A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 58

Pit 47-1

Wartlow has nightmares next to Jumali until morning. His thoughts are busy with Saadat and his son, that if Chetu and Mahsoun die in the attack tomorrow, they will kill Saadat too. A little later, Yamach knocks on the door of the room and asks Jumali why he did this. Jomali says: "Because I can relax. I don't trust Wartlow's behavior. On the other hand, Madd thinks of a solution to do something for Wartlow. A little later, Yamach sits next to Wartlow and asks him if there is something he wants to tell him. Just as Wartlow is about to explain what happened, Madd arrives with three cups of coffee and secretly tells Wartlow that he will take care of everything himself.

Uncle brings Idris to his house and gives him the house key and gathers his things to leave. Uncle is angry and says to Idris: "When did your heart die, Idris?" If someone asks me for help, I will help him. My morals have been the same for fifty years and I do not apologize to anyone for this. Idris is silent and doesn't say anything when someone knocks on the door of the house. When they open the door, it is Salim who is very upset and tells the story of Darya and his mother, who Kaihan killed. Uncle takes a breath and sits helplessly on the floor. Idris, with his eyes full, goes out of the house and walks a little, and then he returns to his uncle's house and says: "Pasho, let's go to that Martike!" He also tells Salim to go home and see the Sultan.

Salim goes home and when he sees Sultan on his feet, he is speechless with happiness and cries. Sultan just stares at him and then indifferently asks why are you crying? Salim says: "You are fine as before..." Sultan answers: "I am not fine." None of us are doing well. Salim looks at him with surprise and Sultan asks him to sit down so they can talk a little.

Idris and Amo are waiting for Kaihan and when they see him, Idris hits him on the head and then punches and slaps him in the face and says: "Why did you kill those two poor women?" Are you a man now? Now who wants to save you from me? Kaihan falls unconscious on the ground and Idris and Amo leave.

It is morning and the pit boys are upset that they are going to go before the black lambs. Mahsun and Cheto promise them that they can come and visit them whenever they want. Then Mahsoun gives them a ring with a pit sign on it, but when you turn the sign, you can see the sign of black lambs and then he says: "Whenever you get together, you know who you are." Then they take the children to the coffee house to hand them over to their families. Madd hides behind the coffee shop and opens Alamak Gar, lights the lighter and throws Arsavi inside the coffee shop where Cheto and Mahsoun are waiting and causes an explosion. Yamach and the others, who were preparing to attack at the same time, retreat after seeing this scene. Cheto and Mahsoun run outside the coffee house and immediately reach home. Arsavi is surprised and nervous to see them. Chetu, who is extremely angry, calls Vartlo and asks him to visit him.


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