Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 18

This part is dedicated to the honorable and bereaved compatriots of Abadan.

At the beginning, the government and the elders have met to decide on the assassination of the Shah.

The Chancellor says that the task of protecting the Shah’s life is the responsibility of the Special Forces, and Salman says that the Peshmerga is chosen by the juicer.

The prime minister has compiled a list of suspicious embassies, and the king says he knows the fire came from someone’s grave, but he will not execute them immediately and will wait a bit.
The Shah wants the news not to be leaked and Mahdavolia says the Iranian people should not understand.

To avoid chaos, the prime minister says it is better to elect a certain prince as crown prince in a private parliament.

If something happens to the king,

the government will not be confused.

The king agrees, then wants to be with the neighbor who saved his life, and the meeting ends.
At the neighbor’s house, his mother cries and asks Siavash why his daughter did not come.

Assadollah says that you were on guard and it was your duty to take him home safely.

Siavash says to spend knowledge and ask Glensa, Glensa says Siavash did not want to break Khadijeh’s heart. Siavash wants to go to get the news, where Rahmat has come and says he knows about his neighbors.

Glensa is sent to the palace and Siavash goes to the chaotic grandmother, he is not at home and Siavash shouts that he is a traitor and a liar. Farzi sits on the wall and tells Siavash that the grandmother of Chaos left with a big bundle after the previous series that Siavash came to see her.

He was happy and said goodbye to the countryside.

Siavash asks where he has gone and he says Shamran or Tehran, taking a coin.

Siavash also left because he had already sold him to government officials and left.

There is a celebration in the harem to save the king. Mahdavolia says who thought he would save this desperate girl’s son Nasser, and Taj al-Dawla expressed his happiness for the crown prince of a certain prince and upset the rest of the king’s married wives.

Glenn goes to see the neighbor and the king says that because the neighbor always remembers him well, he has only given her permission to enter.

Glenn asks the neighbors’s family and the king says they will be entertained at the inn.

Shah says he has always been different, and Glenn replies that he’s different because of his age. At the age of 14, the Shah married 11-year-old Glenn to prove he was an adult crown prince.

Silver informs Mahdavolia and she also comes to the king.

Glenn comes out and the king shouts for the expulsion of his neighbor without his permission. Mahdavolia says that it was his turn to save the king’s life. The king says he wants the sultan to own his neighbors.

Mahdavolia says that after the coronation ceremony, they will hold a Quran and prayer ceremony to heal the neighbors, and the king will soften and cry.

Siavash is upset and anxious in the dormitory of the guards.

Sarai Gorji is upset and is waiting for news outside the bright room.

Salman, Shah, Glensa and the doctor all spend the night with their neighbors.

The next morning, a special prince is prepared and everyone congratulates the crown. He also distributes coins among the eunuchs.

Glenn calls Shokooh and complains that he himself said that his son Prince Mahmoud did not die a natural death and that Taji was involved in his death, how can he kiss a certain forehead and congratulate Taji, Shokooh says that Taji is not as simple as them and all The court and the white beards obey his command, so he should not fall in with him to save his life. Glenn says he is not afraid and will disgrace Taj al-Dawla. Shokooh says that if he mentions his name, he will deny it and leaves. He just wanted Glenn to resent Taji.

The king goes to see his neighbor, takes everyone out and wants to hear the doctor’s opinion. The doctor says that Jeeran has regained consciousness and answered some of his questions. Neighbors should not have ridden a horse, but it is strong and the child is healthy.

The king is happy and goes to the crown prince’s sermon. At first, Bastami recited a poem and Qaani regrets reading the poem he composed.

Nasser al-Din Shah says that last night he had a dream of his father Mohammad Shah, he wanted to kiss his hand, but he withdrew his hand and said that the blessed hour for the crown prince is seven months away.

They have seen that it is the same reality. The king asks, “So what happens to his dream?” He says his dream is the same as the king’s dream.

So the king postpones the ceremony until seven months later.

Mahdavolia, the crown prince and the prime minister are upset and the king leaves. He smiles after leaving, as if he has ridiculed the others with the story of this dream.

The neighbors come to their senses and after smiling at the king and Golnasa, seeing the eunuch, they turn to Aziz Agha, the king orders them to find him.

Taj al-Dawla cries and tears the clothes of a certain crown prince, Shokooh wants to be patient and Taji says the king said seven months until the neighbor’s child is born, Shokooh says he is his fiancée


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