komro also reaches out to Yildiz and asks him to leave immediately.

Yildiz asks why are you helping me?

He replies that Yildiz came to settle the account because Yildiz had helped him.

He asks her to call Chata and tell her not to go there.

Yildiz gets in the car and calls Chata.

In response, Yildiz’s chatter postpones the cause.

Doan arrives home, empty house.

Did you set a trap for him?

He tells Chetin to take it back.

The principal of Halitjan’s school has resigned today.

we understand the chat that is going on there.

Handan’s assistant, Jamal, reports that Kumro has gone to pick up the house and Yildiz and dismantle the plan.

Yildiz goes to Comro at Akin’s house.

He asks him who trapped him? Comro does not answer correctly.

Handan goes to Comro and talks to him about it.

“You have no right to interfere in my life,” says Comro.

Handan asks Comero not to tell Doan that it’s my job and he accepts.

Let’s go to the company. Douan, suspected of inciting Chetin, wants to pursue Yildiz.

Duane tells Ander that no one was in the house and that the story was a lie.

Endar says if you had no doubt about Yildiz then why did you go?

Chatai contacts Yildiz. Yildiz sits with him in a cafe, where Yildiz tells Chata the story of the trap and discusses his suspicions.

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They are supposed to change the school. Duane learns the news of Yildiz and Chatay’s companionship.

Aseman, who goes to the park with his grandson Halitjan, meets a woman there.

They make coffee.

Yildiz intends to marry Doan and his mother is satisfied.

Yildiz, who walks with Doan, is reprimanded by him for meeting Chatay at night.

Yildiz says he refuses to answer in the affirmative and is cute.

By the end of this episode, Yildiz is still not talking to Doan.


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