A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 84

Pit 55-3

Sultan goes to Ayesha's hairdressing salon and asks her to touch her head. Then he says: "I don't care if you got divorced or what, but I know you as my daughter." Just as the family has responsibilities towards its children, the girl must fulfill her responsibilities in the family. Just as my children are with me, you should be with me. Ayesha smiles at him and accepts.

Yamach rents trucks from Uloch again. The lambs, who monitor Yamach's every move from a distance, inform Mahsun of the trucks' movements. Mahson and his men stop one of the trucks and let the driver off. The driver gives him a note that says: I didn't feel like sending you the trailer empty. Your gift is that stack! Mahson gets angry and checks the back of the truck and comes across large posters of his brothers' bodies whose organs are for sale. Mahsoun is shocked to see the photos. When he gets into Chetu's car, he tries hard to hide his anger, but he can't. Cheto doesn't pay much attention to his condition and suggests that they kill both Oluch and Shenul who didn't cooperate with them.

The lambs first attack Uloch's truck garage where Salim, Mateen and Kamal are. But apparently their number is small and they are quickly controlled. Then they attack Shenul's shop, where Yamach is in front of him, and they get rid of the lambs with their help. Then they attack Oluch's restaurant where Idris and Uncle are there at the same time, but Idris, Uncle and Oluch carelessly take out their weapons as they already know and go to war with them and immediately destroy them. They take. On the other hand, Damla, who had returned to their company for work, sends Idris Jumali to protect her. Just then, the lambs attack the company, and Damla and Jomali prepare to confront them. A lamb points a gun at Jumali from behind, Damela kills him first. Jomali stares at Damla, but soon after, both the ships inside the shipping company explode and the trucks inside the garage. Then, as soon as Idris, Uncle and Oluch leave the restaurant, the lambs set fire to it.

When Yamach reaches home, Sena asks him to pay for Akshin's facial surgery so that Akshin will be happy. Yamach is happy that Sena is thinking of everyone and promises to arrange the money for the operation.

Wartlow asks Jellason for help in order to stop working alone, and he agrees to accompany Wartlow on this journey. Then he gathers the previous people of Wartlo, Farhad and his friends and brings them to him. Wartlow is happy to see them.

Oluch is heartbroken with Idris and says that he has lost everything but he is only worried about his daughter so that nothing happens to her. Idris says: "Brother, I was ashamed to open the discussion, but what do you think if we take your daughter for Jomali?" Will your daughter be the daughter of our house? Oluch stares at Idris.

On the other hand, Jumali goes to the cabaret at night and asks Yildiz: "If I don't have money, will you come and sit at the table with me?" And when Yildiz says: "You are not a customer." where shall we go? Jomali answers: "Let's go home." Me, you, guys! Marry me..." Yildiz stares at him with tears in his eyes.

Someone calls Chetu and asks him for an organ. Chatto goes to see the doctor, but sees the doctor wounded and bloody. Behind him, Mahsun arrives and stares at Chetu and says: "God damn you, Chetu!" Cheto stares at him dumbfounded and then starts following him to clear his mind of these things, but Mahsoun doesn't pay attention to him. At the same time, Kamal, who is watching them, informs the others and they go to the top of the coffee house with eggs and watch them. Mahsoun angrily and tearfully tells Chatto: "I have never believed anyone else's words in my life, Chatto. Ersavi said before his death, I went to the doctor and asked, Yamach gave me the documents, but I still believed your words. I was saying that Cheto does not do this. Today, when I was beating the doctor, I said to myself, please God, tell me it's a lie! But he confessed everything. I didn't believe him again, I told him to call and make an appointment with him... I said he won't sell us! You came, I saw... you can't lie to me anymore. I want to be able to believe you more than you now. How could you do this to us? I'm not chatting anymore. You thank God now that I'm not going to pull out a hair gun and shoot an arrow in your brain..." Chetu stares at him with eyes wet with tears, and at that moment Kamal gets up and claps for them. Cheto and Mahson look at them and Mahson leaves. But Chetu stares at them with hatred.


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