A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 86

Pit 56-2

Jomali and Yamach are at home and Jomali tells him: "Do whatever you want tonight!" Yamach, who is surprised, asks: "What happened tonight, bro?" Why don't you get stuck with me anymore! Jomali says: "The main question is what will happen from tonight?" And he smiles and continues: "Little Jomali is going to get married." You have my uncle's wife... Yildize. Yamach first fits and then gets up and starts dancing happily and then hugs Jumali. Sultan hears all their words and goes to Yildiz's house and says: "Every person wants the best for his child. But sometimes what you want does not match what your child wants. You say it's okay, let him be happy. But sometimes you see your child's future better than himself. He says he will be happy, but he won't be and you know it too. At that time, you want someone to see the facts like you and warn your child. open his eyes I know it's hard to sacrifice, but we all have to sacrifice in time. Then he takes Yıldız's hand, who has been staring at him with tears in his eyes the whole time, and says: "I know you will sacrifice yourself!" I feel at ease. To do the right thing, not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of all of us, my daughter. And he gets up and leaves.

Karaja calls Jalason to have a little talk with him. He asks Jalason with a confused look: "What is your problem?" Even you don't look at Akshin! what do you mean Why are you making the poor girl sad? Don't you step on someone else's feet? Jalason smirks and then angrily says: "Do you understand what you are saying?! Karaja says: "What else can I think?" The poor girl does not know what to do to be seen as beautiful in your opinion! Look, Akshin has gone through a lot of hard times... Don't you too because of his face wound..." Jalason interrupts him and says: "Never say such a thing, Karaja! Understand what you are saying! I don't see the scar on his face at all. Karaja asks what is the reason for his behavior, and Jalason says: "I also had a hard day... where is my father?" where are my brothers My mother is the only one left and she wanders by herself like a ghost. I understand... He looks at me as if he wants to say that all these troubles happened to us because of you. Do you think I didn't do everything in my power to make Akshin better? I played every game he wanted just to get access to him... but he didn't hear me, he didn't see me. He is fine now, but I can't say that everything is fine and we are fine. Because I don't have time to start a new game. Do you think I don't like him? I want to give my life, but not because she is the woman I love. Because he is a child who needs my protection. This. Do not expect more from me. For months, I took care of the woman I married like a child, now don't ask me to see her as my wife. Karaja, whose eyes are filled with his words, puts his hand on his shoulder and says: "Forgive me, Jalason." I did not see you I said he can handle it..." Then he caresses her face. Jalason puts his hand on his shoulders and says: "I'm sorry." It was me who didn't see you... You were always right. And he remembers his wedding night when Karaja told him: Go get married and then come back to me. Because Akshin always remains a child, but I am the one who is a woman! Then he holds Karaja's hands a little and leaves. Akshin heard all their words from behind the wall and silently cries...

Damla goes to her father and tells him: "I thought a lot last night... now that you want it like that... ok. But the formality! Oluch is happy and tells him that he made the best decision.

Salim takes Sena to his apartment to see Mahsoun and watch over him from a distance. Mahsoun puts him in the car and takes him to the place where he first saw Chetu and says: "He told me your name is Mahsoun, which means warrior. Mahsoun says that he doesn't remember anything from his past, and from time to time he hears his mother's voice in his dreams, calling him Fekhret. He continues: "Cheto kept me alive.. Then I think to myself how stupid you are, Mahsoun, but then I say that everyone else would have believed Cheto... I have not doubted him even once. My heart hurts... I feel like I've lost everyone. Because he is the one I used to call my father's mother... he was my friend... he was my brother. I have never felt so alone in my life. Then he gets up and turns his back to the senate and cries.

Alicho keys the suitcase lock for the umpteenth time and when he opens it, he finds it full of money. But he is satisfied and closes the suitcase and puts it aside. At the same time, Yamach comes to see him and says: "Alichu, I saw something last night that I am obsessed with." I saw you near the senate house and I don't know what to do. Can you make me feel at ease there? Alicho accepts.

Jumali happily goes to Yildiz to get the answer, but Yildiz tells him seriously: "It's not possible!" My way is characteristic. "Jumali gets angry and Yildiz says: "You get angry if something is not to your liking! You are charging me right now. I was like this ten years ago... I can't get married. And he leaves and begins to cry silently in solitude. Jumali enters the pub with tears in his eyes and gets drunk alone.

At night, when Mahsoun brings Sena to his door. Alicho sees them. Then he sees that Sena got into Salim's car.

In the morning, Jumali enters the house very excited and Idris, who has been waiting for him all night, opens the door for him and asks him to come to him so they can talk.


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