Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 39

Salman is reading in the presence of the king. He reads a text confirming Abbas Mirza.

 It is a night letter that the king knows through the eyes of Khadija Patiyare. Salman guesses that it is a trick of the Russians. who intend to inform his uncle Bahman Mirza. He mentions the previous time he doubted his brother. Shah says that we must end this belief once and for all.

He smiles at Abbas Mirzai, the viceroy of the Sultanate, who appeared in Shabnameh.

Salman says I wish you didn't make decisions when you were drunk.

 Naseruddin Shah says that we made a decision that time when we were sober.

Last time when I ordered you to go to Qom, I told you. But this time I will tell someone else who does not tremble at the time of shedding the blood of his people. Nawab Ali, Mahd Aliya wants to enter. When he comes, he says that he has offered 40 candles to Imamzadeh Saleh with 40 ashrafis of gold.

Shah says take this paper and do whatever is necessary.

The life and property of Abbas Mirza and his mother are with you from now on. After delivering this message, Malik Jahan's maternal instinct, which turned him into a wolf to tear his enemies, hits Salman on his head. Salman answers that but sir.

You, the one you loved, drove out of your harem because of this maternal instinct. Naseruddin Shah says even that was because of this brother. Because he looked at me with the same eyes that he had lost his heart and said that Abbas Mirza was a better king. Shah cries and says that I am not the Qiblah of the world. The lost Qibla of my world. We see Jiran next to the tree that the king fell in love with. Aziz Agha tries to comfort him. Next to Siavash, Sarai Gerji mentions Jeeran's situation and says, despite all this, are you sure you want me, Siavash? The letter that reached Sara informs about the revolt of the people of one of the provinces of Georgia against the ruler. As a result of this incident, the perpetrators of his father's murder will be punished and he will receive property. Sarah says I can't send Samuel alone. I have to go with him and I want you to come with me. Siavash says we have to wait until the task of some matters becomes clear for me. Siavash listens to the words of Kafayat Khatoon and Roshan. Kefabat Khatun says, "I am sure that the king will immediately order the murder of his brother after reading this night." Roshan says that we saved them last time because of expediency, and now... Kefait Khatoon says that it is the king's turn at the end. You have to prepare yourself Elias (clear). I galloped you with Sarah Khatun. In the position of a young eunuch, he was appointed to attend the funeral of the upper kindergarten in the harem. Siavash knocks on the door and enters. Shabnamah is in his hand and he says it was distributed without my consent. It is due to the lack of commitment. Roshan (Elias) says that you must admit that in the complexities of politics, Siavash jumps in the middle of his speech and says that he is sick of this politics. He tells them that I have heard your words. Kefait says that Falgush is not standing in the prince's honor. Siavash says that maybe a compromise can be reached with mother and son. My grandfather is a lawyer. Man. Kindness and tolerance. We must continue his routine. He says that the death of Jiran's son was also your work? He was supposed to become the crown prince and must have been an obstacle in your path. Kefayet says that according to the agreement we made with you, we have nothing to do with women and children. Siavash says don't have anything to do with Abbas Mirza and his mother. Destroy the remaining night letters as well. Kefait says, isn't it better to think about the wedding of Karimkhan Zand's grandson with a Georgian nobleman? It's time for happiness to sit in our hearts instead of regret and anxiety. In Salman's privacy, Mahd Alia feels bitter about Salman's departure and says that revenge is not sweet in my opinion. Mahd Ali says that there was or is something between you and Khadija Chihrighi. Salman denies. Salman says that the practice of fratricide is not a good practice. Mahd Alia says if it is not like that, then go and do it yourself. He does not say what to do and he delegates this to Salman. In Qom, Khadija tells Abbas Mirza that a warning letter has arrived that smells of blood. I trust Salman. If he says that delay is not allowed, it means that it is not. Abbas says, did you give up so soon? Abbas says, Mother, what plan have you drawn? How long will I be in your hands? Khadija says you doubted me? Between me and that brother of yours who wants to depose you one day and orders your murder one day, did you doubt me? When Salman arrives, Abbas says that I have no intention of disobeying the Sultan's orders, but because you have saved my life and my mother's life at least twice, I have to share the truth with you. He says about a eunuch named Roshan, I must say that the greatest threat to the monarchy is neither me nor my mother. This is Khaja Sias. Salman says he is lower than that. Abbas says if you know that the assassination attempt on my brother is his work, would you laugh? Take care of my cruel brother's life. Salman says that I should return to Tehran on my own. Khadija says wait. My good-hearted and dim-witted boy gave up brotherhood even during exile. This is our difference. Thank you for sparing our lives instead of killing and looting, but I don't know what happened that the Shah gave authority to Mahd Alia and he to you. If there is anyone in the world who knows why this happened, it is me. The legacy of the love of dead sultans in closed countries. It is quite clear that you are a sweetheart, otherwise the female dragon would not have given this order in your name. You killed yourself both in my heart and in the heart of your kingdom. I wish I would die and not see that cunning woman took my place in your heart. Salman says that it was your choice yesterday, not me, who was Khaqan Maghfoor. Self-made is not a plan. Khadija says I had another choice? Salman says, imagine that Salman has no choice these days. Khadija says come with me, maybe life will give us another chance. Salman says lost opportunity is lost forever lady.