A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 56

Pit 46-2

In one of the outings that take the children outside the house. Yamach tells the others to be ready and also informs Zulfi. When they see the minibus carrying the child, they stop it. Jumali and Yamach boarded the minibus and asked the children to get out of the car. But the children say that they do not want to go with them. One of them says: "If necessary, the black sheep will kill us. we are not coming And they all show the sign of black lambs on their fingers, Yamach and Jumali. The two of them are shocked and inevitably retreat.

Yamach is upset and Jumali tries to justify the children's work, but Yamach says: "Brother! Tattooed with a pen. This is another thing! Jumali says, "They are the children of Gudalen." What does uncle always say? You get out of the pit, but the pit does not come out of you. They cannot change this. Yamach, who is confused, gets up and leaves.

On the other hand, when the news that the children did not go with Yamach and Jomali reaches Cheto and Mahson, they are very happy. A little later, Chetu thinks that these children, despite their families, still remained united and unified with them. Mahsoun tells him: "I will tell you my father's name." Why? Because you are both my mother and my father. Because I know you, Chetu, no one else. you saved me I saw you first in my life. But the children of the pit, the children of the pit. If they want to choose, they will choose their parents and their families. Cheto says to Mahson: "Do you know what our problem is, Mahson?" The number of people who like us is small. I think we can increase the number of our fans. This makes us stronger. »

Idris calls Sena and says that he wants to come with Sultan to see Akshin and call Ayesha and Karaja. A little later, when the girls are at home, the doorbell rings. Sena is happy to see Sultan when he opens the door. Ayesha and Karaja hug him happily. Akshin also smiles when he sees Sultan and Sultan hugs him with love.

Chatto and Mahson go to Wartelo and tell him that they have a surprise for him. They take Wartlow to see Saadat and his son. Wartlow hugs his son happily and his eyes fill with tears of happiness. A little later Cheto pulls Wartlow out of the room and says to him: "Did you see how well we take care of your wife? Do you know why? Because your wife and children are our insurance. If something bad happens to us, then you should forget your wife and children. Pray that no harm will happen to us! »

Yamach and Jomali go to see uncle and uncle happily hugs them and complains a little bit about why they didn't come to see him. Yamach says: "Great uncle, big brother, he should have felt prepared, he will come later!" And from the looks of uncle and Jumali at each other, he understands that Jumali has already come to see them and the Sultan also spoke after seeing him. Yamach is happy that Sultan is getting better. Then Yamach tells his uncle that they originally came to consult him. A little later, Idris also comes there. Yamach tells them about the children and the uncle says: "I can't say anything." Nothing like this had ever happened. That means we never lost a hole. Idris doesn't react to their discussion and says to Yamach: "Why don't you go to your wife?" Yamach says: "The same situation as always." Don't let anything happen to you, don't worry. "Idris says: "Well, so that no one gets hurt... leave this job. Who asked you to save Gudalo? I see? Yamach answers: "I'm not doing this because of you." I do this for the sake of those who live in the pit. Idris asks: "Did they ask you for help?" Yamach is silent in surprise. Jumali answers: "Dad, we do everything in our nature." Idris smiles and asks him to show his tattoo and tell him its meaning. Idris says: "So where is your family, son?" Then he turns to Yamach and says: "Where is your family?" where is the senate He lives alone in his own house! Well, your family is in your pit... go outside and look... where is Mecca? Is it in front of you? Next, the Kochvalis... Where are the Kochvalis, boys?! Idris remains silent for a while and then continues: "If it was solved with heart, courage and sacrifice..." Idris gets up and leaves.

One of Gudal's children says to Chatu: "Brother, we want to become the black sheep, can we?" Cheto says to them: "It would be nice to sit down." But you can't. We don't have mom and dad. We only have brothers. But your mom and dad are waiting for you at home. Then he pulls two of the older children forward and says: "You should forget yourselves for the sake of your brothers." It's like this.. 4 hands, 4 legs, two heads but one body! That means you have to sacrifice yourself for each other. "On the other hand, Arsavi calls Chetu with a smile and says: "Tell the story of Yujel to the child. "Chetu stares at Arsavi for a while and then says: "Yojal is one of our brothers who sacrificed himself for us. If it wasn't for him, maybe we wouldn't be here now. »

Salim is sitting in a coffee shop when he hears gunshots. He goes to the sound and sees that the people of Kaihan killed that woman and her daughter Darya, who they had stolen, and then ran away. Salim sits on the ground and gets upset.


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