A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 59

Pit 47-2

Jomali, who was suspicious of Wartlow from the beginning, was sure with this explosion that Wartlow was a spy. He asks Yamach to go and get the account back from Wartlo, but Yamach also tells him: "You go and ask Wasil." Wartlow with me. As much as you trust Saleh, I trust Wasel as much! »

Sultan goes to a cafe with Salim and starts talking about the past and childhood of Salim and his brothers... Then he says: "Yesterday when we were talking with Sena, he said you brought Jomali." Seeing me... did you see it yourself? And when he hears Salim's negative answer, he says: "How long do you want to run away?" Finally, one day you will meet. You haven't seen your daughter yet... when was the last time you went to see Akin? Salim remains silent and Sultan continues: "The children also have a right to us. Go see your daughter first and take me with you." Then go to meet your son! You will take me to my neighborhood and my home. I have to see my house too! »

Wartlow comes and Arsoy is there too. Chatto angrily tells Wartlow: "You knew about this? "And when Wartlow says that he had Cheto, he says: "How good! Mahson, take the child, take him to the yard and shoot him in the brain! Mahson takes his gun and Wartlow says: "The one who saved you was Madd." But be careful, someone is spying on you. He says everything. Ersavi loses his control, attacks Wartlo and pulls out his gun, and Mahson tries to calm him down. Cheto gets up and throws Ersoy out, and Ersoy stands behind the door, and a little later, when he wants to tell Yamach that Vartello is a chemist, Chetto, as if he suspected him, calls him and asks him to Be calm! Arsavi gets back into his car and Vartlo takes a car from one of the lambs and follows him and waits in a corner until Arsavi gets off to kill him. Just then, someone holds a gun to Wartlow's head, and when Wartlow turns around, he sees Alicho. Alicho, who saw the diapers in the garbage can of Chetu's house, realized that Saadat was alive, also gives this news to Yamach... Vartlo sees that Yamach has come to see Ersoi and realizes that Yamach has been infiltrating all this time. have been. Ersavi tells Yamach: "There is a gold deal again at night and the delivery place is the same as usual." After Ersoy Yamach leaves, he turns back angrily and looks at Wartelo.

Idris goes to see Maleeha and talks about the past and then he says: "I was able to sleep well last night after a long time... you were right... Idris is small in nature... the one who is a Stand in the corner and don't do anything. It's not me..." Then Idris notices that Maleeha's head is tied and Maleeha says that there is nothing and then asks Idris: "Why did you let me live even though you shot me? I had four operations. I went back and forth for 30 years, but there was someone who paid for my surgery. It was your job, wasn't it? Idris says that he didn't know anything and even thought that Maleeha was dead. Maliha thinks. A little later, Idris asks Maleeha: "When can I come to your place to have tea, Miss Maleeha?" Maliha smiles.

Jumali goes to Wasil's house to talk to him. He doesn't find Wasel and sees his wallet in the corner of the house with a ring of black lambs next to it. At that moment, Wasil arrives and Jomali, who is angry, knocks him against the wall and squeezes his neck and asks him what the ring is doing on his hand. Wasil says: "I have a lot of those rings. Spoils of war! Then he shows Jomali all the rings and puts his mind at ease.

Yamach is upset and asks Wartlow: "Why didn't you tell me to know? Wartlow says: "My hands and shoulders were tied so I wouldn't tell anyone." Even if I died, I would not reveal you to them. Yamach says: "But you did what was asked of you." Wartlow gets angry and shouts: "What was I doing? What would you do if you were me? Do you think it is easy to lie to you? upset you? Yamach is influenced by his words and gets angry. Yamach says a little later: "Jumali should not understand anything." After that, we will take Saadat and my nephew... I became an uncle! »


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