Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 31

In the 31st episode of the 31st episode of Jeyran Serial, we see that a view of the city takes us inside the mansion.

Someone is calling Siavash to withdraw from the decision. Kefait Khatoon asks what is going on? Siavash shouts, I am neither Khan nor Shah. I am just Siavash Presangi. Everyone leaves and he is left alone with his wife's sufficiency.

He says that it is difficult for me to digest what you told me. I need to be away from here and the eyes that are constantly watching me for a while so that I can be alone with myself.

Kefayat Khatun says you are the heir of the Zand dynasty. Siavash says I am not and I don't want to be. I hate everything about the throne. Whether he is a Qajar or a Zandiya. My name is Siavash Presangi. I don't want to be king. It is not force.

Kefayt Khatun Mutalak says that you really need to be alone.

Siavash says which king was not up to his elbows in the blood of the people? Which crown has its jewel made of human flesh and blood? Wasn't he homeless? Kefayat Khatoon says that neither Lotf Ali Khan wore the crown nor Vakil al-Rayaya.

In the middle of the conversation, there is a shout: Stop, sir.

It is enlightening. He says I couldn't bear to be silent. You swore to be on the side of truth, even if it was said unjustly by the mouth of the prince you had been waiting for all your life. You are comparing Lotf Ali Khan with Agha Mohammad Khan without roots. The blood in your veins is from the blessing of the name of Lotfo Ali Khan. The blood of someone who was unjustly mutilated by the Qajars. His body and face. insulting his honor and character. I am a eunuch. I don't have a man. Tell me what happens when a man attacks his wife, children, young and old in front of his harem? Water your mouth when you mention the name of Karim Khan and Lotf Ali Khan.

In the continuation of the Jeyran Serial, Part 31, he says that when you don't know something, keep silent.

Siavash asks, isn't this mention of the calamity related to my ancestors? Roshan Agha takes off his clothes. It becomes bare and shows the place of whipping and torture on the tension. He asks which one of these wounds were inflicted on you? The two in front of him were on my father's body. I wish they would torture me as much but they would not throw me away.

Are you throwing a tantrum and cursing Elias because you have the symbol of light on your knee? Do you threaten the slave eunuch because you have the strength to read? I wasn't supposed to tell you here and like that. But you wanted it yourself. He raises his knee and calls him: cousin.

In Jiran episode 31, Siavash and Roshan Aghaz are also cousins. Roshan says not because of being a prince. I did not have a husband due to poverty. because of need Because of the displacement of my ancestors that passed down to us from generation to generation.

If I had a man If I hadn't been castrated, Lotf Ali Khan's robe would be on my shoulder now. No, I didn't need the support of a noble like you. I didn't need to be afraid that maybe one day you will call me Makhnes Harze. Hundreds of children were beheaded from Khanin Zand. They made a mistake with Nawamis Lotfali Khan and the rest of the elders of the family. Tongues were cut and blood was spilled and there was no one to take revenge. Now here we have to beg you, who is our only refuge, to be yourself? Shall we beg you to be king? become a king be alive Carry the coffin of this disgruntled dynasty that has been reduced to ashes?

Spit on the right that was born from your and my ancestors. Curse me for putting my hope in you, my jealous bloodsucker. Damn it a thousand times.

In the continuation of this episode of Jiran series, we see that Silver and Roshan have problems together. Roshan threatens him in the palace post, and Silver breaks his heart and leaves.

On the other hand, Kefayat Khatun tells Roshan not to worry that Siavash is gone. He needed solitude. So that he returns and is both Kaveh and like Fereydoun for us.

Kaveh is the one who took Kaviani's flag and cover in front of Zahak and handed over Zahak to Fereydoun Shahriar of Iranzmin.

In front of Siavash who went to Rehmat, he gave him a letter for Sarai Georgia. In the letter, he asks Sarai Georgia to warm his back with love.

Roshan is reprimanded by Kazem and his father Agha Khan Nouri. It seems that many deals were messed up by Taji because of the big role of Jeyran' people in the palace, and the chancellor is worried about the answer he has to give to the colonel. He assigns his son Kazem to change his wife Malekzadeh's opinion.

Kafat Khatun and Roshan are worried that the cause of Jiran's child's death will be heard by others. Meanwhile, Aga Khan Noori knows some things.

And at the end of episode 31 of Jiran series, we see that a love show is performed by Kazem for Malekzadeh. He tries his best to change Malekzadeh's opinion with anger and show of anger.


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