A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 85

Pit 56-1

Idris, Uncle and Oluch are sitting around a table and Idris starts talking and says: "I had two branches. One of them is sitting in front of me. I lost one too... When you get hit and fall, do you have someone to hold your hand and lift you up? When I said that we should marry the children, I meant that we should rely on each other. Let's move side by side. Let's unite together. Oluch says: "You are right, Idris, but I alone cannot decide on this matter." Damla says the last word. Then they return home and Oloch calls Damla to talk to her about this. "We lost everything," he says. every thing is all right! Just like we made a date with each other..." Then he tells him Idris's words and says: "I didn't think it would happen like this. Asking you for Jumali. Do you think that marriage is a formality? Just a signature. "Damla is completely against and Oloch says: "You are right. I put a lot of pressure on you. I shouldn't have asked you for this. I only asked this because I am worried and want you to be safe. forget it. »

Jumali is still waiting for his answer from Yildiz. Yıldız starts talking about the night he saw Jumali for the first time in the same bar. Then he says: "At that time, I didn't know you were a small Jomali." After telling me, I felt relieved! Jomali Kochvali is one of those places that we can't reach! And when Jumali asks what he means, Yıldız says: "It means that they don't give up on you." They won't take me for you, Prince! I know this from the moment I heard your name. But what kind of stupid heart do you have? Jomali jumps in the middle of his speech and says: "It's not like that!" I only have my family in the world. When my father fell, my son was 10 years old. I couldn't sleep at night because my mother used to cry every night. I stay awake because of it. I can't sleep right now. 4 hours a day with open eyes! If I ever have a child, I will never do something like this with my child... Look, there is a lot of blood under my fingernails. There is a lot of blood under the nails of others, but they also have children. I said to myself, this poor servant also has the right to be happy, Yildiz, right? Yildiz looks at him with eyes full of tears and Jomali says: "Let's go." Think about it. You don't have to answer immediately. And he leaves.

Akshin goes to Karaja and asks her to do her makeup. Karaja is surprised and asks him why. Akshin shyly says: "I want to be beautiful for Jalason..." Karaja looks at him sadly.

At home, Chetu is angrily talking to his old friend and says: "That Baikal did not fulfill any of the promises he made to me. Don't save my life anymore, don't save me, or anything else! But don't get in my way. His friend says: "Calm down Cheto." I told you not to mess with Baikal. Kamal keeps an eye on him from the opposite house, and then when Cheto leaves the house, he tells Yamach this news and follows him. Chatto enters a building and when he hears a sound, he sends three of his lambs to see what is going on. Kamal attacks them and single-handedly beats all three people and takes them out of his way. But Chetu is done with his work and leaves immediately. Yamach also chases Chetu. Cheto goes in front of the house where Mahsoun is and calls him and says: "Mahsoun, talk to me." I'm down, come to me? Please open the door and let's talk. You are a brother..." Mahsoun hangs up on him without saying a word. Yamach gets angry that Chettu went in front of the building where Sena's house is and chases Chettu again. On the other hand, Salim takes Sena to the storeroom of the house and says: "Are you still there for what you said to me?" to break apart. Mahson left. He is dead right now. One last hit and then it's over. No one knows where Mahsoun is, so call him. Sena agrees and immediately calls Mahsoun and says: "How are you?" I heard what happened. I was worried about you, I wanted to hear your voice. Mahsoun says: "Sena... can you come to me?" Sena asks: "Where are you?" And Mahsoun answers: "Your house." I know you can't come at this time of night. But maybe you can tomorrow morning... I don't want to go alone. I will take you to where it all started. Salim asks Sena not to go to him, but Sena agrees.

Chatto goes near the sea and signals someone with a flashlight. A little later, someone follows him in a boat and takes him to a ship to visit Baikal and waits for him until morning. Then he turns angrily to the room where he thinks Yabkal is and says: "I lost everything." You told me to wait, I waited. But these little things bother me a lot. I can lose everything and everyone, but I won't lose Mahsun! They are taking money from me. Either show me a way or get out of my way! Baikal's guard takes the phone that Baikal was on the line from the bed, and Chato angrily holds a knife to his throat and says: "Did you make fun of me?" Then he gets out of there and leaves. Yamach waited for him until morning, but nothing was caught.


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