Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 27

Jeyran Serial Part 27

Siavash, who covers his face, enters the palace and goes to the Shah's inner garden.

Sara is walking in the garden when Siavash pulls her behind a tree and

They talk somewhere away from the eyes of others.

Sara says that she had to lie, Siavash says that she understands the meaning of coercion and has forgiven him. Sara cries and says that she knows that Siavash is saying this and that there is something else in her heart.

Siavash says that he will save him from the palace soon, but first he must pay his debt to the person who saved him.

Sarah says that her brother was also imprisoned in Father Peter's church. Siavash wonders who imprisoned him because Bahadur is dead.

Sarah is happy about Bahadur's death and says that Silver and Roshan imprisoned him, then he says that he was exempted from the King's privacy for an unknown reason, and all this must be a sign for the two of them. Siavash, who was happy that Sarah was forgiven for the king's solitude, asks her to follow the signs and says that he will save her and her brother in a few minutes.

The eunuchs and employees of the harem have gathered in the yard to protest the lack of their dues. Aziz Agha, who hears the noise, enters the yard to find out what is going on. Little Khan Khwaja Shkoh Al-Sultaneh grabs his collar and says that Jeeran has reduced their salaries to Aziz Agha and Gol Nesa.

When Nessa gives more money, the argument between them escalates and Kochol Khan starts beating Aziz Agha.

Everyone has gathered in the harem and Nanny Mohammad Mirza and Gol Nessa have come to the yard, Aggar is sitting next to them and laughing at their fight.

Silver rushes into the room and goes to the crib. She opens a small bottle and pours the poison into the child's mouth. When Silver is leaving the room, Gulshan Khajeh Mahd Olya sees her and asks what she was doing in the room, Silver says. Kindergarten asked him to tell him about Jeeran and that's why he entered his room.

Then he threatens him that if Mahd Olya finds out that instead of helping him, he will throw him out of the palace.

In the courtyard of the palace, Khajebashi announces the arrival of the Kindergarten, the Kindergarten is angry and orders all absent and present employees to be reduced by one month, and anyone who protests should be fired.

Gol Nesa, who came out to help Aziz Agha, sees Kokeb talking to others in the yard, she screams with anxiety and says that the child is left alone, then runs to the room and thanks God when she sees that Mohammad Mirza is safe.

Gulshan also enters the room and blames Kokeb and says that if he leaves the prince alone again, he will be expelled from the orphanage. Some time later, Aziz Agha went to look for the doctor because Mohammad Mirza was in a bad condition, the doctor who arrived at the head of the prince said that he was dead.

Everyone gets upset, even the married women of the king and Mahd Olya, who are gathered at the edge of the room, cry. Mahd Olya asks the doctor what is the cause of the prince's death, the doctor says either it's medicine or severe poisoning. Kindergarten asks him to mention the cause of the fever so as not to cause more trouble.

Roshan goes to Garambah with his brother Golshan, Golshan explains that he thought Aggar wanted to harm one of the king's children, Roshan says that Aggar is not a murderer anyway. They talk together and Roshan says that the fate of eunuchs is to be neutral and live without status and position, suddenly Roshan takes his head under the water and suffocates him, while saying that this is the only gift that I inherited from my uncle God forgive me, I am a I am a perfect man.

At the same time, Silver rushes in to tell the news of Mohammad Mirza's death and hears Roshan's words. Roshan notices his presence, Silver gives the news and wants to leave in a hurry, Roshan asks him to wait. Silver asks with fear why he killed his brother.

Roshan says, do you remember I told you I fell in love, my lover is in Amani's custody, Silver asks with fear, is your lover also, he says that he is a subordinate and gets paid from him, Roshan says I did not fall in love with you, Silver, I fell in love with a woman who is a murderer and cruel, until yesterday you were my subordinate from Today I want you to be my accomplice and wife.

Silver accepts and asks what he should do with the body, Roshan says he has already thought about it and asks him to help carry it. Jeyran and Shah are returning to the palace when a special courier arrives. After a while, Shah and Jeeran enter the harem with concern. They are all dressed in black and are crying, and the coffin of Mohammad Mirza is laid in front of the throne of the harem.

Shah cries and is about to fall off the horse when Salman helps him, Jeeran starts to grab his face and Gol Nesa and Glin Khatun embrace him and comfort him. A few hours later, Jeeran hugs his son and sings him a lullaby and locks the door, Gol Nesa and Aziz Agha beg him to open the door and allow him to bury the body, Jeeran shouts and says that his son is sleeping. and if they make noise, he wakes up.

Shah is crying in his room when Salman goes to him and says that the doctor mentioned the cause of the prince's death as fever. Khwajebashi hastily arrives and says that Jeeran Khatun did not believe the prince's death and will not hand over his body. The Shah tells Salman to go to get the body himself and asks the eunuch to inform Ali Khan. The Shah tells Ali Khan to interrogate all the eunuchs who were responsible for the beating in the palace courtyard and caused the distraction of Aziz Agha and Gol Nesa, perhaps Kalki. be at work

Aziz Agha and Gol Nesa go behind Jeyran's room and say that they brought Shirkasht to heal the prince's jaundice. Jeeran opens the door and they enter the room, suddenly Gol Nesa hugs Jeeran tightly. Salman enters with two Qaravels and takes the body.

Jeyran cries all the time and calls his son.

Tomorrow morning, the king goes to the prince's grave with Salman and recites Fatiha and says that this dirt trap is his share of the sweetness of love. He talks to himself and says blasphemy, then sprinkles dirt on his face, which Salman stops him and hugs him.

Galin Khatun rushes to Nene Chaosob's house. He tells Nene Chaosob that he said that after the death of the next prince, he will name the murderer, how many more princes must die before he can do something. Nene Ashob asks Glin not to bet on her, then she gives him a handkerchief and tells him to give it to Jeyran.



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