Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 9

The image begins with a public and royal ceremony. The king enters. People’s hands are wide. They have received letters. He asks the Prime Minister why the people’s hand is so letter-like. The king requests that the petitions be collected and considered.


Nouri says in private that the Tajrish girl has a Messianic tail. He tells his son that the dead king is alive. The boy says and is forgiving. Forgive the gold bags. Nouri says I spend more than this to make you a slave. Kazem asks his father, “Are you sure it’s time, father?” The answer is: جب Rajab knows the size of wajib. This is the time.

The Sultan’s mother goes to see Nasser al-Din Shah. Shah Tajdar and Mahdalia meet. The cooked pole of the shrine to the taste of the king. Mahd Olya says that now that everyone is satisfied with the Sultan, there is no time to complain. But the groom who is the qibla of the world will not be satisfied with any wedding. I have come to tell the son of the crown prince that the king’s justice must start from within.


The government and the subjects are relieved when the people of the harem testify to the justice of the Sultan. Shah says that I have no doubt that your profession is out of compassion.

Remember. I’m going royal hunting this week. Tell everyone for a while that the Sultan is not inside. It is for everyone. Justice above this? The upper kindergarten says have fun.

Just a single pair of reversals like the previous hunt? Go in royal royal clothes so that your eyes do not catch the eyes of the peasants and be reminded immediately.

Kefayat Khatoon tells Mirza Shafi Khan that the Prime Minister has been badly purged of what he did in the Kurdish meat market. He replies that he is somehow our other cousin. you do not worry. The woman says to reach the market from the head to the tail and the meat. When the price returns. And let it be known that this cheapness is due to the blessing of your adequacy.

Shafi’a Khan says that with these broadcast newspapers, it is not right for them to think that it is your job. Kefayatkhaton says I wanted to owe the government to myself, which I did. Do not think of bribes and such. The share is also reserved. Go and finish the meat.

A nightmare against the Aga Khan Chancellor is read to him by his son Kazem, who has called him the head of Britain.

A woman went to the Prime Minister, who is the Shah’s wife.

Private and secret meeting. Is the crown of the state. After greeting him, he says that depending on the specific crown prince, he is the son of Taj al-Dawla. He says the woman’s silence is a sign of doubt.

 How did the Prime Minister fall into such a trap? The Aga Khan says that he wants to make the peacock throne a blessed throne. But before that, we have to make Moin the crown prince so that he can sit on the blessed throne. Taj al-Dawla says, “I know you said it with the intention of seduction, and you must want something in return.” Be honest and say what you want? ‌ The answer is: Your husband’s sister. I want the king. For my son, Mirza Kazem.

The guards are training under the Iranian lion and sun flags.

Dear sir, he is taking his neighbors. Apparently, the practice of guards means the desire to hunt the king. He raises the folder next door and meets Siavash among the guards.

After this eye contact, the neighbor stops going to the market and returns. He asks Glensa what he saw in ten? ‌ He answers that his grandmother’s fault is chaos. He told Siavash that fate had given him a deadline. You either kill or you kill.

Aziz Agha says it is a hunting program and I can not send a message to the hunting ground. Neighbor says take time for me to see the king right away. I want to go hunting with the qibla of the world tomorrow. Dear sir, it is impossible, lady.

Nasser al-Din Shah says I have restrictions. The neighbor’s answer is that if his love is concentrated, customs and traditions can be discarded. The king says that the king can not accompany his lover while hunting the king. Neighbors say the history of love and carpentry is better. Nasser al-Din Shah says do not insist. Neighbors want him to make history differently. When he left, he said that the day you told me that he was a neighbor of the Shah’s tribe, I believed him, but today it turned out that Khadijeh Tajrishi was a servant. Have fun hunting Sultan.

Inside, the Shah’s sister says that she was amazed at the death of Amir Kabir, but now I am amazed at how the wheel of government and the court turn. The king’s other wife, Glynn Khatun, is in his grief-stricken Ahmad. His sister says that the electricity of the jewels of the crown was ugly when we sat on the black soil.

An eunuch enters and says that the intruder has arrived. They came to Taj al-Dawla and said they had an urgent job. He wants to refuse his visit. But Reza agrees to let him in. Taj al-Dawla says, “Do you not see what sedition has been created by the girl of Tajrishi village?” They tell each other about their neighbors going hunting.

The lady’s neighbor asks Mahdalia for permission to enter and enters. He is questioned. He confirms, but wonders why he has heard only what the Sultan has heard.

Among the reprimands of the upper kindergarten, his daughter Malekzadeh enters and says that this court, if it had a reputation, was the secret charity of Amir Kabir. This girl to go with the king is an informal hunt, but was the disaster that you inflicted on Amir Kabir the same as the custom? The neighbor wants permission to leave. The upper nursery says to remember that the place of the mirror is the head of the heater, the place of the mouthpiece is the door.

That night, the neighbor bursts into tears and tells Glensa that God knows what tomorrow will bring.

Tomorrow morning, the morning light falls on the palace. They follow your wife. Neighbors and eunuchs walk. Tumbled from what happened inside. The neighbor is taken to the king. Nasser al-Din Shah saddles a horse and offers it to his neighbor. The upper nursery is behind the window, surprised and angry. The caravan starts and the guards.

Among the guards, Siavash is determined.

The Jeeran series has reached episode 9, with its stories being slow, moving only slightly forward each week.

Taj al-Dawla wants to improve his relationship with Malekzadeh with clear cooperation in order to control Prime Minister Nouri and make his son king by marrying Kazem and Malekzadeh. But Roshan Khan was one of Khadijeh Banu’s people and his intention was to bring Abbas Mirza, the brother of Naser al-Din Shah, and take a province in one of the cities.

Although the teaser was about shooting the king, this was a big visual backdrop because Salman was watching the bullets first and had fired them from Siavash’s rifle so that when he fired, we could see that there were no bullets in it and he failed.

But the main problem with this episode was that you saw something of the hunt? Were they gone hunting or were they just a horse race?


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