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Ghezavat Serial Part 65

Farsi dubbing judgment series episode 65: What should we know before?

To start the mission of transporting materials, Parla enters a bag shop and by saying the password, takes the bag from the salesman and leaves. Outside the plantain shop, Parla watches from afar. He sees a suspicious man chasing Parla with a wireless. He calls Sardar and angrily says that Parla is being chased by the police and it is Sardar's fault for putting him in this trouble. Sardar opens the plane from his head and says that Parla knows his job.

Jilin, who is angry again, goes to Yekta's office and angrily says what do you want from me and Ilgaz and starts protesting about the pressure of the media and the destruction of documents by Yekta. Yekta, who is very cold-hearted, makes Jilin more angry with her grins. Finally, with a smile, he says, "You killed my son, and you must pay for it and return to prison." Jilin says that he did not kill Engin. Seda and Jund try to calm him down but they don't succeed and they call the police on Yekta's order.

Parla goes to the dress shop. In Peru's room, he takes out three packages of materials from the bag and puts them in another bag and leaves. Continuing with Marwa, she goes in and takes the bag from Peru's room. The agents trap Parla and search him but find nothing. Parla is scared. When the policemen leave, Chanar comes to him and hugs him. Chenar says you shouldn't participate in these things anymore, but Parla says she likes the excitement and wants to continue.

Ilgaz arrives to free Jilin from detention. Jilin apologizes to Ilgaz and Ilgaz says that he should be more careful because this matter has been added to his case and their work has become more difficult.

Marwa goes to the coffee shop and gives the packages to Tuche. Tuche also hides the materials in the closet of Eren's house.

Niazi goes to Eren and Mateen's room and tells them that he is suspicious of his assistant's behavior. They say that there is no point in doubting and one should focus and accurately accuse someone.

Ilgaz and Jilin have gone to the workplace of a girl named Arzu, who they say is Saleh's girlfriend, the real father of the queen. Arzoo says that their intention with Saleh was serious and that he was supposed to get a divorce and get married, but Saleh could not get a divorce. Jilin asks the reason and Arzoo says that Ipak had a child with Saleh and by bringing up this issue, he dissuaded her from divorce. Ilgaz and Jilin tell Arzu to come to the court as a witness.

In Pars's room, we see Lachin, Yekta and Seda gathered there to present Lachin's statement. Pars accuses him of helping Engin's escape and murder, and Lachin refuses. Pars says that he should tell the time of the murder so that the accusation is removed from him. After a little silence, Lachin says to Seda, "I don't have the right to remain silent?" Seda says why can you keep silent. Pars says this silence makes us doubt you more. Lachin leaves the room.


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