Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 24

Serial Jeyran Part 24

We saw that Nasser had doubts about love and Jeeran said that I am in love with Nasseruddin Shah and I am hunting this hunting ground. In the dungeon light on Siavash

Now Salman says that it is the king's order and nothing can be done. But someone mediates that this kid was not bad, but I don't know why he did this shit.

Salman reads a letter from Jeeran

No, when I fell in love with Siavash, I realized what I had lost. When I came to myself, I saw that I had thrown a shield against Naseruddin Shah's love. He says, "But I don't want Siavash to be killed." I agree with Siavash's ruling because the only reason for staying in Ark was love for people and interest in me.

I presented to you what I have and what I don't have. I sent it so that maybe you can do something in a country where everything is tied to money.

Salman goes to the British Embassy. They touch his chest. Salman says I have come to deal with the practical language of power and politics. You know the relationship between ambassadors. Why don't you interfere? The answer is that if Shahab understands that I am an intermediary, my account is with Karam al-Katbin.

It is a lot of money. Salman confronts him and promises more for him and the ambassador. He asks Fazel that I don't need to remind him that nothing about this meeting should be leaked anywhere.

When Salman leaves, Fadel says you said a greater mercy to create a greater temptation. you succeeded but no. Thank you Salman Khan. Not. Salman says, but you are a wise person, Fazel Khan. You know that this type of opportunity is not always available to every person, think about it. He takes the bag of coins and leaves.

Kazem Mirza is with his father Agha Khan. The chancellor says how surprised he is. Kazem somehow admires the woman. The Prime Minister says that the balance of our present and future is tied to Prince Moin's mandate. If that villager is not restrained, the balance of the court will be disturbed. Kazem says that we should gradually accept that this neighbor is a worthy opponent. If he was able to survive this fate, it means that his pleasure is no less. Jiran is a woman, but she is not weak. Why don't we fight with him directly? Mirza Agha Khan Nouri says that I should fight with a woman? Dust on your head Kazem. Kazem says, but right now some people are fighting on your behalf and the enemy should not be underestimated.

Kazem Can you dig his grave? The answer is that the person who throws a rope around the neck of the former lover with his own hand is a great rival. But after that he is involved in the most intense mental sufferings and is prone to the biggest mistakes. So that even Shafaat Malekzadeh can't untie the knot from his work. That's when we can trick him.

Glensa goes to Jiran and says there is no news. He says that Rahmat sent a message that did not reach anywhere. Jeeran's life is ruined.

It is morning, and Qaravlan, Sadr-e-Azam, and Mahd Alia, together with the Shah's wives, are waiting for Naseruddin Shah's arrival in the square. Roshan Agha is worried and they bring Siavash.

Naji says that he survived but is fine. The crafty woman gets sad. His maid asks, don't you want to reveal who caught him? The answer is that what difference does it make, imagine one of these eunuchs. Roshan Agha smiles.

They brought the crown to Naseruddin Shah. puts on In particular, Salman gets an entry fee and enters. He says they have brought the convict. Everyone is waiting for your arrival. Only Fazel Khan came for a handshake and they have a message from the Russian ambassador.

Fazel expresses his devotion in meeting with the Shah. Shah says how long will you eat both Russia and England? Fazel says that he was someone who knew both languages. If it were up to me, I would be the sweeper of the sultan's court. The Russian ambassador has an urgent proposal, like two years ago when Dimitri came to Tehran and defeated the wrestler of Dar al-Khilafah. But apparently, Hazrat Sultan, because of the bet, you lost a large amount to the Russian ambassador, which was not paid. Finally, he says that the Russian wrestler will come to Tehran again in two weeks. His suggestion is to hold a match between him and his Iranian counterpart, and if you agree, bet the same amount as before.

The king asks why did you inform in such a hurry? Fazel's answer is that the owner of the armband is waiting for his sentence to be executed today. Shah says, so recently the internal news also reaches the ears of the ambassadors. Tell Prince, not only are we not afraid of the match, but we are willing to bet 2 against, but not for this corrupt and immoral young man who is going to be executed.

We are getting closer to Siavash's execution. The king asks Salman, do you think the answer to the Russian ambassador? How was it? Salman says decisively, as always.

Salman prostrates before the king and says that he will set fire to my life for fear that no one will be able to compete with these Russians on the promised day. every When you talk about the defeat of your noble ancestor in Iran and Russia, you get upset. I don't want Qiblah Alam to witness the defeat of the Iranian wrestler against the Russian wrestler. It is a shame that due to the accident of this young man, our only chance to escape fate is at least on the ship's mat. I wish you would give him a chance. If he wins, the subjects of the country will be grateful to the emperor for restoring his dignity.

Shah says what if this cursed person fails? Salman says he will not lose sir. If he does not win, in addition to him, the lowly servant will also face the punishment of this dishonesty.

The order stops and everyone is surprised.

Salman and Fazel meet. He takes the money to bring Dimitri. Fazel says that this value is much more than the condition that the ambassador made with the king. Salman says it is for Dimitri to lose. Fazel says that your wrestler is weak and injured. It is not for nothing that this Russian donkey is called Dimitri the Fearful.

Now the same concern is the concern of Glensa and Jiran.

Salman goes to Siavash and says that 

The category is not tactful. He had taken you away. You thought Farrokh Laga was a girl. You are also a famous Amir Arslan. The sultan's harem is also the prison of the demon Fouladzare.
He explains to Siavash what the story is and told him not to hang your head on the gallows. Please pray that the king's child will not be miscarried because of this fear and turmoil. Your life is in the world until the day of the match with the Russian fighter. Siavash asks, isn't he the one who made Esfandiar's warrior one with the soil in the first move? Siavash says, don't you see how I have become and that my wound is festering? What kind of life do I have to become a slob?

Kazem Mirza tells his father that I am suspicious of this whole story. What if the scene is ready for the victory of the injured soldiers? What will the subjects do? The prime minister kisses him and says that I myself do not mind to question the Russian ambassador and I cannot riot in the Russian embassy because of a village girl.

Jiran and Naseruddin Shah are talking to each other. Shah is worried that what happened two years ago will be repeated. He says it wasn't you. As soon as the bell rang, the Russian Gendebek knocked Esfandiyar's back to the ground. An experienced warrior of asceticism and piety, Esfandiar. Not like this young man who is promiscuous and wrong. God knows how we are going to be disgraced. Jeeran says that all this concern is not for our Sultan. Shah says that we are looking for a solution to our anxiety. Jiran asks how is my server? The king says, I wish we would kill him. We would give the former Russian demand and let ourselves go. The subjects of Iran are not happy with the Russians. I am afraid that our wrestler will fall down and the Russian order will be lighted. I'm afraid.

Siavash is getting ready. His nutrition is taken seriously by Salman. practices day and night.

The day of the race is over. Everyone is present in the field. From friend to rival. The race begins. At the first moment, he does not fail, but the situation does not go badly either. In the middle of the game, Bahadur fans sing for others. Siavash becomes dust. He tells Salman that I can't rub his back even if I want to. Go finish it so that I don't spoil the reputation of the country. Salman says that these are the grieving people of 17 separated provinces, Golestan and Turkmanchai. The next round of the game begins.

In the middle of the competition, Kefaitkhaton sees the tattoo on Siavash's knee and the dish falls from her hand. Mahd Alia thinks she is excited and asks Kefayat Khatun to restrain herself. Siavash gets up victorious. In the end, Siavash wins before the Russians with the thought of the Iranian people.


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