A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 64

Pit 49-1

On the other hand, Salim, who is suspicious of Yamach's behavior and worried about him, starts looking for him and finally sees Yamach's car in the middle of the forest and searches for him and finds him half dead, and when he sees Yamach, he does not give him an answer. He screams from the bottom of his heart and takes him to the hospital with difficulty.

Jumali and Wartlow are fighting. Jumali stabs Wartlow in the face and Wartlow scratches his stomach. Wartlow tells him: "How lucky you were to have daddy, uncle and pasha in front of you and teach you everything. But life taught us to stab, hold a gun, and be as insensitive as a stone! They throw the knives down and punch and kick each other, and Jumali angrily asks him why he killed his brother. Wartlow says in a louder voice: "Baikal Khan ordered and we did." I wish we didn't do this, but we did... They destroyed my life to make you sad. Jumali punches him and Wartelo kicks him when Idris arrives and says to them with tears in his eyes: "If you are done fighting, go to your brother... Yamacham has been shot." Wartlow gets up and extends his hand towards Jumali. Jumali takes his hand and they both go to the hospital.

Sultan sits in the hospital upset and sad and blames himself and cries because he was the one who brought Yamach back to the pit and threw him into the fire. Sena tries to calm him down while he is not feeling well himself. Jomali also promises her mother that she will find whoever did this to Yamach and take revenge.

Chatto and Mahson, who have no place to stay anymore, sleep in a warehouse and sleeping bags. Mahson tries to get Chatto out of this confused look. Avli comes to see them and says that she found Yamach in the hospital under the knife.

Saadat, who understood from Wartlo and Jomali's situation that they had a fight, says to Jomali: "I haven't been released for 24 hours yet." In those six months, I was comforting myself and my son like this, that your righteous father will come and bring us back... Brother Jumali, why did you take my husband with you? To avenge your brother, right? What happened during that time? Hit your little brother. You could not protect If you think about revenge, the whole graveyard will be filled with people you couldn't protect. My husband grew up without a father, but my son will not grow up without a father. If you want to kill him, you have to kill me first, then my son, and then Saleh's head. I will not let you do this! And he leaves Jumali alone with tears in his eyes. Jumali is confused and when he looks behind him, he sees Yildiz.

Kamal and Metin have also come to visit Yamach, and Kamal keeps crying and says to Metin: "Look at Sultan's mother's condition... You should bring the bastard who did this, put him here at Sultan's mother's feet and tell him to look, Mertike." Look what you have caused..." Mateen does not say anything and goes to visit Idris.

The Bulgarians go to the warehouse where Cheto and Mahson are and shoot at their sleeping bags, but the two of them reach the other side and kill them all.


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