A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 82

Pit 55-1

Madd puts the gun on Chetu's head and says: "If you want to read your Ashhad, now is the time!" But the black ring sniper shoots Madd and Chato also runs away. Wartlow and Yamach, hearing the sound of gunshots, go to Madd and immediately take him to the hospital.

Mahson carefully reads and examines the documents that Yamach gave him and gets nervous, but when Cheto enters the room, he pretends that nothing happened. Chetu is very angry and Mahsun asks him: "What happened?" You took an army with you! Chetu says: "Tell me that one person survived from that army!" Mahsun gets angry and questions Chetu and says: "You came back from the dead, we sacrificed an army of our brothers, for what Chetu?" Look at our situation. But Chatto keeps saying that he wants his revenge from Wartlow no matter what. At the same time, he received a message from his old friend who wrote: I saved your life tonight, but next time I won't do anything for you. Either withdraw or forget our agreement. Chatto sees this and decides to stop his revenge for now.

Madd's condition is critical. To calm his anger, Wartlow sets fire to the previous lab of the lambs. This news reaches Chetu and Mahsoun and they immediately take themselves to the laboratory. Mahson throws himself into the heart of the fire to save the lambs inside. At the same time, Wartlow shouts from behind: "Save your brother!" If something happens to my brother, I will come and set him on fire with my own hands! Chetu gets more angry, but he is worried about Mahsun and keeps calling him.

Wartlow's condition is bad and he is constantly thinking about help. Idris goes to see him and takes him for a walk to make him feel better. Idris tells him not to blame himself for this. But Wartlow says, "Madd is hurting because of me." Because he does whatever I say blindly and I can't protect him. A little later he says: "I am happy to be with you." But lie, why do I miss Saleh before? I'm coming to kill Saddam... I know he'll be fine now, but what's next? I have to make my own life. I grew up alone and always stood on my own. I have to be like this again. "Idris says: "You should not make drugs. I understand that it hurts me. Wartlow promises and kisses Idris' hand.

Yamach says to Salim and Jumali: "I think I know why he gathered so many people just to kill Saleh." That day, he gathered the children in front of them, singing and dancing, Chetu's mood became bad. Salim also remembered what Ayesha had said in her sleep, saying, "Don't dance like a girl, dance like a boy." Yamach says: "We have to investigate and hit him from his critical point. »

Chatto goes to Mahsoun and talks about the damages. Mahson says: "All of them can be replaced again. But think about our brothers who we lost. None of them have any other limp in the world. "Chetu hesitates a little and asks him: "This is the second time you say this, Mahson. Do you think I don't think about our brothers? Mahsoun gets up and stares at him and says: "I don't know what!" »

Yamach, Salim, and Jumali take Yujel to a cafe and ask him about Chetu's weakness. Yujel smiles and says: "He doesn't show any weakness. He prefers to die but not look weak. Later, when Salim asks if he dislikes a particular song, Yojel says: "He has such a moral." For example, we wanted to celebrate, Omara started dancing. His nerves are broken. They say that he will raise his feet for the doomsday dance. A little later, Salim brings Yojel home and asks him about Mahsoun and red apple. Yujel says: "I don't know about the case of Sib, but Cheto found Mahson under a boat."

Mahson goes to their doctor and gives him the list of lambs and asks: "How did you do this to these children?" Do you write down their details and then sell their body parts?! The doctor pretends not to understand and laughs and says that these files are to protect the health of the brothers and he even has the same copy of Mahson's documents and puts them in front of him. Mahson is convinced and leaves. The doctor immediately calls Cheto and tells him the news.

Madd regains consciousness and Wartlow is happy.


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