Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 34

Glin Khatun, Jiran and Nene Ashob are together and have called Sarai Georgian to them. He offers his condolences to Jeeran and Nene Ashob calls him to her. Nene Ashob says that she had a dream last night and saw two killers for Jiran's son. Jiran is crying. Nene Chaoshub tells Sara to leave, but Glin doesn't let her go and says you should hold her hand and read her mind and heart. Jeeran says that when Nene Ashob says that he should go, it means that he is not a murderer and let him go. Sarah leaves.

Glynn asks why they let Sara go, and Nene Ashob says that the killer is not one of the king's wives, and I saw a maidservant and a eunuch in my dream. Everyone is surprised. Aziz Agha says that there are many maidservants and eunuchs and it is not possible to interrogate all of them, Mahd Alia understands. Jeeran says that they are all gathered in the hall now and tells Glenn to go quickly, but Glenn says we should stop and we won't succeed, the king also forbade you from investigating. Jiran does not go under load.

Nene Ashob sees Siavash and Sara together in her mind.

Taji and Mahd Alia and two other married women of the king are sitting in a hall and all eunuchs and maids are also there. Silver watches from upstairs. The people of Haram are saddened and upset about the Herat issue. Mahd Alia tells Taji to answer them. He says that everyone is talking nonsense and the king is wise enough to know what is the right thing to do. Jeeran enters and says to the upper kindergarten, Nene Ashob said that the murderer of my child is among this congregation and I am asking for your help. Shkoh al-Sultaneh protests and says that you questioned all of us. Jiran says if you don't doubt yourself, send your maid and eunuch to my room.

Malekzadeh comes and slaps Jiran and humiliates him and calls him unworthy. Jeeran says that your husband and father-in-law are unworthy. Malek Zadeh wants to be angry that Mahd Alia invites him to self-dari. Jeeran blames Herat on Malekzadeh and Taji. Malekzadeh tells Glin to take Jiran, but Jiran does not go and says that he wants to interrogate the maids and eunuchs of the married women. Mahd Alia intervenes and says that no one from the harem has done anything, but to respect the grieving woman and to end it, all the maids and eunuchs should cooperate. Glenn says that your eunuch and maid should come and he wants to find the murderer of his own son. Mehd Alia agrees even though he is angry and everyone leaves.

Silver is a crumpled and bright silver with love and tells silver not to be afraid of anything.

Everyone is in front of the door of Jiran's room and they enter in turn. Salman Khan enters and they want to take Nane Ashob. Jeeran says why don't you respect? Mahd Alia comes and says that every time you break the sanctity yourself and gives the king's letter that from now on Nene Ashob has no right to enter the palace. Glin and Jiran beg and take Nene Ashob. Mahd Alia dismisses Khasa's maid and Khasa's waiter enters. On the way to Nene, Chaos becomes an eye-to-eye with silver, and silver is afraid. Mahd Alia says in the presence of Jeeran's brother that you are the cause of disturbances in the court and Qibla of the world, and your brother knows this too.

Jeeran sheds tears and says that there are a thousand and one reasons for the confusion of the world's qibla, and Mahd Alia says that every thousand madness and insanity is for you, which should have ended and he wants to leave, to which Glin says that you always break bowls and jars. Mahd Alia says that your husband is the king of the country and if the soldiers come to this desert for the third time, there will be two people to take you away and he will leave.

Asadullah comes to attack Jeeran and Jeeran kicks him out shouting and tears the Shah's handwriting.

Silver and Sarah go to church and Silver warns Sarah not to make a mistake or her brother will get hurt. Sarah talks to her brother Samuel and tells him that Siavash wants to save them. Then Rouhani's father comes and gives them the good news that the problem of their country is finally being solved and they are happy.

Mahdalia and the Shah are sitting and Asadullah is reading the English news to them. Then the news of the first telegraph house in Iran is read and Mahdalia and Shah are happy. Asadullah flatters Mahd Alia and Shah, and Mahd Alia says that, unlike her sister, she deserves more than this and that she had a good cooperation in evicting Nene Ashob. Asadullah flatters again and Mahdalia says that he should get a wife and she gets embarrassed and leaves.

She came to see him outside in Jeeran and said that she should go to the king to tell Nene Ashob to return. Asadullah stops him and says that Mahdalia is here and they argue. Jiran slaps him and enters the room himself. Silver taunts Asadullah that whatever happens is your fault. Asadullah praises his sister's tact and says that she does not behave. At the same moment, Jiran leaves and tells Silver to tell your wife that she still has a long time to get to know Jiran and then leaves.

Silver says to Asadullah, let's not say anything to our masters. Asadollah Nene curses Chaos. Silver says that you have lost Taji, Mahdalia and Malekzadeh so far, if you lose Shah, you will lose everything and disappear from the page of history. Then he incites Asadullah to kill in order to reach the position.

Jeeran, who is also disappointed in the Shah's love, plans to sit in the shrine of Hazrat Abdul Azim so that the Shah will return him, Glin and Aziz Agha and Gol Nessa want to dissuade him and scare him of divorce, but Jeeran says something to There is no handshake. Asadullah secretly listens to their words and Jeeran ignores the people around him.

Siavash goes to his old hut with a horse and remembers his memories with Jeeran and he remembers that he built this hut for Jeeran and then he burns the hut and looks at the burning with sadness and leaves.

Mubarak goes to Kefayat Khatun and informs Siavash that he is happy and happy. Khatoon Khatoon and his eunuch go to welcome him. For his company, Siavash stipulates that innocent blood will not be spilled, women and children from all walks of life will not be harmed, people's lives, property, and honor will not be threatened, the content of the Shabnameh will be written with his opinion, and government spoils will be distributed among the poor. Khatoon's sufficiency accepts everyone.




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