Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 15

Jeyran Serial Part 15

Siavash was working when Mubarak came to him.

He says he came on behalf of Kefat Khatoon.

Sufficiency is there too. They want to give him money. Siavash gets up and gets acquainted with your adequacy.

Kefayat Khatoon says the card was very good. Do you have a profession and profession? If one day you happen to have a business, count on your wife.

Siavash hears that there is not enough money for a woman in the Shah’s treasury.

The neighbor is in the palace who meets Khadijeh Khatoon and they socialize with each other.

Neighbors invite him inside. Roshan Agha tells Kucul Khan or Jamala Agha that they have guests. He tries to seduce her by promoting her.

In the presence of the king, he is drinking wine.

The Prime Minister is also there and is pushing for the Russians and the British to nominate him as Crown Prince. The king says we are not like you and we have beliefs. We are waiting for Saad’s horoscope hour.

These blind and faceless strangers have not eaten much of Shiraz wine.

Abbas Mirza enters and they see everyone talking.

He says that it is unfortunate for your brother, the ruler of Qom, to see such moments.

Pray that the gentlemen of the ulema do not smell that there will be a pipe, that head is invisible.

Nasser al-Din Shah, who is angry and drinks a sip, attacks Abbas.

Abbas Mirza says that Ali Khan Farashbashi had come to Qom with his men. Why? I do not ask him because I know why. He came under the pretext of pilgrimage to remind me of Kashan and the murder of Amir Kabir.

What sins have I committed that this is my destiny?

Why are you thinking of killing me?

Nasser al-Din Shah says that if I had thought of killing you, you would not be standing in front of me now. The Prime Minister tells Abbas Mirza that you did not hear what they said.

Go to Qom and discuss your rule.

Adequacy of negotiations.

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Naser al-Din Shah says that he should return to Qom and offer thanksgiving prayers five times a day.

Abbas Mirza says that Amir Kabir also thought he had become the ruler of Kashan.

Why don’t you kill me to get rid of both of us?

Nasser al-Din Shah says take your mother’s hand and return to Qom Abbas.

The king calls Salman and tells him that the prince and his mother should go to Qom.

The head of the interior announces that Khadijeh, the wife of Abbas Mirza’s mother, has entered the interior and the shrine.

Khatoon and Khadijeh review the story of Mahdalia’s jealousy and rejection.

Khadijeh came to get help from her neighbors.

Says your reputation for popularity across the country is complex.

You did not come famous.

Shouldn’t someone like you be the source of the oppressed and the hope of the deprived? My Abbas Mirza has already gone to our Sultan to sue. I hope they do not cut off his head.

Neighbor says I do not hesitate if something is made of me.

The angry king takes firm steps in the palace and enters Mahdalia’s room following Khadijeh Mehriqi.

Nasser al-Din Shah tells his mother that Annan has lost control of the shrine.

Jamal Agha enters and announces the place of Khadijeh Jahriqi.

Nasser al-Din Shah says that he will soon announce that the sermon of a certain crown prince will be read.

Everyone goes out and the neighbors and the king are left alone.

Nasser al-Din Shah says that he wanted to postpone the announcement of a crown prince so that I could have male children from you. To become a special queen, mother.

A thousand times alas, you did not deserve it.

Neighbors want leave and Nasser sadly says that you did not deserve royal love.

Abbas Mirza and his mother returned on the way when his mother, Khadijeh Mehriqi, was riding a horse.

Abbas Mirza also goes with the caravan.

It goes to your adequacy. Both are happy that the king is angry with his neighbors.

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Aziz Agha has been imprisoned.

The upper stomach has come to the Georgian palace with its moon necklace.

And he tells her that you are as beautiful and polite as you are beautiful. Fill the place of the villager so that he will not remember him until the Day of Judgment. Sarai Georgian says this pendant is very beautiful.

Mahde Olya says that as long as Mahdalia’s tail is walking, this pendant is around your neck.

Roshan Agha has gone to Khatun Khatun. Says someone found with the same sign.

Shows a scroll containing a genealogy. B to the sign of Mars. Ali Madad’s son. Enough, they call him Elias. Where is he now? They knock on the door and enter a man blindfolded. There is a mark on the patella of his right knee.

Which should be on the left knee. He asks what is my name? ‌

He says my name is Bahram. Is it true that you give me money?

Kefayat Khatoon says that if they have said it, it must be true.

Go get the same. “We saw enough,” he says. Enough. In your opinion, was that what we wanted?

Let him live his life. It comes from everywhere. Make a pension for him so that he does not fall into begging and bankruptcy. Elias, tell them to go further. Say your strength is exhausted.

In the guard house, a goat is dancing. Salman enters and inquires.

He says be happy until tomorrow.

The story of tomorrow is separate. Saad clock found.

The qibla of the world (Ghebleye Alam) is traveling with one of the women.

To see someone’s disgust, I break someone’s neck while traveling.

Siavash says to Salman in private, “Excuse me.” Salman says that he is not a neighbor.

Another woman is traveling. But you are on leave for a few days. Go have fun.

Siavash understands the Shah’s anger towards Khadijeh and tells Ahmad.

He is worried that they will try to harm him.

At night, the king is alone with his mother and they look at the caliphate.

A half arrives at Princess Malekzadeh.

Mirza Kazem comes to him and says that my parents are your guests.

It is not in your honor to disrespect the Prime Minister of Iran.

Malekzadeh says I would not be here if I had them.

Mirza Kazem says your daughters are the light of my eyes.

I tell you to bring your children here whenever you want.

Raezam and his wife are at the boy’s house and tell the story of their neighbors and Khadijeh at the table. Malekzadeh says why are you telling me this?

The Prime Minister says because you are my bride.

Forget the bride after associating with these puppets.

Because it is neither good nor light for the Qajar family.

Malekzadeh says you are late, sir.

I have many friends and acquaintances of Raiatzadeh.

Nouri says it is in the best interest of the throne not to have one.

The likes of this woman are today, not tomorrow.

I like you to be like my name.

What made you a peasant?

You are the princess of Iran.

The bride of the Prime Minister of Iran.

Adequacy of the bride’s negotiations. Bismillah.

Malekzadeh says that for three years I was the companion of the greatest servant of Iran, Amir Kabir.

For some time, the companion of Raitzadeh Harem, a neighbor.

And he gets angry and leaves.

Farkhondeh Khanum, Kazem’s mother, is a plaintiff and considers her bride to be an idiot.

Inside, it is announced that the qibla of the world is looking to travel.

Among the eunuchs, they are looking for a eunuch for the Georgian palace.

A wise eunuch who accompanies and serves this new lady in this camp.

Silver and bright are also being selected.

Roshan offers himself. The eunuchs are laughing.

In the end, he gets angry, but Sarai Gorji has to decide for herself who her eunuch is.

Finally, he chooses the same light.

Glensa has come to her neighbor.

They hurt.

Neighbor says I do not want new clothes to go to a tailor who can sew your luck.


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