A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 8

Pit 10

Karaja and Akshin go to an abandoned place in the forest through a secret path they made for themselves to see Jalason. Karaja stands in a corner. Akshin kisses Jalason's face but is upset because Jalason has not heard from him for several days. Jalason is also upset that Akshin's family did not participate in his father's funeral and has a cold attitude. A little later, both of them ask how their mothers are. Meanwhile, Karaja looks at them with envy. Akshin and Karaja return home very soon and enter the warehouse through a small window so that no one suspects. Suddenly, the Sultan opens the door of the storeroom, and seeing the open window, he becomes suspicious and asks what they are doing there. Sena, who saw the girls while climbing up the window, reaches a storage room and says to Karaja and Akshin: "Did you find him?" Then he takes the container of pickles from the cupboard and starts eating right there and tells the Sultan that he had a craving for pickles. The sultan angrily sends the girls to their mothers and the matter goes well. Aisha is sitting in her room sad and crying. Karaja enters the room. And even though he went with Akshin and helped him, he talks to his mother behind his back and says: "His father just died, then see what he is doing." He asks why his mother is crying several times. Ayesha gets angry, pulls Karaja's hair and answers: "Don't interfere in what you don't know!" Karaja gets angry and says to Ayesha: "Shaitoune says run away from this house!" »

When going to the valley, Vartolo lowers the car window and looks at the streets as if they are very familiar to him. When he sees an abandoned blue house, he gets out of the car and asks an old man sitting nearby: "Uncle, this house is healthy, why isn't anyone living in it?" "The old man answers: "That house is a washroom. It is a crime. 30 years old, no one can sit in it. Vartolo looks at that house with eyes filled with tears and remembers a memory..... One day an eight-nine-year-old boy ran out of the house and his mother put on the boy's jacket and smiled at him. He had said: "Go now, my son.. safely..." The little boy had waved his hand to his mother before leaving.... After this memory passed in front of Vartolo's eyes, he wiped his tears. and gets into the car again.

Yamach wants Makkah to exchange the children of their neighborhood with the children of a coffee house in the valley without anyone knowing about the new plan he drew. He explains about his plan...

Pasha takes Vartolo to an old and dirty sewing workshop and gives it to Vartolo as one of the places he was promised. He throws the workshop key in front of Vartolo and says: "Take it!" Use happily and healthily! Vartolo, who didn't like the workshop, gets a little greedy and then tells Madd to inform the children as soon as possible so that they can start the shop.

Akshin thanks Sena for saving him from sultan's blames and not telling anyone his secret. Sena, who has learned the secret way of Akshin and Karaja, sneaks out of the house and takes a taxi to a cafe to see her friend. She tells the story of her marriage with Yamach to Derm, but says that she also has problems. Sena mentions Sultan as the biggest problem and says: "He silenced all the adulterers in the house." But I continue on my way. Either he accepts me like this or he accepts me like this! When it gets dark and Sena returns home, Jalason, who has seen his secret movements, chases him.

Yamach and Salim go separately to one of the bars that they support at the time they agreed. The owner of the bar, Yujel, respects Salim very much, but since Yamach was working there as a singer, he harshly asks Yamach to go out so that he can talk to Salim privately. Yamach sits there on the chair. Yujel gets angry and angrily steps towards Yamach. At the same time, one of the bodyguards stops him. Yujel, who did not know that Yamach is Salim's brother, apologizes for the misunderstanding and praises Yamach's voice and singing. Yamach, who came there to get money, says that they have not received money from the bars for three months. He explains: "We are not asking for ransom from you, Yojal." We did a service but we didn't get the money. Yujal excuses the problem of not having cash in the market and says, "Well... I'll go to the bank and get money right now." Have some tea and I will come back. »

The police team enters the valley neighborhood. As soon as some young boys see the police cars, they light lanterns on the roofs. A boy who is sitting in a coffee house, seeing the lights that can be seen from the roofs, quickly brings himself to Vartolo's kitchen, where almost all his things are arranged. He says to Yamach and Vartolo, who are both there: "Brother, come out." The police are coming. Vartolo, who is stuck, grabs his gun to prepare himself for possible clashes, but Yamach asks him to be calm. The people inside the shop turn it into a sewing workshop in a short period of time and hide Vartolo's shop items behind the walls. When the police force enters there, they encounter some workers and clothes piled up on top of each other. In the meantime, Yamach says to Vartolo: "I told you that no problem will happen to you." »

Pasha goes with Vartolo to the small and humble house they have planned for Vartolo. Vartolo, who is upset when he sees the house, says that this was not their plan. Pasha sits on the chair with a mischievous smile on his face and turns on the TV and says: "Didn't you like it?!" What was our date? Hey, you caught me wanting a house in the pit. Come on! This is the house! »

That night, Vartolo gathers his men at home to explain the new rules to them. He, who has just started the work and the rain, tells his people that for how long no one has the right to ask for salary. He also says that his people should behave respectfully in Gudal neighborhood and walk like newlyweds in the alleys and streets. No one dares to protest and everyone accepts Vartolo's words. But far from his eyes, a person whose account is empty of money and angry about not getting his salary looks at Vartolo greedily and says about him to his friend: "I will sit on his head!" Whatever he wants to be will be. I don't care. »


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