A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 93

Pit 58-3

After the conflicts in the street and the neighborhood, the boys anxiously go home to take care of their family, but all of them except Jumali arrive home at the same time and see that there is no news of their wife and child. Everyone anxiously tries to contact Jumali, but there is no news of him. A little while ago, when Jomali was talking to Damla, Damla noticed the attack of black lambs from the window of the house. The two of them destroy the lambs with the help of each other and shoulder to shoulder, and in the meantime, Oloch, who had already heard about the attack of the lambs and was worried about his daughter, comes to their aid, and the little ones and his daughter He takes them to his warehouse so that they are safe. Jumali finally calls Yamach himself and relieves them of their worries.

Idris and Amo reach the neighborhood. Mecca worriedly tells them that his sons are trapped in the house and Chettu and the lambs have also attacked them. Idris entrusts Mecca and his uncle to gather the people of the neighborhood to come to his aid, and then he goes alone to save his sons' lives. Chetu arrives in front of the house and first asks Yamach to come out with a nice language, then when he doesn't hear a sound from them, he and his men shoot the house under a barrage of bullets. Just then, Idris arrives and confronts them alone. But the number of lambs is too many and Idris takes refuge behind a wall and even his bullets run out. But then he dares himself and takes a step forward for the sake of his sons, when the people of the neighborhood come to his aid with guns, bombs, and clubs, and the boys also come out of the house and shoot at the lambs from behind. Cheto runs away when he sees that the situation is out of control, and Yamach and Wartlo follow him.

Jumali and Damla put the family members in the car to take them to a safer place. At the same time, the lambs attack them. Alicho sees this scene from the rooftop and gets worried. Jomali and Damla destroy the lambs as much as they can with the help of each other, but when Alicho sees the sniper aiming at Jomali, he takes action himself and shoots and destroys the rest of the lambs. . Jomali notices him from a distance and nods to him and then rushes towards the neighborhood. He sees Chattu on the way and shoots him. Cheto runs away quickly. Jumali shoots him in the leg which makes Chettu limp. Wartelo and Yamach then reach Jomali and Jomali shows them the path Cheto escaped. Yamach runs towards Chetu who is limping with carelessness and steps of women and shoots at him until he runs out of bullets. Chetu, who is wounded, falls on the ground. Yamach goes to him empty-handed, but at the same time Mahsun arrives and points a gun at Yamach. Chettu is happy to see him and mumbles, “Shoot Mahson… shoot. Wartlow and Jumali also arrive and point towards Mahson. Mahson takes out another gun from his pocket and shoots Cheto. Chettu and the others stare at him in disbelief and Chettu falls to the ground. Mahson says: "Because of you today, everything will end here, Cheto!" And he shoots another shot towards his heart. While Mahson was sitting in the forest upset, the man with the black ring gave him the gun and told him that he can start a new life... Mahson also points the gun at Yamach but then says: "Go and pray." I promised! And he gets into his car and says with a smile: "There is nothing to worry about anymore." At the same time, Sena, who was hiding under the chair, comes out and stares out with concern... a little while ago; When the lambs attacked the warehouse, Mahson had also gone there and when he saw Sena, he pulled him back and said that everything will end here and he took out his grenade to raze the place to the ground with them. Sena angrily asked him not to do this and take him with him instead. Mahson accepted happily and asked God...


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