In 1310, the Ministry of Culture and Arts decided to form a women's association to compete with similar organizations and then eliminate them.

Mirza Mahmoud Zanburakchi, a high-ranking employee of the civil registry office, is invited to take responsibility for the selection of members and then the activities of the center, along with Delbarjan Tajerbashi.

Shabakeh Makhfie Zanan Serial Part 17

In the secret network of women, episode 16, we are in the circus when Mirza falls asleep and Madbar says that we will not sleep. But they seem to be standing still and not moving.

The rest of the Dreshkechis are also standing. Tbilisi Circus wants to pass. A bear comes and introduces herself as Sofia.

After Mirza admits to having 4 wives, he removes his face and is a businessman. We saw that Madbar pulled a gun on Mirza Mahmood. Then they enter something like a hidden hotel.

 Overnight stay in a silent hotel! Dobar tells him that you are always wrong. That's why you don't have this place, you don't even have the houses you used to have anymore.

I have invited you to define something for you, but to bring you trips and tours. irza Mahmood welcomes.

Madbar gives him a 5-shot gun for the second time. He says shoot me whenever you get angry with me.

A suspicious phone call has been made to one of the influential Tehrani officials. We see a picture of the director who has shown his show in Anzali and following the show. It is in the cinema.

His name is Ibrahim Moradi. Along with Jasmin Joseph. Aligli Shemirani wants to help him. Someone calls her and informs her that her son-in-law has placed Hoos in her house. We understand that he had permission in one case. The one who called is not a woman. There is a man who has done this with resourceful coordination. is his assistant He tells this story to Mirza Mahmoud.

Now the gun is in his hand. We go to a summer day when Karam and Modbar are sitting together, reading newspapers and plotting. Ali Akbar the arbitrator has determined the rules of marriage. The right to execute the marriage contract is limited only to the official marriage and divorce offices.

And we understand that their conspiracy was the presence of all of them in the circus. A woman walks in and says, "Remember that disgusting man who cheated on all the women?" What is the task now? He is looking for greenhouses to live in. The father-in-law has given 24 hours to evacuate the houses.

They go to Delbarjan. The plan was for all the women to go to the door of the Sultan's house, the first wife. The Sultan agreed to let them settle there. Mokhtar al-Sultaneh Hedayat, the prime minister, is the one whose name is proposed as a candidate for the post. But the proposal was ingenious.

Sonobar Tajerbashi should be the first female ambassador of Iran and no one else. This is what the police chief tells Modbar. Delbar himself says that I don't want this honor to be given to me. Dober's opinion is that Delbar should look for Mirza Mahmoud Zanburakchi.

 Now, Dobar's suggestion is to go to a foreign mission together as Delbarjan's wife and he will accept the embassy. But what is the problem? According to the new law, the names of all women and girls are written in the birth certificate!