An epic journey blended with love, secrets, and struggle... Melikşah (Bugra Gulsoy), who was forced to ascend the throne upon his dad, Alparslan’s death, had received news of the death of his beloved wife, Başulu, on the same day. Left of her, was her newly born son, Sencer. To preserve the balance of the state, Melikşah was forced to place Sencer in the custody of Nizamülmülk. Growing without a father, Sencer (Ekin Koç) was trained by Nizamülmülk and the comrades of his grandfather, returning after many years as Sultan Melikşah’s bodyguard. However, Sencer knew Melikşah to be his father, whereas Melikşah did not know that Sencer was his son.
Uyanış: Büyük Selçuklu Serial Part 2

Sencer and Tapar, who took Elçin from the Anatolian oba to take him to Isfahan, were caught in a deadly trap by the rebels in Anatolia on the way. How will Sencer and Tapar get rid of the trap they fell into? Will they be able to prevent a possible war that is about to start between Anatolian Turkmens and Seljuks?On the one hand, the Batınis were trying to "collapse the Seljuks from within", on the other hand, the Byzantines would start their attack from the outside! What will Melikşah and Sencer do in the face of these attacks?Among all these, how will the "guest" who will come to the Seljuk Palace change the balance in the palace?On the other hand, Melikşah, who gave up his son years ago for the sake of his state, insists on Nizamülmülk to show his son to him. What will Nizamülmülk do, who is aware that seeing Melikşah's son will lead to new dangers for the state?How will Sencer cope with the fire falling in his heart while Melikşah is burning with longing to see his son?


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