A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 60

Pit 47-3

Yamach goes to Sena because of the pressures on his shoulders and shares his heartache with him and cries heavily in Sena's arms.

Salim puts Satan in the back seat of the car and takes him to the pit. Seeing every part of his neighborhood, Sultan's eyes fill with tears more and more. Later, Salim takes Sultan to look at the house through a secret way. Sultan cannot take his eyes off the house and finally Salim takes him away from there.

Ayesha prepares to go see Chetu and manicure her nails. Dem sees Salim at the car door and Salim asks him to tell Karaja to come to see him. Ayesha tells him: "As soon as possible, stay at home and don't go out. When Salim knocks on the door of the house and Karaja opens the door, both of them are surprised. Salim is ashamed and does not have the patience to look at Karaja's face. Karaja asks him: "What did you come for?" Where have you been until now? You didn't want to come yourself. You didn't even answer my calls. Salim has no answer and has lowered his head. Karaja says angrily: "I thought you were dead... I prayed every night for two months that my father was not dead... Then one day a lawyer came to the door to ask for a divorce!" That night I thanked God that my father is alive. Salim also sheds tears... a little later he regretfully apologizes to Karaja and Karaja says: "Apologizing will not fix anything!" Grow up dad! Even now I know that I have to accept responsibility for my work. when will you grow up Salim gets up to leave and Karaja says: "Don't wait for him to forgive you anymore." Be good, be bad, be whatever you want, but don't apologize for what you are. I don't want to see you kneel down and beg for forgiveness... I want to see you proud, Dad. Both stare at each other with eyes wet with tears.

Chetu welcomes Ayesha to come, and then when he asks Ayesha why she is silent, she says: "My thoughts are with my daughter." You don't know what torment it is for the mother when your child is taken away from you one night. Can a person be so cruel? Chetu says: "Cruel? You are wrong Aisha... We returned the children to their families. I did not separate my brothers from their families. We just opened the door of our house to them. "Ayesha says: "Yes, it's true that you opened your door to them, gave them weapons and killed these innocent and helpless children! Is this a brotherhood? Chatu, who was touched by Aisha's tone, says: "Aisha is a little girl!" When you were in the orphanage, you asked God to become the bride of Kochvalis. Are you saying that your husband did not have a gun when you married him? Was! So why did you marry him? So why did you accept them as family? Do you know why? Because you were unemployed. You wanted a family behind you. When your family takes up arms, they become heroes. If we get caught, we will be murderers! "Ayesha, who was silent the whole time, says: "That's not the problem. The issue is which direction the barrel of the gun is pointing. If he shows innocent people and gets shot because of that, yes. You are murderers! Chetu, whose eyes are filled with tears, says: "You don't understand Aisha. The main issue is who will get this weapon! A 13-year-old boy who has no home and is homeless and wandering in the streets at night, do you know how many doors he has to knock in order to be able to find shelter for just one night? Have you ever thought about it? Ayesha is silent and has nothing to say.

Cheto and Mahson accompany Ersavi and watch the deal they are about to make from afar. When the material truck arrives, Wasil and his men attack and find that the trucks are empty. The black sheep get off the other truck and kill all of Wasel's people. On the other hand, Mahson turned to Ersavi and said: "Why did you attack? Didn't only you, Chetu and I know about Arsavi?! Arsavi understands that he has reached the end of the line.

On the other hand, Yamach asks Wartlow to secretly open the laboratory door for him...

Veisal, who lost his men and did not get the spoils of war according to his promise with Jomali, goes to Chetu and Mahsoun's house. Chetu and Mahsun are happy to see him.

Salim, who was influenced by Karaja's words, makes his own decision and goes to the safe house where his brothers are. Jumali is shocked to see him first and then his eyes fill with tears in anger.


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