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Ghezavat Serial Part 67

Ghezavat Serial - Doble Part 67

Jilin is very angry with Pars because of the claim and quickly leaves the office. Ilgaz goes after him and Jilin talks to him about the possibility of going to prison again and does not calm down. Ilgaz supports Pars and says that Pars carefully wrote the claim and clearly raised doubts about the presence of the third person. Jilin doubts Ilgaz and says that I haven't read the full statement yet, how do you know everything about it? Did you write it together? Now he is upset with Ilgaz and blames him. Ilgaz calms her down and says that nothing will happen until the day of the trial and we just have to find the third person and I promise you that I will work for this process until the last drop of my blood and Jilin says that he accepts her.

One person is not satisfied with reading the entire statement of claim and protesting loudly along the corridor of the office that what kind of statement is this and it seriously favors Ilgaz and Jilin and I will not let them get what they want

Eren goes to the room of the Commissioner Mateen. He tells the commissioner that we got Niazi's assistant's ETC test and it is clear that he entered Yekta Tillman's office once. So we have to report him for questioning.

Ilgaz should go to Prosecutor Ismail's room to present his statements regarding the lack of evidence. In place of prosecutor Ismail, another prosecutor named Darya sits and introduces himself as the new prosecutor. Ilgaz is surprised and presents his statements in full and says that he does not know how the hair on the glove matched his hair and hopes that the prosecutor will find an answer for it. Prosecutor Darya puts forward the hypothesis of the flip-flop and Ilgaz confirms it.

Pars and Eren have talked on the other side and have come to the conclusion that the person who made clogs for Ilgaz has been found. Pars enters prosecutor Ismail's room and he is surprised to see the sea. Pars supports Ilgaz and says that he is most likely innocent. Darya throws them out coldly and says that the investigation is continuing and you have no evidence for your words, so go out so I can get to work. Pars says that this case is related to my case and I will talk to the Attorney General to hand over his responsibility to me.

After the two leave, Yekta comes to Darya's room and asks him to clarify Ilgaz's assignment as soon as possible. Darya, who has known Ilgaz for a long time, introduces him as an employee and a good person and says that the case is going through its legal process. Yekta, who is upset with the cold behavior of the sea, decides to do something himself.

Eren and Mateen go to the laboratory to arrest Niazi's assistant. When Niazi's assistant realizes that he is going to be arrested, he cries and begs not to take him because he has not done anything. They take Niazi's assistant to their room and Niazi is happy that his plan went well.

Yekta has gathered all the lawyers in his office. He says that the biggest achievement of Ilgaz and Jilin is the presence of a third person at the crime scene, and we also say that they put these documents there themselves by staging the scene. Ilgaz is known for his honesty and no one believes that he fabricated evidence, so we must do something to prove this issue. Anyone who cannot do anything about this will be fired from my team and must come to me with a letter of resignation.

Eren and Mateen are interrogating Niazi's assistant and he keeps crying. Mateen says that they did not bring him here on their own and they took the ETC test and found out that he was the only one who went to Yekta's office. Niazi's assistant claims that he doesn't even know Yekta Company and doesn't know how anything is possible. Then he says that on the date he allegedly went to Yekta's office, he left his phone in the laboratory and came to pick it up an hour later, and says Niazi was in the laboratory and saw this incident. Niazi's assistant is taken to the detention center.

In the Pars room, we see the Attorney General. He says that Darya wanted the complaint file of Yekta from Ilgaz to be given to Pars, but that he should be in the process and work together. Pars says that he is not used to working with someone else. The Attorney General says that he has to and must fix his moral problems.

Eren calls Niazi to the door of his room and asks about leaving his assistant's phone on that particular date, Niazi says that he was busy at work and heard something from him about the phone, but he didn't understand it. Jilin is in Eren's room and sees Niazi's torn jacket from behind the glass. Jilin tells Ilgaz that Niazi's assistant has a football player brother who is very rich, so he doesn't need money, but Niazi is clear that he doesn't have money and needs money, and he could have changed the result himself. He also has long hair. Ilgaz rejects his words and says what does the killer who shot Engin have to do with the test result being changed? You mixed everything up.



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