Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 33

What we need to know for Jeyran Serial Part 33:

 A sad Malekzadeh is sitting in his room and in his mind he is reviewing Kazem's game with his daughter. In the next scene, we see that he, along with Taji and his servants and his servants, go to meet Naseruddin Shah and first stand in front of the special waiter.

Asadullah starts flattering and Malekzadeh says, I brought your family to this position, now you are betraying us? Asadullah denies and Malekzadeh threatens him and does not tell the reason for his anger towards him and says that I am neither on your sister's side nor on Taj's side, I am on the side of truth. Then he turns to Taji and says to go to the service of the king. After Taji Malekzadeh leaves, he gives a letter to the special waiter and tells him to deliver it to your sister and be careful with your behavior.

After Malekzade leaves, Silver apologizes to the special waiter and Asadollah says that this is the fate of people like you and me. Silver compliments her and says that if your sister remains the king's wife, you will reach everywhere. Hearing this, Asadollah was shocked and asked the reason for this. Silver says that your sister has many enemies and if you don't believe her, read that letter and advise her, and if you get somewhere, be kind to me.

Taji is in front of the king and complains about his distance. The king says, don't complain, isn't it enough that you became the mother of the future sultan? Taji flatteredly thanks the King for this favor, but says that nostalgia has its place. Shah says that the country is hot and the Herat case has made him busy.

Taji tries to slander his neighbors and relatives, but the Shah interrupts him and says that Jeeran and I are grieving children, and I expect from the nobleman and the mother of the crown prince not to rub salt on my wound. He then dismisses her and Taji leaves, jealous and upset.

Asadullah went to Jeeran and gave him Malekzadeh's letter and is constantly advising him and scolding him for keeping Nene Chaoshub in the shrine. Jeeran ignores him and angry Asadullah threatens him and leaves when Jeeran calls him. Asadollah goes to Nene Ashoob and calls her with bad words and enters her room, but until Nene Ashoob returns, Asadollah gets scared and leaves.

Then he starts scolding Jeeran and says that this woman has made you crazy. Jeeran gets angry and shouts at him and says that I am your family, not this royal family, and whatever you have, you have from me. Then he tells him to let whoever you love into the king's privacy and do whatever you want, now that you are not by my side, don't face me either. Then he sends Malekzadeh's letter back and says that she is no longer my sister.

Asadollah leaves and Gol Nessa sits with her sister with sympathy and she advises him, Jeeran says you can go too if you are sad and Gol Nessa refuses. Jeeran holds the amulet of the moon and the sun in his hand and stares at it.

Aga Khan Nouri agrees with the British ambassador to convince the Shah to sign the treaty of secession of Herat, and in return, he demands the chancellery of his son Kazem after him.

 The British ambassador accepts but says he wants the support of the shrine and the Upper Mahd. Taji asks the ambassador about supporting his son and the ambassador says that if you help us in the Herat case, we will be behind you and your son.

Taji thanks and says that he will unite even his father with them, and then he asks the ambassador to tie the hands of their common enemy, Jeeran, and he slanders him and says that if he has a child, his son should not steal our son's son. The ambassador accepts.

The elders of the Qajar clan are in the service of Mahd Aliya and a crown is also brought in. Elders complain about the Herat case and say that this treaty should not be signed. Taji gets up and says with a captivating speech that just as 40 years ago the survival of the country was in the signature of Turkmenchai, it is the same now and this treaty must be signed for the survival of the country and the monarchy. It is not going to go to Iran's soil and we are only going to not interfere in its issues. In addition, if giving soil to Russia is halal, Britain is no different from Russia. Then he apologizes to Mahd Alia with flattery and calls the assembly a worthless assembly and leaves.

Mahd Alia starts looking for Taji and calls her. He tells Taji that it is clear that he has quarreled with Agha Khan and wants to weaken his power. Taji flatly dismisses this possibility. Mahd Aliya is raw from Taji's flattery and kissing hand and remains silent.

Naser al-Din Shah reluctantly signs the treaty and sheds tears for losing Herat and complains to Salman about the situation at the hands of Russia and England and calls this a great shame for himself. Mahd Alia enters and tells the king that you should not have fallen in love with Jeeran because the state of the country was out of your hands.

 The king gives him the right. Then Mahd Alia complains about Karavel Khasa and says I expected you to take care of your Sultan. Salman defends himself and says that the relations of the shrine had nothing to do with me, and about Herat, I say that the governor of Herat is still loyal to the monarchy, and if it is to be separated from Iran, we will fight and not give up.

Mahdalia praises Salman in front of the king. The king tells them that you must take care of me so that I don't become weak again and we must build an awesome and modern army so that no one dares to encroach on Iran's soil. Mahdalia encourages him. The Shah gives the command of Herat to Salman and tells the Prime Minister that from today to three years, the country's income should only be spent on army building. Salman leaves.

Siavash goes to the old caravanserai and finds out that it is closed. He opens the door by himself

and enters The old man who owns the caravanserai recognizes him and welcomes him and informs Siavash about the treaty of Herat. Then he talks to Siavash about Georgian Sarai and Siavash says that he will become king to get her.

The owner of the caravanserai thinks it's a joke and they laugh together. Siavash buys an ax from the owner of the caravanserai with a lot of money in order to help him financially, then he takes his horse from him and the old man gives him a letter and says it is from a caravan named Rahmat, Siavash takes it and leaves. . That letter is the love letter of Sarah Georgia.

Shah went to Jeeran and says that everyone says that Herat was lost because of your love, and I want to prove them wrong by taking back Herat. Jeeran encourages him and sheds tears. The king tells her that he comes to her less often because of the country's issues, but he still loves her. Jeeran says that the suitor is his son and he is still in love and Shah leaves. Jeeran is impatient for his child in his privacy.