Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 25

Jeyran Serial Part 25

Siavash won the field. Roshan Agha Ghagin Shah and Jiran are happy.

Russians are packers. The king claps. Salman breathes a sigh of relief, but he is also worried about his behind-the-scenes deal.

The king says that I have not passed the blood of this warrior yet. Salman says, I don't think about anything in the world except your name and the Iranian flag. I beg you to spare the blood of this young man today. This is said by Qaravel Khase, the one whose sword is the most victorious. It is a pity that the sweet taste of victory becomes bitter in the palate of the subjects.

 The king says, how can you pass this insolent young man? Remember that Khaqan's ruling is Khaqan's ruling. Don't want the ruling of your Sultan to be unsatisfied. Salman says to make a new verdict so that the previous verdict is not overturned. The happiness of the subjects means the longevity of the monarchy. The hero of the country should not be killed.

Hungry hearts are happy with these joys. With Shabnameh or without Shabnameh, they will provoke the whole people of the country that they are sitting when Shah Pahlawan killed the country.

Shah says I just don't want to hear anything more about this fake young man. Do not be seen in public gatherings. By the way, we were convinced that the victory of this ship was due to its high luck, otherwise the strength of the arm of that Russian giant would have been a head.

Dargolki, Russian trip comes to congratulate. He says that our loss was the result of bad luck. Naser al-Din Shah says that during the reign of my late grandfather Fath Ali Shah, some of these misfortunes happened to us: Turkmanchai and Golestan.

Salman is managing the situation in Garavelkhana. He says that we should feed the hungry subjects according to the Qibla of the world. He sends someone to Mirakhor and tells him to saddle Siavash's horse.

 He says to Siavash, Shirin Kashti son. I am afraid that if the sun does not rise tomorrow, the Shah will turn away from the vote at the instigation of others. If you are wise, you will go somewhere far away from the throne. Get away as far as you can from this bed of temptation and misfortune. Siavash asks what was the idea of ​​feeding the subjects? Salman says Jeeran.

It's night now. Malekzadeh eats apples, happy. Salman and Mehd Alia spend the night together. Mahd Alia asks, has the turbidity been removed? I preferred Ali Khan to you to learn from Pahlavan Prasangi. Don't say you didn't cheat. Salman says that a soldier is always a soldier, Malik Jahan.

Siavash writes a letter and puts it on the tree. Glensa finds it and goes up to pick it up.

In the letter, he wrote that Siavash has gone in search of a new fortune, and I should not be near you, the court, and the shrine. When I turned away from you, I turned to the love of a stranger.

I thought I could cure your divorce pain by hooking him up, but as always, I got a goat. I don't know why you ordered to kill me and why you later gave everything you had to keep me alive. Maybe you don't even know. But I know that your breasts have become the nest of another love. There is no place for Sivash.

I don't know if the spells of the Grandmother of Chaos will come in handy in that enchanted harem. However, I left you the moon charm so that it would be my last memento to the girl I once loved. I hope you will keep your promise and make a kingdom out of the child in your womb that will serve the innocent subjects. Goodbye and see you in the resurrection.

Siavash has gone, some people are looking for theft in that area.
He will catch you. They strip and search his pockets.

Adequately decided to show themselves. This is our lost savior.

The night is the night of meeting the king and Jiran again. Jeeran says, "My lord, apart from these times when you come here with an excuse and secret appointments, I also have an official appointment, which was given to Khatoun Jiri at the discretion of Khojabashi and Mahd Alia."

 The king says that he wants to shave a side from that silent lady. not done do not worry. Jiran says, "But I want the whole harem to know that everything is back to normal, Jiran is still the king's lover." The king accepts.

Those who have taken Siavash. The same group is Bahadur. Finally they fight. There is a fight. Siavash is bloody. Bahadur pulls a knife on him, someone stabs him from behind.

The ground falls. There are new people who find Siavash. They see that he is still alive. They tell him not to worry. We arrived on time, brother. They put a mask on Siavash's face and take him away.

Khatun Georgian is informed that Mehd Alia wants to take you to the Shah's private house tonight. He says I will not go. He says tell Roshan that I am neither your slave nor the king nor anyone else. At this moment, Khaja Bashi enters. It is reported that Sarai Georgian has been exempted from religious seclusion.

Time passes and the seasons change. A prince is born.

The end of episode 25 of Jiran series


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