Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 5

In white. In the presence of his nephew, the eunuchs chosen for him.

Nasser al-Din Shah Qajar left the mustache and shaved his beard.

“Khadijeh no, neighbor,” he says. The neighbor is sad and anxious. Dismisses the eunuch.

The king turns around his neighbor. The neighbor is crying.

The king says, “Dear sir, leave.” Take your wife with you. They both go out.

The king is angry and alone.

Durhami Mahd Olya and 4 married women!

In the palace, the upper nursery sits in the square and talks about his brides, including Glenn.

It is a matter of royal solitude. Among the wives of Nasser al-Din Shah.

Taji smokes a hookah. Glory to as well.

Taji says we have not seen the color of the king’s privacy for weeks.

Gelin Khatoon, who has fallen asleep and left the world.

What hope should we, the four wives of the Shah, have to live? Kindergarten says in the hope of your husband’s health.

Taji says that a rural girl went from Tajrish to the Shah’s privacy.

Neighbors are not allowed to attend harem women

The upper cradle tells the married women to stay, expelling the concubines and eunuchs.

He summons Aziz Agha and interrogates him.

Who took this Tajrish girl for the qibla of the world?

The upper kindergarten is upset that it was not informed and that the neighbors did not come.

Aziz Agha says that the neighbor’s lady is forbidden from associating with the people of the harem And this decision is the qibla of the world itself.

Solitude not with the intention of seeking neighbors.

Neighbors and Nasser al-Din Shah are together.

The king says that I did not call you out of desire to be afraid. sit down.

Neighbors sit on chairs.

Red appointment between neighbors and Nasser al-Din Shah

He tells his neighbor that I told him to be alone for an hour with my fellow tribesmen.

Aren’t they all tribes, lover and beloved? I have not suffered the pain of love.

Now I do not want to be forced to join a carpenter.

These pointless meetings are neither in love with the lover nor in the lover.

I see you like other women in the line of Salam Haram.

But this disgrace, its redness, is a sign between us. Whenever you go, it means eager to be together. To be together.

Siavash is impatient

In the caravanserai, Siavash leaves for Khadijeh. The witch holds a wedding and sets it on fire.

The Chancellor asked the king

Let’s go back to the palace. Chancellor Nouri and his son enter. They want to speak in the presence of Nasser al-Din Shah. Little Nouri says a paper containing insulting material has been distributed against the government. The king orders the murder of the author of the night newspaper. But Mirza Aga Khan says that my hand is tied. The Prime Minister needs the permission of a spy among the men.
The Chancellor says the servant must be well supported to serve well. It is the duty of the government to investigate these matters. That this government should not be deaf and blind. The king gives full authority.

Lust is not the king of love

Aziz Agha tells his neighbor that I have a reputation before the Sultan. A king who loves you with all his being. Neighbors say that the name of your king’s lust is not love.

Hello ceremony

The king enters. First, his mother, the upper cradle of Iran, asks about the earth. Then he goes to his neighbors with Taj and Al-Dawla (Taji), Shokooh Al-Saltanah, Setareh Khanum and others. The neighbor is green and not red. So he is not ready to be alone. The king frowns and leaves.

Meet Salman and Aziz Agha

Salman Agha is worried that there will be no intimacy.
They review the possibilities. Salman says that whoever hinders this love, it is our duty to destroy it. Get ready for the campaign.

The soldiers rush to the village and take Khan away. They ruin everything. The eunuchs go to the neighbor’s father and brother and call them. A woman shouting at them comes to them and says that the king’s men have thrown down and tied Kadkhoda to the sky. The unborn mother does not say no to the king.

His father writes a letter to his neighbor. That Siavash is not satisfied with your refusal to obey the king. He also sends his daughter to deliver the letter to his sister.

On the way to the palace, Salman Khan’s greed is used to read the letter. He takes the letter by force and understands Siavash’s name. Siavash’s sister’s name is followed.

Siavash arrives in the village and presumably says that the lovebird jumped from a tree. Ostat’s daughter jumped and went to town. Gone was Sersogel. She became the king’s bride and went to the harem.

Siavash went to Assadollah and said he had to wait. Asadullah says, “What does it matter to you whether our sister waits or not?” Siavash says that I went to hold the hand of baby Masoumeh to come to a suitor who was not born to her. Under this locksmith wheel, I am myself and myself. Siavash is not short. The wheel of destiny, even if it is the hand of a chain-breaking hero, I must reach my right. I will not give in to this unfortunate horoscope. I will die and I will be full. Until my last breath!


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