Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 42

Jeyran series, episode 42, forty-two

This episode is dedicated to Babak Khormedin, a filmmaker who was murdered in Ekbatan town by his father with the complicity of his mother

Khajebashi is in a hole on the way. We go to Kohsar. Hawajebashi asks Asadullah if his father is not there? Asadullah says no, they have gone to a final meeting in Shemiran.

Khwajebashi offers a package from Qiblah Alam. Jeeran says no sir. The handwriting is king. Jeeran says that I am not part of Tiol Sultani, who drives and reads with handwriting. From the beginning, I was not satisfied with the union with your king. The rope I tied to commit suicide is still out. Go and tell your jealous king that Jeeran is dead. From the roof to the evening, his eyes are on that rope that whoever is zealous will put it around his neck and get rid of it. Do not ask a reason from someone who is fed up with reason. Continuing life is a tragedy that needs a reason. Khaja Bashi says I am your reason. He says that they have taken me under protection and if you don't return, they will shed my blood. Jeeran says, so may God have mercy on you. If you are a good servant of God, you will go to heaven. You will be my Mohammad Mirzai. When you see him, greet him and tell him that your mother will come to you soon. If you are in the same bowl with them, you will go to hell, and to hell you will go to hell.

Khajebashi says that none of us were accomplices of the murderer and we were not aware of Roshan's story. Jeeran says, "What is the chaos in the story of Grandma?" Lady, don't be guilty, but you are not innocent. Go tell your Sultan that I have no quarrel with the murderer of Nene Ashob. Say, Jeeran also tore Zalullahi's handwriting. and tears Asadullah says Sultan Naseruddin Shah is the Sultan of all Khadija's subjects. He apologizes to the men and wants them to go out. In their private meeting, Jeeran says, "You thought that because you are my big brother, you can force me?" He answers that the king is not a murderer. Jeeran says, did you think the killer was just a bastard agent who pulls a dagger and spills blood? When an unjust blood is shed, everyone is a murderer according to his share in it. Even a witness who is not satisfied, but remains silent and does not blow, everyone is equally a murderer. Asadullah says, what if the ruler, the witness, and the invalid are all the same person, and that person is not the king? Do you still insist that the king is a murderer? Don't you want to go back to your husband's harem? Jeeran says what are you talking about? Asadollah says about the murder of Nene Chaoshub. From the blindness of the king who loves you and from my mistake. I am sorry for the self-inflicted wrongdoer. Asadullah died of Khadijah. Man. From the moment he made a mistake and shed unjust blood, he died. Khadijeh. The murderer of Nene Ashob Shah is not in love. He is your own brother. Your own blood shed his blood. Khadija beats Asadullah.

Their father Mohammad Ali enters and says what is going on? Asadullah tells the story that they have come so that Jeeran will return. Asadollah does not say anything about his original vandalism and leaves. Mohammad Ali says what we got into.

Time passes by the relationship between Shah and Jeeran. The mysterious letter they had talked about.

Shah says that whenever you doubt your Sultan's love, open the letter and read it.

The answer to this and that question is all behind the painting in that letter.

Zanhar, that you are lost in your way, and permission and truth are mixed together.

The subject's share is a nightmare and the king's share is the peacock throne.

Where is Karim Khan's plan to take back the royal crown from us?

Where is the rare sword to take revenge on us saboteurs?

The country is chaotic. Amir Kabir is sleeping in the grave. Every name is pregnant with shame and every peace is pregnant with war. The human being of Qiblah Aalam should also seek refuge. He wants a castle that will be his refuge. For the children of Adam, there is no stronger fortress than love. Let it be spread everywhere that Iohalnas fell in love with your king yesterday near Tajrish.

In a doorway, we see that Jeyran, Golnesa and Aziz Agha are on their way with Khwajebashi. Jeeran has an embroidered handkerchief in his hand and a jewelry badge in his hand. He says, tell Sorchibashi to keep it.

He stands in the doorway. He riots over his grandmother's grave and asks for forgiveness for his brother.

He puts the old badge that he got from his grandmother in his tomb and pours dirt on it.

Shah is writing a poem in his privacy when Jeeran enters and greets him. He says that he was not taken care of by his neighbors, they rejected him. Shah says that I have blamed myself a thousand times. Especially that I have been guilty in all respects.

Jeyran says that when I came back tonight, I realized that the moon is in Scorpio. The king says tonight, on this height, I have a moon and a scorpion, the friend of the moon and the scorpion of the stars. I want to know this curly hair that is wrapped like the moon in a scorpion, which astrological father will not rule my victory over the heavens? I'm right, you are. I am you. you are my seal you are my moon If there was a mistake, it's my mistake.

When Jeyran leaves, they knock on the door. Who is Naseruddin Shah? There is no answer and the doorbell rings again. He sits and recites a poem knowing who is knocking on the door.

We see that Mubarak and Kefait are suffering in the basement of the palace. Mubarak is ashamed and says enough, Grandma, finish my strangeness. Mirza Agha Khan enters. He says that one more night has passed. It's time to speak up. Mirza Kazem says that I have run out of patience. The grave of Nishan's father and his owner. Mirza Agha says it is time to get rid of him. Before that, I have to find the owner of that badge. It may be a threat to the entire monarchy. He points to Mubarak's wounds and says, do you think the wounds of this eunuch have healed for the new turn? Kazem picks up a torch so that he can be scalded. Enough says let's talk. but alone Only you and me, Mr. Chancellor.

In their privacy, the chancellor says to talk. Tell me who broadcasted Shabnameh in Koi, Barzan, and Bazar 

Kefait says that I will give you all the wealth of your Kefait wife. Everything that you submit to the king will be confiscated for the benefit of the treasury. And it is not clear what the chancellor will become if he reaches the chancellorship. My wealth is next to the power you have. Chancellor says I just want to know who owns that badge? Kefait says that without me and my wealth, the owner does not own anything. The rest are the same. If you announce that you have money, everyone around me will come to you. The chancellor is tempted and wants to resist his temptation. Sufficiency says to accept so that you will forever be free of the world's possessions and become a monster that will be written in all history as scary and invincible. Just stop torturing me and eunuching and leave us alone. Forget the people around me with that sign.

Mirza Agha and Kazem Mirza fantasize about the future when they become rich.

The king and his neighbors are in the yard and they have prepared a table for them. Camera and photography. He takes pictures of them. Malek Qasim is a prince of Fath Ali Shah who is a farang and does photography. Naser al-Din Shah orders to establish a photography studio that has no example in the world and to register the entry of photography in his name in Iran. We were happy to be the king of the first. Jeeran says sarcastically, as you wanted to be the first king of love?

Naseruddin Shah says forgive, you were more forgiving. Jeeran says I am just very scared. I am afraid of its extinction. My fear is that this child that is on the way may be a boy. May my tongue be dumb like last time... Shah says, did I hear correctly? Is there a baby on the way? Jeeran says that there was a picture of a king who was visible and a prince who was invisible. The people of the shrine do not know, but I am pregnant, Sultan. The flower blooms from the flower of the king. He shouts the news. He dances and sings: "Aqrab Zalf Kejate" is similar to the moon.

The whole palace and the palace, the shrine and other places are dancing and stomping.

In an ordinary house in the city, we see a woman holding a lamp. Salman is also on his way. The woman is Khadijah. Salman takes a look and says that he deserves everything.