Motarjem Serial Part 1

Ghazaleh says, I didn't know that the case is bigger than my ideas and more complicated than them. At the same time, the news comes that they have given 30 tomans for Monopoly. Negar tries to dissuade him. Ghazaleh caresses a cat before leaving.

He says that I started from Mehrdad to pick the beads. I knew him well. I could move it like a cotton doll. give me a game

He calls Mehrdad. Mehrdad understood that he needed money from the children of the cafe. Ghazaleh says that both Mehrdad and Gijeh love food. He gets confused when he sees food. The best thing is to go to a restaurant with him. Be intimate with him. Move the discussion to his new girlfriend, Mejgan. I thought I won the game. When you put the coin, either a milk or a line comes up. I had plans for both. But I didn't know that in those few seconds everything on the ground might collapse or something would happen that no one would pick up that coin.

My mother was the one who suffered the most from Morteza's absence, but she endured. He was not the same person before, but he survived and could support the family. Ghazaleh enters and greets. Mother greets him and says what is this, are you eating instead of food? Ghazaleh says I have to change my clothes for dinner.

Mom had her own way of figuring things out. Whenever he wanted to understand something, he started with a simple word. He says drink milk and reaches for the soft drink in his hand to wonder what he wants to go out for dinner. Do not take your sister's belongings and bury them. Ghazaleh says, so give me 30 million tomans, I'm soft! His mother comes to him. He says that Parisa borrowed money from me to renovate her office and I gave her everything I had. Parisa and her husband live in their house. If you start a logical work, I have a duty to help in every way. Ghazaleh has recorded her mother's voice. Her mother says, Ghazaleh, I am sensitive to gambling. They fight. Mother says if you want to go out this time, tell me to do your makeup. You made yourself like a clown. Ghazaleh says, are you tearing the family photos into pieces because you don't like someone in the photo? Family photos belong to all families. The mother is putting the photos of the dead in the red album and the living ones in the brown album.

Mother calls Parisa and says that Ghazaleh is causing trouble again. See what his plan is and don't get into trouble again?

We go to the doctor's office. Ghazaleh's voice says, I could never understand what was going on in Parisa's head.

Parisa was like a mystery to me since I was a child. You couldn't tell if he was happy or sad. Is he disappointed or excited? Everything was hidden behind the listless face. When playing with Prissa she had everything she needed to win: the older sister. logical Ms. First class psychologist. Right opposite of me.

David, sitting in front of the curtain. It is theater. He says I forgot all my dialogues. This is what happens when light falls on a person. It is useless. I was supposed to entertain you but...

Ghazaleh's voice says that David was lost in a disturbing thought. It was as if he was always torturing himself. when he was talking He was laughing or fighting. He thought he had a solution, but he always revolved around his usual questions.

He asks how was the performance? The woman says, I thought you and I were alone in the hall. When we were on stage, I couldn't think of the text at all, I just wanted to know what's in your head? I wanted to know that. Daoud says that when you love someone and lose them, your heart becomes empty. People are like dolls. Houses are like decorations. It was not my hand at all. Nothing is real between me and him anymore and he knows it. The girl asks, do you think you and I are real? David says the important thing is that you are real to me.

Daoud is having a good time with the lady they are playing with. Parisa arrives and sees him. Parisa says that your show is not worth it, it's not my fault, so don't make a face. David goes after Parisa. He asks, do you talk to someone who comes to you for advice? Parisa says that I am not a psychoanalyst. Dawood says we can't talk to each other, should we fight? Parisa says because you love someone to lie to you. This lady also understood this well.

Parisa just hears her mother's words.

Ghazaleh wants to tell Mehrdad something

He goes crazy. open the door of the translation and the work is done. He motivates himself and that his heart should not burn for eyelashes. He enters the restaurant.

He says that I have to play silly roles and talk nonsense so that people think everything is normal. I laughed at Mehrdad's tasteless words. I made a bag with his spontaneous music and pretended. I played a role. Role playing always worked.

Ghazaleh enters the cafe. The draft goes. Negar says don't do this, it will be a problem for you. He is worshiping himself.

Looking for eyelashes. He tells Mozhgan that the guy who is sitting in the cafe wants to solve the Rubik's puzzle, there are things he doesn't know, so instead of making a lot of money, someone should count the account of his cafe. He also tells Mozhgan that there are things that you do not know.

Mozhgan gets angry and says I don't like you interfering in my relationship with Mehrdad. Mehrdad had dinner with me tonight. He called and insisted. He shows their selfie and gets on his nerves. He records Mehrdad's voice and plays it for him.

Mehrdad said in that voice that Mezhgan eats with a noise that upsets me. The fantasy of eyelashes is that when we are alone, we make it sound crazy and crazy. He asks the eyelashes to be the key

Give the translation. Take something from there equal to his salary. And take Mehrdad's status as well.

They sneak into the translation room. Mezhgan says, do you want the backup laptop? The brown closet is in the angel's room. His room is locked. He tries to find another key that the angel has, but he cannot find it. At that moment, Mehrdad grabs her wrist and asks: Don't you want help?

We can see that Mozhgan and Mehrdad were in sync with SMS. They fight and it messes up the place. Ghazaleh goes out.

Fereshtejan Mehrdad called me. Under the pretext of settling the account, he dragged me to Dar al-Tarjemeh. There he came to approach me, I told him that I am not one of these girls. It was wild. Hey, he wanted to get close to me, he grabbed my collar and threw me. See what he did to my face? You don't believe me, do you? Fereshte says, but Mehrdad told me the story in a different way. Ghazaleh says, well, it is clear that you are a sister. You have to like him. Do you understand my situation or not? Suddenly the sound of glass breaking comes from behind. Angel gets out of the car.

We see the wedding dress covered in blood. A seamstress is sewing a wedding dress. A woman with white hair.

Ghazaleh's voice comes: I had to go to Nahid. In those few years that she was my brother's wife, she always seemed to hide a secret from everyone. I went to him. I called him.

We understand that the one who came and hit the angel's car is Nahid. With the coordination of Ghazaleh. And when Fereshte gets out of the car, his laptop is cached by Ghazaleh. Ghazale gets off and goes to Ghahr Kanan. Angel says stay. Does not accept. goes. The angel forgives Nahid and gets into the car and leaves. A little further, Nahid Papich becomes Ghazaleh to find out why he was given this mission. Ghazaleh says will it stay between you? She shows him the laptop and says I borrowed something from him that someone needs very much. There will be news tonight.

He tells Nahid about the text messages about Morteza. He says that he claims to be related to someone named Mehrdad, who is an engineer. Now, if the engineer realizes that his document has fallen into the hands of Gharale, he can contact those people. I also lost Monopoly on purpose. The laptop that everyone thinks is due to money and the engineer doesn't understand that it was related to Morteza's work. He finally hears it. Nahid wants to see the messages. Ghazaleh shows him her mobile phone.

Nahid and Ghazaleh enter the house. Ghazaleh's mother greets them. He tells Parisa that Ghazaleh has something wrong with him. He had pulled his sleeve over his hand. He tells David to put everything you take away so that I don't have to find it again. David has a box in his hand and is taking it somewhere. The mobile voice is Ghazaleh. Parisa asks Nahid what happened to her hand? Nahid does not answer correctly. Parisa tells her that after Morteza's death, Ghazaleh's problem has increased a hundredfold. He depended on him the most. Nahid says I was Morteza's wife too, don't you remember? Parisa talks about Ghazaleh's depression. And that he has abandoned his studies and university. Nahid says which of us behaves normally? He answers Parisa. Ghazaleh says that I was the topic of the meeting, wasn't it? Ghazaleh's mobile phone rings again. His mother asks what happened to your hand and he says I slipped and fell on the ground and goes into his room. Her mother is desperate to know what Nahid is saying. The mother asks, "Didn't he say when he's leaving?" Parisa takes Nahid's side. Mother, send Nahid away, as she thinks that neither her looks, nor her morals, nor her family are suitable for us, which will only ruin Ghazaleh's morals. We have to go too. I am selling the house.

Dawood is making a puppet show in the room and thinks about the words of his co-star in the show. Parisa sees something on her phone. Ultrasound of a baby. He enters Dawood's room and says that some motorbikes are standing outside and staring at the house. We see motorbikes. David comes down.

Motorists attack the door and wall with batons. Ghazaleh smiles in her room.

We see a man placing a cigarette for the engineer. Along with the switch of Volks-Frog. He says every At the time of the row, I will tell you that the girl who stole Mehrdad's laptop and we knocked on their house is here. The engineer says tell him to come up.

Gharale is going up in the industrial elevator and says that it happened as I thought, but for what I did, I have to apologize to all those who suffered in this matter. From people who are nothing anymore. They do not return to their original form. Many people should forgive me and you most of all. I apologize to you.

He enters the floor where the engineer is sitting. The engineer says what are you looking for? Ghazaleh says I have come to talk. The engineer is angry. He gets up and comes closer. in height Are you scared? So why don't you have color and face? Ghazaleh says I am allergic. to what I had for dinner The engineer says, did you take a backup from the laptop so that you can come and collect the ransom tomorrow? Ghazaleh says no, I am not psychotic. I used to work at Fereshte and Mehrdad Translation Center. You let me do your work from now on. So that you don't have problems with approval or customs. Hire me, you won't regret it. I am ready for the interview and I have brought my resume with me. The engineer says collect these. My interview is different from others. Let me know when you find the courage. He opens a package in front of him. He says it's pastel. do not be afraid. It is lemon. eat eat more Where is the laptop now? Ghazaleh says, first, bring your work from Fereshte Dar al-Tarjeme, I will make sure to bring the laptop.

The engineer walks away. Then he turns back and drags Ghazaleh to the ground. He hangs him on a height

He slows down and says that you will pick up the laptop tonight.

Ghazaleh says on the film, I was dying. That was right when the game had just started.


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