A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 98

Pit 59-3

Saadat goes to Damla's room and searches everywhere to find out what she is doing. When Damla enters the room, she is surprised at his work. Saadat hatefully says: "I doubt you!" My best friend is missing and don't think that you can take me for a fool by holding your hand with a gun! And he goes.

Everyone is trying to find Sena. Wartlow also calls one of his old friends named Wally. But he goes to the coffee house and after hearing the whole story, he calls his boss and asks him to find Mahsoun for him.

Sadat angrily goes to see Uloch and complains about the way he was treated. Oluch tells him: "We just wanted to find an excuse so that you can put your face on the little things. » The next day, the precious stones of the Kochvalis arrive at the warehouse of Chief Uloch. The boss informs Damela about this and says that they should continue their work no matter what. Damla informs Yamach about tracking Sena's phone. And Yamach hopefully follow it with Salim. In this situation, Sadat enters the coffee shop and declares enmity in front of Idris and says that he cannot ignore the disrespect of the little ones. He puts a small box in front of Idris with a few pieces of precious stones in it. Jumali and Wartelo, seeing the stones, ask Damla suspiciously, who revealed the location of the warehouses?! Damla says he doesn't know and they go to the warehouse with Jumali and find out that the warehouse guards are dead and there are no stones left there.

Ramzi takes Maleeha to the Baikal car show and confronts them. Baikal puts the old photo he took of the man with the black ring in front of Maleeha and tries to make her understand something. Maleeha stares at the picture with concern.

It is night and Mahsoun's sad voice reaches Sena and drags him to the balcony. Mahsoun stares at him with great sadness and tearfully tells the story of killing his father, and when he sees Sena's shocked eyes, he explains: "I also wanted to rely on a hope... to dream and I want to have a family, but now I have nothing to lose except you. In the morning, Mahsoun leaves Sena alone and goes to the place where he made an appointment with the man with the black ring to get money and locks the door behind him. During this time, Sena is trying to escape from there.

Salim and Yamach find Sena's phone in the middle of a road near Shile. Yamach immediately calls Yojel and asks him where the black lambs are near Shile. He also gives the address of Mahsoun's hiding place. Selim and Yamach quickly reach the hideout and enter there, but there is no news of Sena... a little while ago, the man with the black ring went to the same hut and put the gun on Sena's head. He was staring at her crying...


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