A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 87

Pit 56-3

Jumali sits in front of Idris and Idris tells him: "I talked to Chief Oloch and proposed Damlaro to you." If we don't start working, you don't plan to start a family yourself! Then he gets up and leaves. Jomali remains stunned and a little nervous, but does not say anything.

Sultan gathers around the table, but Jumali has already left the house. Sultan tells everyone with a smile that Jumali is going to get married. Yamach, who knew, is happy, but when Sultan mentions Damla's name, Yamach is surprised.

Chatto goes to see Mahsoun where he found him and sits next to him and says angrily: "We were not like other children. Everything we learned, we learned by ourselves. We were our own parents... no one knows that. I had 9 brothers Mahsun. I was the eldest, who was ten or eleven years old. That shameless father did nothing but make children. We didn't have anything..." Then he started crying and said: "He took me and sold me to some men. They call me a dancer. They said, don't sing like a girl, dance like a boy! That scoundrel crushed my manhood with a stone so that I wouldn't grow up, Saddam wouldn't grow fat, my beard wouldn't grow... After I ran away from them, I came here so they wouldn't find me. But later I realized that being alive is not enough... When the time comes, you have to kill many people, otherwise many people want to crush you... Do you think they won't try to crush me? I also became chato. I did well, I became like this! Then I found you... You were looking at me in a way, I said that I will be his father and mother, and this will be my Mahsoun... I said that this Mahsoun should be my husband who was destroyed by a stone... He should complete my defect..." Mahsoun stopped talking. What he heard is a bit unsettling and Cheto continues: "I lied to you." you are right. Black lambs are our brothers. For me, it's like all the wealth and wealth of the world is on one side, my family is on the other side. Do you know why I don't have a family? I killed them all one by one... First of all, I killed my father... I now have a whole family, my name is Mahsoun..." Then he looks at Mahsoun with a smile and gives him a stone and leaves. . Mahsoun cries after he leaves.

Jumali had sent Makkah to Chetu city for research to find out about him and his family. She also understands the fact that her family sold her to dance for men and explains to Wartelo and Jumali. Jumali decides to go and start dancing again in front of her house. When Wartlow explains this to Salim and Yamach, Yamach disagrees and says: "If this is true, the party will be crazy." We will do this for the next few times. It is very cowardly. Wartlow says: "I know you mean not to be like our enemies, but there is a problem that this guy falls to the ground when we do that." This thug shot our wife and children and made everyone cry. I don't know if this is rude or not when this guy is discussed. Jomali also arrives and Yamach asks him not to do this and Jomali says: "No one should interfere in my work!" And they go with Wartlow and start dancing in front of Cheto's house with a large crowd. Chatto takes his knife and goes down angrily. Jumali tells him: "Chetu's wedding." I said that I will sacrifice a cow and a sheep. I said, the animal is guilty, let's come and get something else and then let's start the circumcision festival! We passed by here and said that if any of you is not circumcised, let's take him! I heard, cut yours! But cutting too much, isn't it? Chato people are surprised and stare at each other. Chettu gets nervous again and says under his breath mom.. and he gets sick and his people take him back inside the house. Ramzi calls Mahsoun and says that he is sick and to come to him. Mahson hangs up the phone. Salim and Yamach look at the crowd from a distance and Salim says: "After all, this is not going to be good at all..."

Alicho goes to see Yamach and tells him everything he saw. Yamach's brain whistles and stares at Salim.

Chetu gets better in the morning and Ramzi informs him that the Kochwalis have a wedding night. Chettu gets happy and asks her to know the wedding venue. Avni says to him: "Then what is your agreement?" And Cheto says: "The agreement is over!" »

The wedding night has started and Jumali and Damla, after getting married, all get up and dance together. Chettu and his men approach the hall fully armed and enter it and start shooting, but then Chettu realizes that all the people inside the hall are plastic mannequins. Yamach tells them through a big monitor: "Have you come? Welcome to our wedding! You have bad manners to attack weddings. One cannot be bitten twice by the same rider. Someone closes the door of the hall where Chettu and his people are from behind and locks them all there. Cheto gets angry and starts shooting at the monitor through which Yamach is speaking. On the other hand, he leaves the children of the gas pit there, where Chetu and his people faint. But Mahson arrives with Ramzi and opens the door and saves them all.

Everyone goes back to their homes and Jumali tells Damla in the room: "Look, I didn't want it to happen like this. That's why I say that we have come this far, but not from here on! Then he leaves the house and sits at Yildiz's house until morning. Yildiz sees him and cries and opens the door for him.

Kamal, who, at Yamach's request, investigates the boat Cheto was in and finds out that those boats all belong to Baikal. Yamach sits down and thinks.

After the wedding, Uloch goes to see someone who has the same black ring in his hand! The person says to him: "Congratulations." The pit is easy, you entered their blood. Oluch smiles at him.


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