Jiran series is a romantic and historical story that depicts six years of the life of Naseruddin Shah, the fourth king of Qajar.

This story begins after the death of Amir Kabir and Mirza Agha Khan Noori becoming the chancellor. It is the story of Shah's acquaintance and love with a village girl named Khadija Khanam of Tajrishi, who was given the name "Jeyran" by Shah because of her big eyes.

Jeyran Serial Part 17

We hear chaos from the grandmother; The spell of Mehr, which has passed for years, if it falls into the hands of a queen, she will have a son with the fate of Homayoun, who becomes the king of Iran. The sister of the spell of Mehr is the spell of the moon, whose fate no one knows and should be feared.


No one knows which spell is more powerful. But the spell of love is the sun, the shining star is always the way.

The king and his companions arrive at the place of exodus.

Abbas Mirza is in turmoil, Khadijeh says tonight is the time to take back the throne from Nasser al-Din Shah. Abbas Mirza says he does not agree with fratricide, his mother says that the eunuch intends to kill the king, they are not only saddened by the death of the king.

Abbas Mirza says that when they know and do not stop, they become accomplices to the crime.

Khadijeh says that Nasser also affected them with the fate of Amir Kabir. He thinks about getting the throne after sunrise.

In the place of Shah Bazmi camp, there is a dance and aristocratic food.

The peshmerga tastes the food and drink and the table is prepared for the king.

The Georgian woman pours the poison into the king’s wine and asks the king if he is hungry or thirsty. The king says he is hungry.

They eat turkey, the neighbor arrives at the sanctuary and introduces himself.

The king gives Sarah grapes and then asks her to pour wine for both of them. There is noise from outside, the king says that there is no need to worry as long as Salman is there, but when he wants to drink, Salman wants permission to enter.

He apologizes for announcing his arrival in the king’s privacy and the arrival of his neighbors.

The king goes out to see the neighbor outside the tent, the neighbor says the wind is in his hand and his bag is sewn.

Shah says he preferred to be a neighbor, but he has become a salt expert.

The king orders his neighbor to get off his horse and says that he has been poisoned and gives the cup to Salman so that one of the guards can drink it.

Neighbors say he was fired from the harem and had to tell the king something before returning to his father’s house and asked for water.

He says that he was forced to let Khadijeh into the room so that no one would see him.

Suddenly, the guard who drinks the cup raises his blood, Salman notices that the king’s wine is poisonous and orders to protect the king.

Khajeh Roshan went to the peshmerga in the middle of the crowd and stabbed him several times.

Abdarchi Shah is brought and interrogated. He says that the Peshmerga ate food and wine in front of his eyes, at the same time that Khajeh came to him while injuring himself and pretended that he had attacked him with a knife before his death and that he had killed him in his own defense. He also puts the bottle of poison next to death.

The king is nervous, Salman says that the person who gave the poison to the peshmerga will find it, the king says that if the neighbor did not come, he would drink the poison, even the neighbors’ anger saved his life, Salman says that he sent some riders after the neighbors, but the riders come and say the neighbors They did not.

The king himself goes after Salman with his neighbor and Sarai Gorji throws away the poison glass in the distance.

They find the neighbor while he is in the pit and bleeding. Salman orders the king’s carriage to be presented.

The neighbors are taken to the king’s palace, the Georgian palace weeps in Mahdavolia’s arms, and Mahdavolia thanks God that both she and the sultan are safe. The French doctor is brought to the neighbor because he was trusted by Amir Kabir, the king asks him to save the neighbor because he is his whole life.
The eunuchs cheer Roshan, the doctor who examines him says his wound is superficial and well stitched by the accompanying doctor.

The doctor is treating the neighbor. His eunuch is worried about himself because of the way he treats his neighbor and his feedback. He asks the doctor if he is alive and the doctor says he is not a doctor.

The doctor says that the neighbor’s bleeding was due to menstruation, he has a fever, but it is too early to diagnose.

He does not want to leave his neighbors alone, and if his neighbors get well, he will write next to his name in the newspaper of Muqarraba al-Khaqan, and if he does not get well, he will tear him to pieces.

Sarah goes to Noghra and says that she did what she promised but did not do it, now it is their turn, Golshan sees them and Noghra says that Khatoon is worried about the attack, then she asks him to go to her room.

Noghreh goes forward, Roshan takes the news and wants to deliver a letter to Abbas Mirza. Noghra says that at the time of the wedding, Malikzadeh, who had asked him to take Khadijeh to his neighbor, guessed that the mother and son of Arbab were enlightened.

Roshan says that the plan to kill the king was for himself, but he wanted to help Abbas Mirza become king, because his destiny is similar to his.

His uncle was Khajeh Bashi Mohammad Shah and he made him and Golshan eunuchs so as not to spend on them. Noghreh also explains that he lost his family in the attack on their caravan.

Roshan says that he was beloved by his uncle, just like Abbas Mirza was beloved by Mohammad Shah, but after the death of his uncle, like Golshan, he was older, although he was not worthy, he became a special eunuch for Mahdavolia and he received a few pieces of settlement.

This is also the problem of Abbas Mirza because of several years of age difference, otherwise Mahdavolia’s son would not have been qualified to run the country. He gets sick and says silver will deliver the letter and the rest will be resolved. But Roshan is waiting for the reaction of the main master.
The king is next to his neighbors, sleepless and calm.

The letter reaches Abbas Mirza’s mother and she curses her neighbor and her son.


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