A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 9

Pit 11

Yamach goes home for dinner. Everyone is eating in complete silence at the dinner table when suddenly Sena says something about the salt pan. Sultan looks left and left, and Yamach, who is laughing, in order to change the atmosphere, starts talking and asks his nephew, Ajar, for the multiplication table. Ajar answers very well and even solves two-digit Serbians in two digits mentally. Yamach is surprised and after a little conversation, he realizes that Ajar is bored in school because of his intelligence. Before going to sleep, Yamach goes to his mother and asks her in a calm and kind tone not to misbehave with Sena. To justify his behavior, Sultan says: "He is not like us. He does not know how to behave, nor how to dress. He does not know when to speak at the table and when to remain silent. Yamach reminds that Sultan was an orphan when he married Idris and his mother-in-law was against their union. He kisses his mother's hand and once again begs her not to misbehave with Sena.

The next morning, Sultan sets the breakfast table himself and after Yamach leaves, he invites Sena to sit at the table. He talks about the order and customs of their pit and house, and after a whole Chinese introduction, he finally asks the senate not to disturb their order.

Yamach, Amy, Pasha and Salim eat their breakfast in the workshop and at the same time they talk to each other and talk about the money they have managed to collect to fill the coffers. Amy talks about the next possible project and says that there is a famous singer named Okan, whose father was an old resident of Gudal, and they want people who will inform Amy if they cannot get their money, so that they can represent them. take action, get the money back and take a percentage for themselves. "It's a shame," says Yamach when he realizes that Okan has become very rich. I wish I could sing pop instead of rock. Pasha looks at Salim, who seems confused, and because Salim has a beautiful voice, he says: "No, but Salim could sing pop." Salim's nerves are messed up, and this word hits him for no reason. Salim suddenly goes into a frenzy, yells at everyone and leaves feeling insulted, much to the surprise of the others. He goes to Vartolo and asks why he accepted Yamach's offer to come to the valley. Vartolo recounts a memory and says that one day he became an enemy of a person who was a chess grandmaster and trapped him, and even though he did not know chess, he eventually defeated the chess player and killed him. In response to Salim's question, Vartolo says: "We came to the valley when we couldn't stay in the pit and lay our heads on the pillow." Let me settle in the valley first so that you can understand why I accepted the valley. Salim says: "Whatever you do, hurry up." We don't have much time. Things are not as you think. The boss has promised that he will not let you produce and even if you produce, you will not be able to sell. " Vartolo is not happy to hear this news and when Salim wants to leave, he calls him and in response to the news he heard, he says: "I told you I played chess. Who else is he?! »

Yamach goes to Alicho to find out exactly how the hero was killed. When he hears the details of the scene that Alicho saw, his eyes fill with tears, and considering that Alicho said that the killers were in ambush for some time before the hero came, he is sure that someone has informed in the middle. On the way back home, Yamach asks Salim to gather all the people and their belongings in the yard. When he gets home, while looking at their people from the bedroom window, he says to Salim, who asks the reason for this, "I have to look in their eyes." We temporarily reconciled with Vartolo because he knows everything about us. Salim says that he has worked with these people for years and it is not possible for any of them to spy, but Yamach explains his reasons: "In the matter of Dadash Kahraman, someone has informed them to get access to Hamdi. Of course... Dad's bodyguards retreated from the hospital. When Pasha went to Vartolo's house, they wrote a note to him that whoever goes hunting will be hunted. It means that he is so confident in himself. For a moment, Salim imagines in his mind that Yamach has understood everything and asks him if it was worth it to kill his brother for money? He pushes these thoughts out of his mind and turns to Yamach saying that maybe all these events were a coincidence. But Yamach does not agree and says: "I tested." On the day when the police attacked, they were behind the canvas of the demonstrators. I did not tell anyone this. In fact, I understood everything then. Salim grins and says, "Wow! Bravo! Does that mean I am one of those who have doubts?! Yamach says: "Brother, if it's you, why do I tell you all this?" Whoever this informant is, we cannot harm Vartolo until we find him. In this case, I trust you the most... I wish it was Dad. He knew what to do. »

Idris's eyes open suddenly and he regains consciousness....


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