A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 78

Pit 53-3

At the request of Mahsun and to take their revenge, the lambs go one by one to the house of Gudal's bodyguards and beat them. This news reaches Jomali and Salim and they immediately go to the lambs. On the way, the youths of the neighborhood join them so that they don't eat too much and beat the lambs. When the lambs go to Mahsoun, Mahsoun notices everything from their condition and is afraid of the union of the pits and orders his men to gather tomorrow to avenge their work.

Cheto still hasn't regained consciousness and keeps having nightmares. He dreams that some old men are sitting around and asking someone to dance for them. When Mahsoun sees his condition, he goes to Ayesha to come, but Chetu's condition will improve. Aisha gets angry and says to him: "What do you want from my life? If you are sick, go to the doctor and tell me what! And he starts to leave, but Mahsoun gently says: "Ayesha Khanum, only half an hour." Come and see it for a moment. I do not understand the problem. I can't do anything. Ayesha feels sorry for the mother and goes with him. When Ayesha sees Cheto in such a vulnerable way, she remembers her discussion with Salim, who told her at the end: "You must do the best you can! Ayesha decides to leave, but she hears Chetu's voice begging and crying: "Don't go... Mom, don't go. Ayesha loves him and caresses him and sings him a lullaby. Chetu gradually calms down.

He takes Idris, Yamach and Salim with him to see Uloch to take them to Shenul. Shenul is a little crazy and happy! He likes Yamach and agrees to provide them with the weapons they need on the condition that they give him a lot of car batteries instead of money. Yujel suggests that they go to the papers to find what they need.

Salim and Yamach wear clothes like Alicho and follow the Namakis with him until they finally reach a paper. Papers protected by black lambs. They wait until it gets dark. When it gets dark, Wartlow and Madd join them. Wartlow steps forward to distract the lambs. A little later, when one of the lambs is going to kill Wartlo from behind, Jomali arrives and kills him sooner, and Wartlo smiles and thanks Jomali. They all finally reach the batteries and take as many as they need and go to Shenul. Shenul does not have a means of transportation to move the weapons, and Yamach calls Uloch to ask for his help. Oloch willingly agrees.

The lambs attack Barah on Mahsoun's orders to take over Barah again, but Jalasoun and Mecca along with their friends stop them and do not allow them to do so.

Someone calls Mahsoun and informs him about the trucks carrying weapons. Mahsoun also loots weapons to retaliate for the stolen batteries. Yamach gets very angry when he finds out.

Chatto wakes up and immediately calls his old friend and tells him to take him to see Baikal, he doesn't want to see him anymore and wants to be in direct contact with Baikal. Chetu prepares himself and then his friend who wears a black ring takes him in his car and takes him to the Baikal Classic Car Show. At the end of the exhibition, someone is sitting behind a table, and as soon as Chatto reaches him, he says: "First, I will only meet you after this." I don't want an intermediary. Second, I want the death of this Warteloro! »


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