A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 79

Pit 54-1

After losing the weapons, Yamach goes to Yojel and beats him and then hangs him from a height to talk. "Guns jumping," Yamach tells him. Black sheep easily find all the weapons. How did this happen?! Yujel, who is scared, says: "Why should I be an informer for those who wanted to kill me?" If I wanted to work for them, why did I tell you the location of the battery? Yamach, who thinks Yujel's words are right, pulls him up. Yamach asks Yujel to talk and give him more information about the lambs. Yujel says: "They are not in the business of guns and such, but if they get such an opportunity, they will certainly use it. Then they will melt the weapons, but it will take time and they will keep them in the warehouse until then. Yamach asks him where the warehouse is, and Yujel says: "I know three warehouses." But I don't know in which one they keep them. We have to go look. Then he says: "You should ask me the right question." You ask me how I can put these two together! "Yamach says: "Chetu and Mahsun are not two people who can get along. a curse allies Yujel says: "But if Mahson knows what Chetu is hiding from him, he will not be able to bear it." Then he says: "Do you know what the main source of income is?" It is obtained through the sale of internal organs. I don't know about my soul. Mahsoun believes whatever Cheto says. Mahsoun's biggest weakness is believable. »

Mahson goes to Oluch with his men. Mahsoun tells him: "Since you have a daughter, you should take care of yourself!" Oluch is afraid of his threat. On the other hand, the black sheep attack the shipyard where Damla, Oloch's daughter, is in order to capture her if necessary. Mahson tells Oluch: "You should know who to work with and who not to work with!" Don't make a mistake again! Then they beat him and leave. Idris, Uncle and Jumali go to see him and find Oloch wounded on the ground. Oloch tells them to save Damla. Jomali goes to the factory and enters one of the rooms when Damla points a gun from behind. When Damla asks who is he? Jomali realizes that Damla is behind him and is relieved. But Damla talks to him arrogantly and makes Jomali nervous. Jomali takes her to her father and Oloch asks Idris to let Damla stay with them and in their house for a while so that she is safe.

When Mahsun returns home, he sees Cheto healthy and happy and is happy. Then he asks him: "Why did you become like this?" I did not understand. That bastard Vartlo..." Chatto interrupts him and says: "I have a very nice surprise for you about the bastard Wartlo! dies That problem is solved without. I removed the guy with the ring and went straight to Mr. Baikal! A little later, Ramzi comes there and agrees to help him.

Yamach gives the entire file to Alicho and asks him to find the medical file related to the lambs among them.

Chatto calls Wasil and tells him that he needs to gain Wartloo's trust and get close to him.

Sultan goes to the neighborhood kitchen and starts it with the help of neighborhood women. A little later, Mahsoun comes there. Mecca and his friends get angry and try to throw Mahsoun out, which Sultan says it's okay and pours a bowl of soup for Mahsoun and sits in front of him. Sultan tells him: "Tell your children to come whenever they are hungry." We do not spare our bread from anyone. There are many homeless children among them. Maybe we can't reach everyone, but if we protect them, maybe they won't be like you... Maybe if you had come earlier, you wouldn't be here like this. We would become your family. I would be your mother... who upset you so much? leave you Then he caressed his face and said: "How deep is your wound, son?" Mahsoun gets up and leaves, and at the same moment Wartlo arrives to kick him out. The two of them argue and Mahsoun threateningly tells him that he knows his new house! Wartlow, feeling threatened, rushes to his house. At the same time, Wisal goes to Wartlow's house with a gun in his hand, and Saadat opens the door for him.

Yamach, Metin, and Jalason go to two of the warehouses that Yojel said, and both are empty. Then they go to the third warehouse.


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