A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 6

The pit, part 8

"Be the person you want to be, don't be"

The women of the small family return home. They should kiss the hand of the head of the family according to the rituals. First, Nedrat, who is the hero's wife, comes forward and kisses Yamach's hand while she is happy to see him. Yamach does not like this and prefers to hug everyone. But the Sultan says that customs must be enforced. After rare, the hero's eldest daughter, Action, comes forward. Yamach has not seen them for a long time and is surprised by the growth and height of the action. After the action, you repent to Ajar, who is also the hero's son. Ajar is nineteen years old and Yamach sees him for the first time. Then Ayesha reluctantly comes forward and kisses Yamach's hand with a forced smile. Karaja, who is the daughter of Ayesha and Salim and is the same age as Action, looks like her mother to everyone and comes forward for a kiss.

Salim introduces himself to the senate on the balcony. He says that life in the pit is different and this neighborhood forces people to get used to it. These words worry the Senate very much.

Yamach goes to one of the alleys of the neighborhood and meets the people who are waiting to see the new chief. People come forward one by one and kiss Yamach's hand. Jalason looks at Yamach from left to right, and uncle Abdallah's eyes and eyebrows drop, he is forced to come forward and kiss Yamach's hand. When Yamach talks warmly to one of the people of the pit, Sena kisses his hand. Yamach is surprised and Sena says with a smile, “So what? I came to kiss our master's hand. Yamach gets embarrassed, takes Sena's hand and takes him to an empty coffee house and asks why he did what he did. Sena points to Yamach's picture in this and says: "When was the last time you wore a suit?! Don't become the person you want to be. You can't stay in that format. You wither, you die. He is the person I fell in love with. Yamach likes this move of the senate and says: "It's good that you didn't go and stay with me." you are right. If you are not there, I will lose my way. Remind me whenever you see me going astray. Yamach takes Sena's hand and appears next to the people with him and says that it is enough for today and promises that tomorrow they will have tea and soup together and talk. He changes his clothes at home and chooses one of the same t-shirts he always wears and a different jacket.

Yamach, together with Salim, Pasha and Amy, goes to meet Vartolo in a half-finished building. Vartolo comes with Madd to negotiate. The man who is going to judge between them is called Baikal and he says to both sides: "Each of you wants something and I will try to find a common point between you." Vartolo says that he has already stated his wish and that he wants to have several places in Gudal neighborhood to produce drugs. But Yamach says that this will not happen and they will not talk about the words of Idris, who had previously said that he would not give Vartolo a place in the neighborhood. Vartolo falls and thinks that Yamach has made fun of him. Yamach smooths the sand on the ground with his feet, picks up a stick and draws a map of the pit neighborhood. He shows a small neighborhood behind the neighborhood and says: "This is the neighborhood of the valley. Gudala back alley valley. We will line up as many places as you want in the valley. Vartolo does not accept and Yamach continues: "I am not finished yet." We take care of you and we don't take money from you. My suggestion is this. Vartolo likes Yamach's proposal, especially the part where they are not supposed to share in the profits. But he says: "We also have a hand in the valley." The police do not give us as they inform you. What will you do when the police come to arrest us? Yamach replies that when the police come, he will see what they are doing. Vartolo has other demands. He says that he can't be away from his sex for too long and plans to have a house near his shops. Yamach says they will find a home for him in the valley. But Vartolo doesn't agree and wants to live in the pit because the police are too close to the valley. Yamach doesn't give in and says to Baikal: "It can't be done." We are not the only ones who lose loved ones. Vartolo, who received a whistle from Yamach, immediately says: "Ah! Wait a minute... I mean, now you're saying that I can't stop the denizens. If you can't stop people in the pit, how can you do it in the valley? What kind of protection is this?! Yamach is greedy, but he remembers his mother's words about peace, and he accepts Vartolo's condition and allows him to live in the pit and guarantees that even a drop of blood Wartolo's nose does not come. One of the conditions of Yamach is that no sex is sold in the pit. Vartolo agrees and finally asks how he and his men should move to the valley. Yamach explains: "Go to the valley and sit in a coffee house. Drink tea on my behalf. Children will find you. After both sides reached an agreement and the children left, Vartolo said to Medd: "Tell the children! This time, our shop will definitely open again. »

Yamach sits on a bench in the green space, and Salim is upset that his brother decided not to take money from Vartolo, and Yamach protests against this. Yamach explains: “Brother! We are not so broke that we need money from drug trafficking. Salim's face does not confirm his words and shows otherwise. When Yamach looks at Salim's face, he says: "What? Didn't we fall?! He gets up, stands in front of Salim and continues: "I want to say something, bro!" What do you expect from me? Do I have insight to read your mind? Are we bankrupt? If so, let me know. Salim says: "No." Our wheel is turning, thank God. But it all gets stuck somewhere. Everything we get goes the same way. This was the problem before the conflict with Vartolo. The box is not empty, but it is not full. Hero's brother also told Baba that we need hot money. Yamach sighs deeply because of this new problem. He goes to Pasha and Amy's workshop with Salim and sits around a table next to them. Yamach first explains: "We accommodated and protected Vartolo. But he cannot produce drugs there or anywhere else. Let's assume that he could produce it far from our eyes, he cannot take it out. Small names do not fit together with the ingredients, don't worry. Amy, who had guessed that Yamach had plans, took the bet money he had taken from Pasha on the spot. Salim is also happy and says to Yamach: "Son, we have been together since morning." Why don't you say this? Yamach wants to know more about their financial problems. Everyone is silent with shame, and finally Amy looks at Salim and says: "It's been a long time since I've received any money from the bars. That's what your father used to say. Yamach turns to his brother: "So, brother, I will come with you when loading." Salim is upset by Yamach's words and says: "Of course!" Of course come. I'm not here at all, you go alone. Amy openly says about herself that there is an issue that she will solve in a day or two to get out of the predicament.

At the house of the little ones, Sena, who is bored, sits at the table next to the children and grandchildren in the yard and notices the bad looks and looks rarely at Ayesha and Ayesha at herself. Saadat says that these problems occur between currents. Karaja sees a kite flying in the distance and motions for Action to look. They talk to each other a little with their eyes and eyebrows, and this indicates a mischievous plan. Sultan, who doesn't want to lose Yamach again, when he meets Sena in the living room, he says frankly and seriously: "My son made a mistake. He lived away from us for years, but now he is back. Your stay will not last long. So don't get too used to it. Because he will be very upset later. "Sena answers and says: "Your son came back here because he thinks you are in a difficult situation. He made a mistake, but I can't blame him for it. Because he loves you very much. But he does not intend to stay here at all. So don't get too used to it. Then you will be very upset. »

Karaja and Action go to an abandoned place in the forest through a secret path they made for themselves to see Jalason. Karaja stands in a corner. Action kisses Jalason's face, but he is upset because Jalason has not heard from him for several days. Jalason is also upset that the Action family did not participate in his father's funeral and has a cold attitude. A little later, both of them ask how their mothers are. Meanwhile, Karaja looks at them with envy. Action and Karaja return home very soon and enter the warehouse through a small window so that no one suspects. Suddenly, the Sultan opens the door of the storeroom, and seeing the open window, he becomes suspicious and asks what they are doing there. Sena, who saw the girls while climbing up the window, reaches a storage room and says to Karaja and Action: "Did you find him? Then he takes the container of pickles from the cupboard and starts eating right there and tells the Sultan that he had a craving for pickles. The sultan angrily sends the girls to their mothers and the matter goes well. Aisha is sitting in her room sad and crying. Karaja enters the room. And even though he went along with the action and helped him, he talks to his mother behind his back and says: "His father just died, then see what he is doing." He asks why his mother is crying several times. Ayesha gets angry, pulls Karaja's hair and answers: "Don't interfere in what you don't know!" Karaja gets angry and says to Ayesha: "Shaitoune says run away from this house!" »

When going to the valley, Vartolo lowers the car window and looks at the streets as if they are very familiar to him. When he sees an abandoned blue house, he gets out of the car and asks an old man sitting nearby: "Uncle, this house is healthy, why isn't anyone living in it?" "The old man answers: "That house is a washroom. It is a crime. 30 years old, no one can sit in it. Vartolo looks at that house with eyes filled with tears and remembers a memory..... One day an eight-nine-year-old boy ran out of the house and his mother put on the boy's jacket and smiled at him. He had said: "Go now, my son.. safely..." The little boy had waved his hand to his mother before leaving.... After this memory passed in front of Vartolo's eyes, he wiped his tears. and gets into the car again.


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