A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 88

Pit 57-1

On the wedding night, after the Kochuvalis return home, Jumali says to Damla as soon as he reaches the room: "I have already told you until we came here, then this will not happen again." Don't expect anything. "Damla, who doesn't expect anything, smiles. Jumali goes to Yildiz's house that night, sad and confused, and stays there the night.

Chief Oloch gets into the car of the man with the black ring. The man congratulates Uloch for infiltrating the house of the little ones.

Kamal informs Yamach that all the equipment and property of Baikal is on the way, and therefore maybe he is still alive. He, Yamach and Mateen go to the Baikal Classic Car Show to refresh their heads and phones. Despite the fact that they have been shot in the exhibition before, all the cars are safe. No one is there, and only a secret guard informs the Man of the Black Ring of Yamach's arrival. On the other hand, Salim, Makkah and Jalason go to the wharf full of Baikal boats. Wartlow, who went there before them, says not to wander around because there is nothing to eat. Suddenly, unknown people start shooting at them both in the exhibition and on the pier, and at the end of this conflict, the people of the pit kill all the attackers. Wartlow suggests that to find out whether Baikal is behind this or not, it is better to dig up his grave.

After rescuing Chetu, Mahsun takes her home and promises to return to her. When Mahsoon leaves the house, Chetu asks Oni to secretly follow him. Ramzi brings him a message from Chief Chatu and says: "Saying that they don't support you anymore. Your agreement is over. Chetu gets greedy after hearing this news and orders Ramsay to gather all the black sheep.

In the coffee house, Yamach shows the others a gun with Baikal's name engraved on it, which came from the exhibition, and in everyone's opinion, the probability that Baikal is alive increases a little.

Mahson calls Sena and asks him to meet. Not wanting to miss this opportunity, Sena stubbornly convinces Salim to help him see Mahsoun and try to separate him from Chetu.

Chatto attacks his boss's house with the black sheep, but the boss is not there and they are attacked by the boss's snipers. When the black lambs are lost one by one and their number becomes less, Chetu runs away.

On Salim's advice, Sena takes his number and leaves his phone on and goes to visit Mahsoun at his own house. Salim also waits in the stairwell so as not to threaten the senate. Mahson tells Sena that Koch plans to go to Cheto because he has no one else and Cheto is considered his brother. Sena listens to his pain and heart and tells him that going back to Chetu is not a good idea. After Salim and Sena leave the apartment, Yamach catches their wrists while doing secret work. He goes to Alicho's house with Salim and Sena and asks them for an explanation. When Yamach realizes that their purpose was to talk under Mahsoun's tongue, he blames both of them and angrily says to the Senate: "Isn't Mahsoun the leader of the black sheep who is psychotic and murderous?! Don't you know how dangerous this can be? Sena raises his voice and says in response: "When you get shot and go to the hospital because of others, it's good, but when we do something small for you, it becomes dangerous." Shouldn't we worry about you?! Yamach is affected by Sena's words.


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