Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 37

What should we know about Jiran series episode 37?

 Naseruddin Shah walks with the light in the darkness of the room and thinks about the words of Jeeran's words and misses him.

Mahd Alia also enters and asks what is my son doing in this silent and deserted stall at midnight?

Shah says I am tired of this harem. I wish I could go somewhere more comfortable than here.

Mehd Alia says, should I write a letter, will they return him?

 Naseruddin Shah says, "Write a line, mother." Let them spread everywhere. The sultan did not want this kingdom of Bijiran, but don't write under it, return it. Do you think the king has come here to find out and bring you back? The king is here so that he won't forget what kindness he has done and what ingratitude he has seen in this room that was once the pavilion of his hope. Whenever you obey, you will be punished twice.

Everyone is gathered in the garden of the palace and there is music and music.

The king sits and bows in front of the eunuchs. In the middle of the commotion and artificial laughter, he imagines Jeeran's look. Kafayat Khatoon tells Shkoh that the pain of childbirth is the pain of sweets, isn't it? Shokuh says if it is a boy.

Kefayat Khatun says that only one person in Dar al-Khilafah knows what you have in mind for that child. He asks what do you think?

In the end, she becomes a princess or a prince like the rest. Kefayat Khatoon asks who did you give your private turn to?

So, what if from now on it is both your name and your taste? The answer is hopefully a sweet deal. Do you have doubts? Wasn't the previous transaction with your father Fathalei Mirza Shirin sweet? They remember your mother Shahrbanu.

After my deal, your father became Shahul-Sultaneh and the ruler of Hamedan, and you also became Shkohul-Sultaneh, the bride of Malek Jahan. Who was the mediator of all this? Shokuh says my father compensated everything for your husband. Talk about a new deal.

Kefayat says, I have come to strengthen my bond with the future Mahd Aliyah. 

The union between the market and the court has always been pleasant.

Your cousin Taji has a lot of dust but you look more like Malik Jahan than Taji.

One day you will need a wealthy ally. If you think not, I won't bother you and I apologize for bothering you. He is about to leave when Shkowe says sit down.

The merchant always comes either to buy or to sell. I came here today to shop. One of the king's maids caught my eye.

I know a merchant who is ready to loosen the bag so much that his arms and legs are loosened for the sake of buying it. Shokuh says you should go to the king, I don't have the authority to give.

Kefayat wants her to go to the king and make him happy so that he gives this maid to the future high school. Who is the maid? Georgian Sarai. Dear sir, tears fall in the absence of Jiran. He wants leave from the upper kindergarten.

He says that if I don't see Jiran, I will die. Siavash Zand is sitting when Kefayat Khatun and Roshan Agha enter.

Siavash follows Samuel, who is impatient with his sister Sarai, a Georgian. Sufficient says that we should proceed cautiously and patiently.

Siavash says, let's assume that parallel to our secret actions, people's dissatisfaction also increased.

 What happens next? This government has few supporters in Tehran and other provinces.

Kefait says that people's protest has increased, except that the Shah wants to violate his agreement with the British, which is not bad either.

 Roshan says that the British army is waiting for an excuse to invade the Persian Gulf with all its war equipment.

Both feet of this merry king are on melon skin. Siavash says, isn't falling in love with a stranger's voice a crude fantasy, cousins?

 You should not have let me come to this library. Let me indulge in books that are both lessons and wisdom. which tells me that the people's problem is ignorance and lawlessness, and it is tyranny that runs in the veins of this nation.

It seems that we have to change the way we look at life. How many generations will it take now? God knows. Sufficient answers that with this argument, we have to put our hands on each other so that a hand comes out of the unseen and does something. Siavash says that is not what I am saying. We have to go forward with this path with all our strength. The path is dark and full of abysses. Siavash's letter reached Sarahye Gorji and she reads the love letter. Silver comes and says that he is waiting for the Salam line in Mahd Alia. Sara asks at this time of night? Sara hides the letter under the carpet.

The king stands in the greeting line with wine in his hand and greets them.

He tells Mahd Alia that the crown prince's mother shouldn't be in the greeting line? Hajasteh Khanum Tajul Doulah is the next Mahd Aliya of this harem. There is no brooch to be lost, madam. Taji rushes in and says where is Moin my son? passes out A eunuch comes and informs that we looked everywhere we thought the prince was, but he was not. The king is afraid and shouts Malekjahan! Everyone in the palace is looking for the prince.

Salman informs that as I guessed, the soldiers returned empty handed.

The king says to look further. Salman says that I can say that the disappearance of the prince was not due to the negligence of the forces under my command, whatever happened happened in the harem. 

Mahd Alia says that there are no emeralds or rubies to throw around the necks of hungry eunuchs.

Salman answers that we have become obligatory.

I have come to ask for permission for my troops to enter the harem.

The king shouts that the crown prince of the country has been stolen. The future of the throne is lost.

Search wherever necessary. the whole caliphate. It was necessary to plow and plow the country. Do not let Abbas Mirza laugh at our beard. 

Prince Moin enters holding Glin's hand. Taji is relieved but screams. Gelin says there are things we need to hear.

He turns to Mahd Alia and says, did you also shed tears? A few hours? Moinuddin Mirzai Qajar was missing for only a few hours. I don't want to see you like this anymore. 

But none of you felt sorry for Jeeran when the Qarawls buried his liver. You did not put yourself in his place for a minute.

The place of a mother whose heart was a beard. He was too sad and could not cry. The king says that if we don't give the rope order, we will get angry. Otherwise, tonight, in this Darul-Khilafah, God is great. You have the right to water and flowers in this harem. 

You need some solitude and thinking. on leave Mahdalia says in Glin's absence, remember that Glin is just like Jeeran with this arrogance.

Naseruddin Shah says that we let him go because Masalid was talking about Jiran.

God curse you Jiran, when you are not there, you are there. End this mess. He tells Mahd Alia to reject that dishonorable gentleman and let him go. We don't like the mirror of the harem. In the village, we see that Aziz Agha has come to Khadijah (Jiran). They invite him inside.

He sits down and narrates the stories and brings a bag of coins from his savings saying that I have come to pay for myself so that it will not be a burden on you. Jeeran says what did you see of me? Was I good at counting?

Aziz Agha says that I have brought my savings because I have seen that no lady needs an old eunuch.

My pain is myself, lady. Seeing her son drinking and being drunk, Mehd Alia shares the story with Khwajebashi.

He answers that it is ordered that no woman should go alone for the time being. Mehd Alia says, I am afraid that his elephant will remind me of India.

Send Karavel to Kohsar to bring the girl back. The other eunuch says that if you want the solution, it is with my lady.


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