Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 10

Inside, there is a celebration and dancing among the eunuchs.

Malekzadeh, Naser al-Din Shah's sister, enters with Taj al-Dawla and shouts at them. It is said that the shroud of Amir Nezam has not dried yet. You see? Neither shame nor respect. The mourning princess (daughter of Mohammad Shah and brother of Nasser al-Din Shah) must come himself to be dumb?

When the king thinks of hunting and neighbors instead of mourning Amir. Shahgholi must also moan. The promise of a meeting is exchanged between the king's married wife, Taji and the king's sister.

We find out that the whole staging program was under Taji's supervision with a clear performance.

Roshan goes to someone in the market and he is humiliated. To see who Adam is. Says the goldsmith. Giving money to telling someone to follow Khajeh Roshan and finally Roshan kills him.

The woman asks him who chased him? And finally he tells him that according to the promise of the government, I will give you one of the provinces. Roshan says there is another barrier between you and your goal. A woman named Jeeran who badly stole the king. Of course, do not be anxious. I think of a thing so that it falls out of the king's eyes.

We go to the hunting ground. The sultan and his neighbors are sitting in the royal hunting tent. Royal hunting ground. The king says he is sitting in a tent where no woman is sitting in his shadow. Neighbor says I did not come to stay under the tent.

My heart longs for the sun and the horse is happy. The king says that it belongs to someone who knows how to hunt. You do not shoot a bow or shoot a gun.

It is true? Neighbors say that if the men of the royal army teach me to shoot, I will teach them to attack properly. Nasser al-Din Shah says, "Do you want to teach my men how to attack properly?" The best hunters and guards of the land of honor are present.

You made a strange claim, John's daughter. Neighbors say that you told me earlier that Salman Khan is your best rider. So order me to be ready to attack. Naser al-Din Shah asks Are you joking? Neighbor denies.

The competition begins. At that moment, Siavash intends to kill the king and targets him. But Siavash's rifle does not fire.

Jeyran are talking to Salman and saying, "Either Siavash is returning to the citadel right now or I am telling the king everything."

Salman tells Siavash to get ready to leave quickly. You must return to Ark. Stay at the guardhouse until we come. The sentence is a female neighbor.

Kefayat Khatoon is planning to become the crown prince of Khatoon's star son.

Kefayat Khatoon is planning to become the crown prince of Khatoon's star son. Roshan stabs the silver he had left for him.

The king says that we are not in a moment. Fantasy behind fantasy skepticism behind skepticism. Worried about planets and planets worried about fate and guilt.

The astrologers watch the stars greedily. One sees war in Herat, one sees peace on the borders. Neighbors ask Do you believe in these? The king's answer is that of course we believe, but not proud of these astrologers.

Except for Mohammad Valimirza, who has petty poems, the rest are nonsense and greed. Neighbors ask, "What did the astronomers say?" The king's answer is: I am afraid of what they do not say. A memory that is disturbed after Amir's death and no astronomer dares to express it. My brother, Abbas.

We see Hazrat Abbas Mirza Qajar in the next scene that is introduced and sits on their golden throne to serve him. His mother beside him. He is the ruler of Qom Dar al-Iman.

We see Hazrat Abbas Mirza Qajar in the next scene that is introduced and sits on their golden throne to serve him. His mother beside him. He is the ruler of Qom Dar al-Iman.

Returning from the hunt, the king and his neighbors enter the room together and he is watching the king's painting. Permission for leave wants to go and leave.

The Shah says that this kind of waiting is not in the honor of our Mahdi. Mahdalia says Khadijeh, mother of Abbas Mirza. The king gets angry. Mahdalia says do not forget how Khadijeh became Khadijeh and Abbas Mirza wanted to steal the crown. I'm afraid that my son will become a father in this regard.

Nasser al-Din Shah says that my neighbor will not become Khadijeh.
In the presence of Abbas Mirza, the complaint of the trustee has been brought. The custodian of the shrine of Imam Masoumeh.

Abbas Mirza Qajar says that I am the ruler of Qom and the guardian of the blessings of all people. Your Excellency expects that the affairs of sitting are beyond the authority of the Sultan. Abbas Mirza says, but whoever gets angry takes refuge in a trustee. We have not had a hard time until today, but if someone stretches his leg longer than the kilim from today, I will take his leg so that it will be an example for others.

His mother came to see him. Abbas Mirza says that you are the son of Mohammad Shah Bashi, the brother of Naser al-Din Shah Bashi, apparently the ruler of Qom, then your mother has to travel secretly. His mother says be a little restrained, my son. Strangers and acquaintances knew what Mohammad Shah's dream was. Your father wanted you to enter the throne, and it was not without reason that he named you Abbas Mirza the Great and gave you the title of Viceroy.