A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 77

Pit 53-2

Idris orders the boys: "First heal people's wounds, then you will find the strength to stand against people who consider themselves strong." If your family is with you..." Then he entrusts Jomali and Salim to go to the cabarets and tells Yamach and Wartlo to go to the arms dealers to give them any help they need.

After Salim leaves, Ayesha angrily tears Chettu's note and throws her bouquet in the trash.

Yamach goes to the person that Jumali and Wartelo brought with them. The person whose name is Yojel starts talking and says: "First of all, I must say that there were two people who created the black lambs." Cheto and me! Yamach, who doesn't believe what he said, asks him to explain everything to him from the beginning. Yujel explains: "I was in an orphanage and then Cheto found me." We were very dependent on each other, that is, we even gave our lives for each other... little by little, Mahsoun, Arsavi, Avni and others joined us. We were like brothers... But one day Cheto and Mahson planned and set a trap for me, but I went to the palace and then I didn't go to them again until they found me again. Chetu wanted to kill me first, but he is very busy these days..." Yamach is not convinced by his explanation and asks why Chetu should set a trap for him, and Yujel continues: "Chetu is very jealous. He just wants to be on top. Yamach asks him what he wants to do and what is his plan. Yujel says: "I will not run away anymore." I have been running away from them for ten years. I will not run away from death anymore. I want them too. Let me help them finish their work. Yamach agrees and says: "What do you want from us in return?" Yujel hatefully says that he wants to repay the Black Lambs.

Wartelo goes in front of Chato's house with Madd and some people and starts dancing. Yamach also comes a little later. Chatto and Mahson go down, Wartlow says: "Let's dance together!" Especially in Chato! You can dance like girls! Your face is also suitable for dancing. Chetu angrily shouts at him: "What are you saying? Huh?" Then he says in a loud voice: "You shouldn't dance like girls!" Dance like men. Mahsoun, seeing that he is in a bad mood, takes him inside the house and Yamach is surprised by his behavior. The nervous attack that hit Chetu makes him unconscious. Mahsun tries to calm him down, but Chetu is not getting better.

Jomali and Salim enter bars and cabarets one by one to earn money for the neighborhood like in the past. The boss agrees many times, but for fear of black sheep, they ask the small ones not to get involved in anything. One of the times when Salim is thrown out by the fallen black lambs, Jumali wants to fight when he sees this scene, but Salim stops him.

Wartlow and Yamach visit the gun shops one by one, but they all ask for cash and do not accept credit. Wartlow sadly says to Yamach: "This was the work of a hero... I can't do this, I'm going to look for things that I can solve myself. Then he entered one of the bars with Madd and took the bar in his own way by fighting and threatening. Yamach goes to Idris and asks him to find someone to sell them weapons. Idris also goes to Oloch and Oloch introduces someone named Shenul.

Jumali also gathers the neighborhood bodyguards who are now unemployed and asks them to return to their jobs and take charge. One by one, they go to bars and beat up the bodyguards of the black lambs and return to their previous work. The lambs' bodyguards go to Mahsoun and tell him what happened. Mahsoun also says: "Gather everyone." Now that they have cornered you one by one, you must go to them one by one! »

It is night and Idris enters the house. Sultan welcomes him warmly. Idris is happy to be inside his own house...


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