A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 61

Pit 48-1

Jumali goes to Salim and hugs him tightly and invites him inside the house and picks up a stick from the ground and knocks Salim down. Yamach, who saw this scene, immediately rushes home and stops Jumali. Jumali keeps saying to Salim: "Why did you come to my house?" Do you want to kill me? A little later, when everyone has calmed down, Jomali says: "I have never been a child." When I grew up, he gave me a child's hand and said, "You are the older brother, you should protect him..." He turns to Salim and says in a louder voice: "His name was Hero. Where is my brother?" You could not protect your brother! "Yamach says from the other side: "He protected. He did not protect his older brother but his younger brother... now that you are saying that he should die in the way of protection... he was dying! Jomali asks Salim why he has come and Salim says: "I said I might need some help..." Jomali interrupts him and says: "Go Pashu." Do not overshadow our work. He doesn't want to treat us well. He turns his back to Salim and cries. Salim gets up helplessly and leaves, but Yamach tells him: "I defended you there... but it won't happen like this." This cannot be done by sacrificing your life. You stabbed the person who understood you the most... the main issue is how can I trust you again? Salim stares into Yamach's eyes and then leaves. Wartlow, who is waiting outside, is happy to see Salim and they hug each other. Wartlow says: "It's good that you came safely. We thought you were dead for a while. But you're alive, you're good, you'll get better..."

Chatto gathers all the lambs and says with mock sadness and malice that Ursavi died and sacrificed himself for the other brothers. While in the original Chettu and Mahsoun, Ersavi is hung from the floor to the ceiling in a half-finished building. Arsavi keeps laughing and asks Cheto: "After my death, will you arrange a ceremony for me like the one you arranged for Yujal?" Chatto says: "We use the meat, milk and blood of our traitors!" Don't worry at all." Then he orders Mahsoun to finish Arsavi's work and Arsavi says: "Now that you are using the meat and milk of traitors, why are you using the meat of black lambs?!" Mahson, go to the mortuary, go to the hospital, those black lambs who died for us..." Chato doesn't let Arsavi continue and cuts his throat with a knife. Mahsoun is angry because of Ersavi's words, but he starts looking for Chato. He is confused and Cheto tries to make Arsavi's words seem trivial, but Mahsoun says: "A person tells the truth when he dies, Cheto. Chatto says: "In order to justify the betrayal he did to us, he made up crazy thoughts in his head!" To ease his conscience..." Mahson doesn't say anything and goes out. As soon as he leaves the room, Cheto tells someone to watch out for Mahsun. Because of Ersavi's words, Mahson goes to the hospital morgue and examines the bodies, but finds nothing because Lal moved the bodies before him.

Jalason goes to see Akshine and Sena goes out so that they can be alone. At the same time, Mahsoun is about to enter the apartment when Sena calls him while biting an apple. Seeing this scene, Mahsoun remembers a memory of his mother biting an apple and gets short of breath. Sena gives him an envelope so that he can breathe better and then stays with him until he gets better. Mahson tells him: "I don't remember my parents at all. I mean, I don't remember anything about my past. I have only one brother in the world. He raised me. I did not even remember my name. Later, I found out that my name is Fikrat. When I think deeply, the only thing I remember is a red apple. »

On the other hand, Akshin sadly says to Jalason: "Why are you still leaving? Let's get a divorce..." Jalason doesn't say a word and Akshin shows the wound on his face and says: "That bullet didn't just injure my face. My brother and mother took it. It pierced my soul. My wound won't heal so easily, let me go..." Jalason's eyes are full and he says to Akshin: "Don't think about these things... everything will be fine. I will do something for you to believe this..." Then he gets up and goes to another room.


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