A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 89

Pit 57-2

When Mahsoun walks in Gudal neighborhood, he notices that an old man is following him. Mahson beats the old man and puts him in a ruin and interrogates him. The old man claims to be Mahsoun's father and explains how one of their relatives stole his son's mind when he was a child and they have been looking for their son for years. Mahsoun doesn't believe it, but when the old man correctly talks about the eclipse mark on the back of Mahsoun's body, Mahsoun's anger slowly bursts and he leans against the ruined wall in shock and sadness. The old man says that his wife has been waiting to see their son for years. And he invites Mahsoun to come home and quickly call his mother.

Wortlow, who is tormented and sad to sit in the role of the hero and still cannot fully accept himself as a small person, decides to start his own business. With the help of Madd and Jalason, he takes over the bars that used to belong to the Black Lambs.

Idris raises an issue in the coffee house in the presence of his sons and Damla. He wants to smuggle precious stones from Syria and it is agreed that Damla will take charge of importing the goods with his ships. Jumali, who is unhappy about working with Damla, constantly jumps in the middle of his words and tries to make Damla look inexperienced and incompetent.

When Vartlo sees Cheto in the neighborhood, he teases him because of his relationship with Mahson. This makes Chatto angry. He turns his path towards the coffee house and explains some truths to Idris and his sons. Cheto talks about Yildiz's relationship with Mahson and makes Jumali nervous. He also thanks Jalason for his efforts to cooperate in killing Jumali. Then he turns his head towards Wartlow and says: "I really thank you for all the sex you used to make for us. The card was very good. Wartlow is embarrassed in front of Idris. After Cheto leaves, he goes to Idris to explain the story. But Idris treats Wartlow coldly and tells him: "If you knew me, Dad, you would have told me everything yourself. I would not leave you and Saadat in their hands. And I would do anything to save you. You don't know how to be a child! What else should I do? I called you my son, but you did not consider me your father.

Chatto sees Yojel in one of the houses in the neighborhood and orders his men to arrest him. But Yujel, who has already thought about it and made a hiding place for himself, hides.

Wartlow, sad and upset by what he heard from Idris, sits in one of his bars and thinks for hours. One of his old acquaintances comes there at his invitation, and Wartlow says to that man: "I have something for you." There is a grave that needs to be dug up to see if there is anyone in it. »


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