A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 70

Pit 51-1

Alicho informs Yamach and Yamach goes to the neighborhood with Salim despite his pain to stop their fight. He says to them: "They couldn't kill me, but you want me to die." Then he takes the gun from Salim's hand and says to Vartlo and Jumali: "Take this, shoot it, and we will relax." The fight is over. We understand you and you have an account that you want to settle. OK..." Then he turns to Makkah, Farhad and the others and says: "How are you? Why did you fall in love? Mecca says: "You don't know anything." Go to the hospital and rest. Yamach asks him to come forward and says: "I know everything." You are the ones who know nothing. "Then he tells Farhad to come forward and says: "Obviously, you are making a mistake somewhere. Once... think first, then attack! Then he said to Jumali and Wartlo: "Why are you interfering?" Let them destroy each other! »

On the other hand, Sena wakes up and worries about Yamach's absence and goes to Uncle and Idris and says where Yamach is? And then he gets angry and says: "I fell asleep for two minutes, Salim took him and took him to the pit!" It was clear that there was news. Idris says that he will fix everything himself.

Yamach says to both parties: "If none of you did anything, no one will say to themselves that someone is doing something bad to us?" As long as you don't trust each other, you will have no enemy worse than yourself. After saying these words, Yamach faints and everyone gathers around him to take him back to the hospital.

Yamach is sick again and fainted. Sena keeps looking at Salim with a reproachful look and then goes to Jomali and Wartloo and raises his voice and says: "You have no right to drag someone who has just returned from the dead with you and cause him trouble." do it You have no right to harm Yamach. I will not give you this permission. At the same moment, uncle comes to the two of them and takes them to the cemetery and to Idris. Idris turns to them: "It is your fault that your father is still struggling with death." Give up on Yamach. Then he goes a little further back and tells them to start their fight! Jumali and Wartlow just hang their heads in shame. Jumali speaks and says: "I will not let my brother's blood remain on the ground." Idris slaps him hard and says: "He was your brother, what was his relationship with me?! It was my son. Then he points to Wartlo and says to Jumali: "Don't you know that this is my son..? Like you. Jumali's eyes fill with tears. Idris asks Wartlow: "The day you gave the order to kill your hero, with what you know now, would you have done it again?" Wartlow says: "Never..." Idris continues: "Let's go back to that day... suppose you still hold grudges and you didn't know anything, would you still do this?" "Wartlow, who finds it difficult to answer this question, says with a little pause: "I used to do this, Dad. Idris, whose eyes are full, asks him why? And Wartlow says: "That grudge and hatred... saying do it, we did it too... What's the use of saying I'm sorry now...? But if I knew what I know now and what I knew then, I would have shot myself in the head, I would not have allowed a hair of your son to be harmed. Wartlow cries. Idris turns to Jumali: "Do you think that only you are sad and sad? My grief is the biggest... My son killed my son... Can a father bear the grief of losing another son in order to avenge his son? Then he said to both of them: "This issue will end here tonight." As long as I am alive, this issue will not be resolved. You don't even talk to me. Then he leaves them alone and leaves.

Mahsoun says to Chatu: "You are there, but you are wounded. My children are there, but hidden. The most important thing is that we don't have weapons, our hands are empty..." Chetu remains silent and stares at a corner with hatred. Then he says: "I don't believe in luck and coincidence." If I had accepted my poverty twenty years ago and said that this is my destiny, I would have given up a long time ago. »

Idris goes to the hospital and calls Salim to talk to him. Idris tells him: "Why didn't you go and stop them when you found out that Jomali and Wartelo were fighting?" Why did you take Yamacho with you? Salim says: "Dad, do you think they listen to me?" Idris says: "Why?" Aren't you an idiot? Why don't they take you seriously? Salim says: "What I did, anyone would have done the same..." Idris interrupts him and says: "It's not because of him." That's right, you killed our father and destroyed us all! But not because of him. Because you stand behind what you do! Whether it's bad or good. You are still bowing your neck in front of all of us... You can't apologize for this and that. Do you remember asking me why you didn't love me? It wasn't because I didn't love you. I didn't like my weakness... Do you think that only you are afraid and I don't leave because of fear of poison? You and I are different... you show... I hide... you shouldn't show your weakness to anyone. Then he puts his hand on Salim's shoulder and they both cry.

Yamach regains consciousness and tells Sena that he had a dream in his sleep and wakefulness that seemed very real. "It was a green place," he says. I came to you, when you came back, there was a child in your arms... our child. Then he smiles, but Sena feels bad and cries. Yamach hugs her and Sena explains to her about the abortion of her baby in the clinic. Yamach is also slowly shedding tears.


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