Hosted by [Yashar Soltani]

Rahe Digar Serial Part 1

In the first episode of the "Another Way" program, with the presence of [Mohammed Jarjundi] and [Hamid Reza Ahmadi], we discussed the Internet and the problem of filtering in Iran.

In recent years, due to the development of technology in the field of new interaction technologies, economic, social, political and even education activities have made many advances in the Internet platform.

Globalization in the age of communication has changed our lifestyle in all cases, which cannot be avoided, but the government, as in the past, considers the advancement of technology as a platform for protests against itself, and the first option in the face of unrest and protests is blocking and Collecting it sees.

But can a purely hardware-based view and quick blocking of the Internet protect the idea of governance from all criticisms and protests?

 Can a country whose educated class has been on the rise in recent years continue in isolation?

In this program, we were not able to answer all the questions, but we addressed these questions, what do domestic and national infrastructures mean?

Has the development of infrastructure helped with the development of technology in this field, or has it become a tool for cheaper blocking by the government? 

The problem causes the formation of a very high transaction in the banking platform. Doesn't this show the contradictory cycle of the government facing this problem? And finally, we asked experts in this field about the future of the Internet.


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