A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 68

Pit 50-2

Mahsoun asks Avli about Chettu's condition and Avli, who thought that Chettu was with Mahsoun, says that there has been no news of Chettu since last night. Mahson gets worried and orders all his men to look for him everywhere.

Jomali puts Mecca in front of him and tells Veisal to bring Farhad there, but Veisal stands in a corner to listen to their words. Makkah says: "A guy came and set fire to my brain, and then you will pay me back?" Jomali says: "You stabbed their friend, do you expect them to stop holding hands?" Mecca gets angry and says that he did not do anything. Jumali says to Makkah: "Okay! You go to the funeral of Sarkan, offer condolences and kiss the hands of elders. And you will find Farhadam and shake hands with him to end this matter. Meke Kalafa says: "I say that the death of that boy has nothing to do with me, but they set fire to my house, why should I touch him?" Wartlow says: "Why don't you stop?" Isn't that boy who died from your neighborhood? Makkah says: "You don't believe me, but I don't lie." OK, I'll go to the funeral too, but shaking hands is different, that's another thing! I didn't do anything to embarrass myself in front of anyone. »

Mahsun also takes Wasil and takes him somewhere and asks him where Chetu is. Veisal says he doesn't know and Mahsoun pulls a gun on him. Wasil tells him everything that happened last night. Mahsoun also asks him to take him to the place where he last saw Cheto.

Chetu regains consciousness and says to Ayesha: "I didn't think I would regain consciousness." I said, now that the opportunity has come, you will not let me live! Ayesha tells him: "Yamach is in the hospital because of your work." Pray for him to come to his senses or else..." Cheto knows that Ayesha can easily kill him if she wants to. A little later, Karaja comes to the house, but Ayesha grabs him with an excuse and then goes to Cheto and tells him to call his friends as soon as possible so that they come and pick him up. Chetu also calls Mahsun.

Maleeha comes to the hospital and tells Idris, God forbid. At the same time, the Sultan, who is in front of Yamach, is happy that he has regained consciousness and goes to tell Idris this news, but he sees Maleeha next to Idris, and he stops and glares at her with anger. Sultan informs Yamach that he has regained consciousness, and Malijeh, who hears the news, goes and sees his uncle in the hospital area and sits next to him and talks to him.

Mecca goes to Sarkan's funeral with his friends and offers his condolences. Farhad is also nervous about their actions and says to his friends: "They are also coming to offer their condolences for killing the neighbor's son!" They make fun of us! When Mecca returns to the neighborhood, he sees that Jumali and Kamal have tidied up the shop a bit and is happy.

Salim is sitting next to Yamach. Yamach wakes up and thanks him with a smile. Salim is happy and kisses his forehead and asks him who shot him? Yamach does not remember, but he knows that someone from among the insiders shot at him. He says: "The face was a friend... a brother." Salim is surprised.

Farhad comes to Muhiuddin's shop with his friends and calls Mecca loudly. Jomali gets angry and goes forward and says to Farhad: "I told you not to talk about my words!" Get lost now! Farhad says: "The black lambs are leaving... the little ones are coming!" What a change in our damn life! Jomali gets angry and shoots one of Farhad's friends in the leg and then takes Jalason, Kamal and Makka with him. Wartlow, who tries his best to put the fight to sleep, helps Farhad's friend to take himself to the hospital.

Chatto again goes to see someone whom even Mahsun has never met and Chatto introduces him as an old friend. Then he goes to their usual meeting and says to that person: "I told them to be busy, but you did something, Karston!" Then he goes to Mahsoun again and asks him to find a large number of their brothers so that they don't lose this last chance they have.


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