Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 26

Jeyran Serial Part 26 Salman goes to Naseruddin Shah and informs him about having a son. The name of Prince Mohammad Mirza is given. Shah also shares his promise of sermon and succession with Salman. At the beginning of the work, Salman tries to stop Shah from hurrying, but Naseruddin Shah insists and Akhlaq gets angry. Taji is angry with jealousy. He decides to go to the king. Shkoh al-Sultaneh is also pregnant. He says that he hopes to stay with Jiran for the time being so that he can confront him himself. Salman says that Shah is in love with Jeeran. Mahd Alia asks him, "Is it me or my son?" He says that your son before he takes a place in the heart of the Sultan. Mehd Alia, who is in tears, says that she will go back to the harem to finish the work herself. A few months later Kefayat Khatun is watching Siavash's wrestling practice with Elias Hakim at her home. Elias is reviewing a genealogy related to Siavash. Lotf Alizand fell in love with a maid named Marwarid and his son was named Karim. He was supposed to inherit the throne as Karim Khan II. Many readers in Zandiye did not know about its existence. After the death of Lotf Ali, Marwarid went to Mazandaran and they were there for two generations until a ruler became suspicious and finally Bibi Masouma, Siavash and his mother went to Parsang village. Siavash's tattoo is also included in the documents. Roshan Agha is summoned and comes to Elias and Kefaitkhaton. Roshan remembers the day he became a eunuch. He becomes unwell. Mahd Alia Peshi is the chancellor and Kazem is his son. They are looking for a way to not become the crown prince of Jiran. They plan to collect the white beards and send them to the emperor. Silver tells Roshan that because the baby is not alone for a moment, he cannot kill him. They review the promise of money together. The elders of the Qajar clan are waiting for the king, but the king has gone for a walk with his neighbors. The baby is left alone. Prince Basir tells Mahd Alia that he could not come until today because he was not in a good financial situation. Mehd Alia is the cousin's daughter of Prince Basir. An ambiguous and emotional speech is formed between them. Mubarak says that he should wait to see Khatoon's sufficiency. Tomorrow morning, Siavash leaves the mansion secretly. Mubarak and Elias secretly review his tracks.


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