Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 41

Jiran episode 41 what happened?

Glin says in the presence of Shah and Mahdalia. Do you remember Grandma Chaos? He used to say that a maid is a eunuch. Be a eunuch, your eyes are clear. For a lifetime, you were the boss of Roshan, the killer.

Glenn says that I am Mahmoud Mirza's mother. As you said, Jiran has become raw. Taji says that the reason for our problem with him was that he had accused Shah's married women. But his suspicions about the cause of his liver's death were not irrelevant, Glynn says. Glory What hope did you get pregnant? Don't you see what a slaughterhouse is here? Mehd Alia says that the presence of the Sultan is not the place for these battles.

Naseruddin Shah enters the discussion and says who said that there is no place for bloodshed in the court of the Sultan? The issue of this parliament is the blood of our children. Do you understand? Our life, honor and dignity have become the toys of maidservants and eunuchs.

Jeeran, the grieving and ignorant Jeeran, said this a thousand times and we didn't pay attention. Mehd Alia says, "My Sultan is better than that Badrasam Khatun from Rustazadeh, don't call me that." He had speculated.

Naser al-Din Shah says, "Where is this maid of yours? Wasn't she always at a minimum distance from you?" where is it? Mehd Alia says yes, Silver was my maid, but... the king threatens that if she does not appear, you will become their accomplice for me. Jiran was not surprised. I was the one who was confused in this house of chaos of which you are the head.

There is a scream and Silver rushes in, bloody. He calls Khaja Bashi Mahd Alia. Another eunuch passes out. Silver says he made me indecent. Naser al-Din calls Shah Salman with a shout.

In the next picture, we see that somewhere else in the palace, in the basement, Salman says we went to the house you went to. what happened next

Silver says that he said he would release me in a few days, but I didn't believe him. I was waiting for an opportunity to return to my lady when I went to the door with a power chain at night. He grabbed my neck from behind.

I was shouting and begging him to turn on, turn on Agha, but his eyes were bloodshot and he couldn't hear anything and it was as if there was no silver. Then, he started to annoy me.

Salman says we are talking about a eunuch. Which eunuch has ever been able to make someone hungry? The silver answer is that he was not a eunuch. was a man Mahd Alia says what are you saying? Naqra says he has never assaulted any woman here and I was the first victim of that devil.

Here, however, because of his hatred for Naseruddin Shah, he poisoned the princes and... he said that he hated Qiblah Alam and all the kings of history. He had also submerged poor Golshan's head because he smelled his crimes.

Salman asks how do you know all this? Silver replies that I know because it took him a while to do it. I surrendered out of fear for my life. When I stopped struggling, he explained everything to me.

Salman asks where is that child who is a criminal? Naqra says he is dead. killed. I killed myself. with his own dagger

Mahd Alia says that if you have lied, I will take your life and if you have told the truth, I will take gold from head to toe.

Salman visits Roshan Agha's body. He is laid on the ground in the yard and Silver sees him. He imagines that he is talking and sees Roshan saying smile. He drops the folder and leaves.

We are going to Georgia.

Siavash and Sara are walking.

Some have come to express their love. Siavash says this is not the case. They want to take you back. Especially today, when the dignity of your family has been restored. Siavash says don't delay them too much and go.

We see the welcoming ceremony where Sara introduces Siavash as her husband. A boy named Luca who knows Farsi expresses his devotion to her.

In the palace in Iran, at the feet of Naser al-Din Shah and Mahd Alia, they beat a eunuch to the ground. He wants forgiveness and is not pardoned. King says get rid of him.

Mahd Alia says to wait and says wait a moment sir. After the introduction of the Chinese, he says that the mistake made during the previous eunuchship was that neither you were the king, nor I, Mahd Olia. The king says that now I am the king. If no one is punished, am I a just king? I'm not fair, mother. The Qiblah of the world, which is me, disrespected his wife. Shouldn't there be punishment? Mehd Alia says that I have seen many non-existent people who are ready to be considered murderers, but they are considered. In this country, notoriety is better than anonymity.

It comes after the murder of Amir Kabir. The king's mother says that if you think it is wrong to order in your good name in the field of injured neighbors, we will compensate. The king says that the king who needs compensation every day and every hour is Naser al-Din or Khas al-Din? There is no need to compensate, mother. Jeeran will never return. Khaja Bashi says I will bring him back. There is always time to shed my blood, give me a chance, maybe during this storyteller will come back from punishment.

In the next scene, we see Kazem Mirza storming into a house. With a group of wild people. They are in the building. In the presence of Elias, they inform Kefayat Khatun that Mirza Agha has understood everything. Kefiat Khatun orders Elias to go and tell the king. Elias picks up a brown leather suitcase in a hole in the garden and runs away. Kazem Mirza gets to the point where they kill the person who defends him. Mirza says, so the seditions were under your head? Look everywhere. This house has many secrets, we must see what this errant lady has done.

A secret passage is found in the mansion. They reach Siavash headquarters. His letters arrive and his office. From there, they reach the rest of the secret rooms. It is full of letters, night letters and writings.

Elias goes to Siavash and says you have to go. to a safe place to see what happens.

Siavash says, so what will happen to sufficiency and association? I'm not going anywhere. Elias says your head is the biggest thing this palace has. Sarah arrives and asks what happened?

In the slaughterhouse of Mirza Agha, they closed enough. Mirza says it's good that you don't look at the chancellor who was your helper. Kefait says that I lowered my head because the curtains fell, sir. I don't need to look into the eyes of the oppressor anymore.

He puts the night papers in front of him. He asks what is written? They also arrested a eunuch. All of them have either Karim and Yalatif writings.

The chancellor wants to know who all these night letters against the Shah's descendants are to replace? and whips Kefait Khatun, in a conversation with Kazem, says that you are the prime minister. Chancellor says wait Kazem. He touches the sufficiency necklace and says that half of my fame is due to my sharp memory. I don't remember seeing you anywhere without this necklace around your neck. Kazem, what a strange sign. Do you know what this is? Take Mubarak to the hot room and the door. Kefait says it is a gift from my late husband who did not know about your illusions. If he had known, he would have offered a simpler jewel.

We are going to Georgia. They share their worries about Elias being late with Samuel. At the same time, there is a crack in the head. Elias says we have to hurry. I beg. We don't have much time. A girl named Parveen joins them. He is one of their followers. Parveen says my father and brother have run away. If you need a trusted maid, I can be Sara Khatun's maid. Please trust me. Sarah says we shouldn't leave a girl alone in the middle of this chaos. Siavash says, I have doubts. I can't leave you until I find out about your sufficiency. Elias says that both me, Kefait and the disciples of the crowd, if you are not there, our lives have no meaning. Your stay is not sacrifice. Betrayal of all our dreams. The chancellor's executioners, with all their tortures, may have sent you squads. We don't have much time. Do not disappoint us. Sara confirms their opinion. Kefait Khatun has also sent a trust to Siavash for expenses.

At the end of this episode of Jiran series, Siavash and Sara arrive somewhere with a horse. Siavash says that this soil is very hard to please, Sara. He puts his hand on the ground. Sarah says you're not going to be gone forever. Siavash says we failed Sara. I failed. I know this more than all of you. Me that time and rotation never turned in my heart. Sara fills a bag with dirt. He says that they didn't leave a place for you in this soil, but you have a place for this soil there. Nothing can separate a person from his homeland. none Keep the love of your land in your heart Siavash. You will return one day and fight for the freedom of your people. Siavash sings that the flood should not rest in the corner of the ruins. tears fall Sarah asked, "Didn't this poet have a better poem?"

Siavash says that no unbeliever should go to Sanamkhana. Sanam Khana means you are the reason for my restlessness. Calm and my appointment. My beautiful Sarah.