Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 35

What do we need to know until episode 35 of Jiran series?

In this article, we have a review of what happened in the previous episode...

The authenticity of Siavash is confirmed

Episode 34 of Jiran series begins with the presence of Siavash.

He is standing in his new robe in the company of women and men. A man lifts up his clothes and they examine the mark on his knee.  

Siavash's battle robe

They wear formal clothes and become determined.  

The sufficiency of Khatun Khanjar gives him a real king. Not the dagger of the Qajar sultans. Yadgar Karim Khan Zand. The greetings of the nation of Iran to the martyred prince and Rashid Zandieh, the great Lotf Ali Khan, and greetings to the true descendant of the martyred Sultan, Siavash Khan of Zand.  

The old days in the presence of Bibi

We see Siavash sitting at Bibi's table many years ago and talking about Khadijah (Jiran). Bibi is giving him hope. Bibi promises a good wedding. Siavash asks for a promise that Bibi will tell him the secret of his love on the wedding night. Bibi says that I am afraid of your passion. After this secret, neither you are Siavash nor I, Bibi Masoumeh.  

The determination of the last survivor of the monarchy

Greetings to the ruler of the subjects of the closed countries, the future king of Iran. Siavash Khan Zand.

According to all the astrologers and in all fortunes, this auspicious night is the birth of happy and blessed times of the monkey.

We, the rightful ones, are proud to be in a magnificent delegation with the last survivor of the noble Zand family.  

Siavash ask their God to save the nation and the country from ignorance, oppression and conspiracy.  

Grandmother Chaos: I led your sister to this path

Jeeran's brother has gone to Nene Ashob's house. He says get out of here carpenter son. He says, I am not afraid of you, I am afraid of your appreciation. The boy says that I have come to say that you do not know anything about the stars in the sky or anything else. You are only thinking about the Ashrafis, which my sister is not short of.

Grandma Chaoshub says you are more stupid than I thought. He laughs and comes and says do you think it is because of money? Don't waste your time. Grandma Chaos won't leave your sister alone until she has the hand of your son's killer in her hand. He gets news that Jeeran wants to be imprisoned. He tells Asadullah, I wish you were like a millet, like your sister, so that he would understand that the field of your appreciation is narrow. Among you mountaineers, only your sister's fortune is high. Do you want to reach the government? stand behind your sister Without him, your destiny is empty.  

Humiliating the future of Asadullah. He gets angry and stabs Nene Ashob with a knife. Nene Chaoshub says that it was one blood and one betrayal that I got both of them.  

Tell your sister not to be afraid. I am in the place of Jiran... I instead of Jiran...

Roshan speaks sufficiently about the 5 principles of Siavash, which may bind their hands and wings. Siavash arrives.  

Shabnamei has arrived and they are talking about it with Siavash.  

Roshan says enough, I think I should go and do the assigned work.  

Later, Siavash talks about Roshan and Agbar so that Kafit Khatoon knows what conspiracies these two people have. Kefait says give me time to check the aspects.  

For the power of this dynasty, it is a treasury that greases the mustache of army and court in such a way that the wheel of the country turns according to the royal orders.  

If there is no tribute and taxes that are forcibly taken from the subjects, the income wheel will slow down in such a way that it will provide the causes of his weakness and dissatisfaction.  

We go to the palace. Malekzadeh Palace She has been beautified by the matchmakers so that Mr. Khaneh, Kazem, will come. Kazem is back.  

When Kazem is talking with Malekzadeh. Mirza Agha Khan comes and informs that they have to go to the court. The chancellor tells the bride that your mother's milk is halal. You have done us a favor that is praiseworthy. The Prime Minister is not bowing to the Shah's sister. It is the father-in-law's bow to the bride of the Nouri family. His sister-in-law and mother-in-law enter.  

Silver gives Samuel a coin to support him and takes him somewhere.  

They are going to take Samuel, who goes to Kefayat Khatun in Dareshke. He introduces himself as the messenger of good news and they set off.  

Officers are taking away his body at Nene Ashob's house. Jiran reaches his bedside.  

In the presence of the Qajar king, Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, Kazem is reading the chancellor's report. The king is impatient. Salman Khan also looks askance. Naseruddin Shah gets angry and says that both my words and those of my subjects are full of these words. If you had a supply, the article would have been done by now. Our authority is nothing with these insecurities.  

The chancellor says that we have thought very well. He asks Kazem to continue reading. Kazem begins by saying that soon the Qashoni, including artillery, Zanbur, Kamreh, Ardabil, Meshki, Swadkohi, Kurds, Sanandaj, Kermanshahan, Ahwazi, etc., will leave their buildings and head to Takhtgah on horseback and on foot to become one of the enemies of Zohreshmi country. to eat He likes the king.  

Jiran enters with a bloody cloth. He says this is the result of Shahaneh's arrogance. Red is red. The same color as the clothes that you bought. Shah says we like to hear. He releases the rest. Asadullah is stunned.  

Jeeran says this is the blood of my unfortunate servant. Someone who wanted to find the killer of my child, our child and our son. When Mohammadreza's killers approached, they told him that he was a witch. They cried in front of the upper kindergarten and I begged here. You wrote a letter to reject it. Did you reject it to leave it hot on me? Shah says you have not come to the right place

You did not come in the right way. How long should we tolerate these informalities? Jeeran accuses the Shah of informality and says that the backs of the subjects are breaking under ransom and tribute. Herat is being lost. The story of Kashan's bath is also that... the king shouts to Jeeran. Who has stuffed the meat from these? If we wrote a letter to Amir Kabir, it would have been clear that he is a supporter of my brother Abbas Mirza. England wanted to start a war. If I didn't write these, you would either be kissing Abbas Mirza's boots or the colonel. Its name is the Qajar dynasty. The name of this country is Iran. I am not the king of England, nor are you the queen of Britain.  

Jiran answers that you killed Amir Kabir, but you didn't say because he was looking for Abbas Mirza's heir, you wrote that he had an incurable disease.

The discussion comes to Sahirah. The king denies that he killed him or ordered him to be killed. Jeeran says that the executioners of Homaion are not strong enough for England and Russia, but they go and fight for the Sultan . Do you train in the killer arts?  

They say you were drunk when you killed Amir Kabir and surrendered Herat.   Who was drunk this time? Here, Shah knocks in Jeeran's ear and says stop, you bastard! He is ashamed. Jiran says that this was also due to love? Your henna has no color anymore. You should slap your son's killer, not his mother. Shahi was the right of Abbas Mirza, not you.  


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