Sargijeh Serial Part 2

Kamran tells Fariba that I told Mr. Jalal a hundred times that work is not a place for family play. did not listen It has not been 6 months since you came and blew 60 whistles. I can hear Fariba.

They say that the work is entrusted to the intern instead of the expert. Every mistake you make means damage to the company, damage to me. you made me tired You must compensate for any damage you have done. This month and next month, there is no news about salaries. goodbye.

When Fariba comes out, everyone claps for her. laughing. Zahedi comes and says, friends, all our problems have been solved with the help of Ms. Fariba, and from today she is the official legal advisor of our company. Everyone claps and say long live Mrs. Moghadam.

The series begins.

We go to the end of the previous episode. Where Kamran was lying on the ground and Peyman is on top of him. A guard has entered the parking lot. As we get closer, we see that he is wearing a police uniform. They take the contract. They are looking for a white pride. Peyman doesn't show up and says he was looking for the toilet. You sweat in the elevator and the police say you sweat. Under pressure. They take him to the toilet. We see him wiping his sweat in the bathroom.

Peyman is broken from the affair. On his way back, he goes to the parking lot again to get into his car. Khabir of Kamran is not dead or alive. But someone shows him the changed path in the parking lot and tells him to go this way. He leaves in a terrifying atmosphere.

The children are preparing for the party. Melody tells Artin your mom is calling. don't look Fariba wants to talk to Artin's father, Peyman, her husband. Artin tells him he came for you. Peyman's mobile phone does not respond. He doubts what Artin is doing and how he is left alone.

Peyman is driving on the street and is suspicious if someone is following him or not. Fariba finally leaves a message for Peyman saying that I want to go home, will you follow me or not? Peyman calls him and says come to the coffee shop next to the office. I have the card in an hour, an hour and a half. He borrows a mobile phone from someone on the street and returns it to him.

He gets a hint from the parking lot. He sees an ambulance going to the hospital. It gets off nearby.

He goes to the previous place and draws blood on the ground with his feet. A woman asks, are you looking for something? The lady asks under my car? Payman says your car was not here. Can you call it? The woman says, shame on you, these things are very ugly. Peyman says I had no intention.

He goes to the monitoring room to check the CCTV cameras. We understand that there is no news about the movie.

In the cafe next to the company, Fariba asks, did you leave Artin alone? Peyman says no. I told Melody to go to him. Peyman asks why was your phone off? Fariba says that I was in a meeting and my phone was turned off. Peyman asks where was your meeting? Fariba answers in the company. Artin calls him and wants to talk to his father.

Peyman and Fariba enter the house full of guests who have come for a surprise.

Fariba is doing makeup in front of the camera and the other woman, Kamran's wife, is smoking. I ask, is it okay? The woman answers, I don't know. I have been gone for a long time. But you appreciate the agreement. Fariba asks why don't you come back to the company? Didn't you have a hundred employees and everyone counted on you? The woman changes the discussion to Fariba's dress. Fariba says what happened in the company? The contract was stressful. Parisa, Kamran's wife, says that Kamran must have been a fool. Ahead, at the party, everyone is following Kamran's presence. Melody also calls and her father does not answer. They ring the doorbell. Kamran's other employee comes in. The atmosphere is heavy, but it dances at once and the heaviness of the atmosphere is broken.

They reach the gifts. Peyman buys a necklace for Fariba and gives it as a gift. Children are playing a computer game that tricks them into taking pictures. Peyman is quiet in the balcony and calls regularly. Fariba shouts that it is ugly, you invited everyone, you are sitting here. Let's cut a cake. The agreement is not good.

At night, everyone is gone. Peyman is busy collecting work and wants to take food to some people who are hungry. Fariba says thank you for tonight. I love you. Peyman looks hesitantly. The next scene is at the crossroads, which promises food to street and working children.

After that, he goes to the hospital. No one is sick with that profile, but there is one death case that has not been identified. He goes to the morgue. His mood will deteriorate, but he is not. He returns home.

He tells Fariba that you were not in your office today. He drinks water. Fariba says, "Don't you say you're taking a nap?" Peyman says I want to know how long you are hiding. where were you? Fariba says why did you go out, did you become like this? Peyman says, "You don't answer, do you?" Who were you with Fariba? Fariba says I had a meeting with Kamran. It didn't matter, why should I upset you, Alki? Peyman says it didn't matter if you were crying? I was in the hotel. I saw you. Didn't it matter that he pulled the bag that way? What was in that bag that was not important? Fariba says it was about the company. Peyman gets angry and says that it was a matter of the company. Do you make her company cry? Fariba says she was stuck on me. That's why I was in the company at that time. I messed up too. I came behind you. Peyman says that you are saying that it was 10 years ago that I did not have an external existence. what are you saying? Fariba, what are you protecting from me now? Fariba says that you won't believe anything I say now. Do you want to call and ask him? Payman says should I call Kamran myself? Yeah? OK. I will ask him if you want. It starts dialing. Fariba comes to say stop it. 

He asks El again: What was in that folder? Fariba says a series of evidence against you. who did not let me see Artin wakes up and calls his mom. He makes excuses and says can you sleep with me? Fariba says yes, I will stay. Artin asks, will you tell Dad to tell me a story. Peyman calls Kamran and says on the phone, I have a question for you. What is that folder you were holding? What were the documents? and hangs up the phone. Artin calls him.

We see the view of a parking lot from above. A man in a hooded black hoodie is walking among them.

He pours gasoline on a car and sets it on fire.


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