The new mystery/emotional series, which has already started broadcasting in Turkish, but the Persian language channels have not started broadcasting it.

You can follow the story gradually in Pandar earlier than elsewhere

. The story goes back to a series of relationships that are connected in a sad memory in a rich family and a poor family. Now, the children have grown up and the old revenge is still not a problem for some people.

Taleh Serial Part 6

TV series, episode 6, Persian dubbing: crisis in the wedding
Farsi subtitled TV series, part 2: the final part

The story reached their wedding when Luna's pregnancy was revealed. On the one hand, Ali is coding and programming for something that we don't know what it is. On the day of the wedding, Chanar shows himself and turns Jaren against his father. It informs that Barto has left the country and there is no need to wait. We see a dance in the middle of the field, which has led to the emergence of various emotions in Jaren.

On the other hand, as soon as the artificial emotional speech of the groom starts, the images of the sex worker and the bride are played behind them. Everything falls apart. Chenar, Omut or Vakil, goes after the IP and reports that there is no one behind the hack and social media but Jaren.

We see that before this, Omut explained to Ali that there is nothing between him and Jaren, but he only sees him as an obstacle that needs to be removed. Govan walks into the police station.